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Care And Cleaning - Frigidaire FRWW4543AS Use & Care Manual



Cleaning the wine cooler
• Before cleaning, turn the temperature
control to OFF, unplug the wine cooler
and remove the bottles.
• Clean your wine cooler once a year as
Inside: Wash inside surfaces of the wine cooler
with a solution of two tablespoons of baking
soda in one quart (1.136 liters) warm water.
Rinse and dry. Wring excess water out of the
sponge or cloth when cleaning in the area of
the controls, or any electrical parts.
Wash the removable parts with the baking
soda solution mentioned above, or mild
detergent and warm water. Rinse and dry.
Never use metallic scouring pads, brushes,
abrasive cleaners, or alkaline solutions on any
surface. Do not wash removable parts in a
Outside: Wash the cabinet with warm water
and mild liquid detergent. Rinse well and wipe
dry with a clean soft cloth.
Care of plastic parts
• Be sure and protect the door gasket. It
should be kept clean at all times.
• If the plastic parts in the wine cooler
remain contaminated by oil (animal or
vegetable) for a long period of time, they
will age and crack easily. Please clean them
on a regular basis.
Vacation and Moving Tips
If the wine cooler will not be used for several
• Remove all wine bottles and unplug the
power cord.
• Clean and dry the interior thoroughly.
• Leave the wine cooler door open slightly,
blocking it open if necessary, to prevent
odor and mold growth.
Moving: When moving the wine cooler, follow
these guidelines to prevent damage:
• Disconnect the power cord plug from the
wall outlet.
• Remove wine bottles and clean the wine
• Secure all loose items by taping them
securely in place to prevent damage.
• In a moving vehicle, secure the wine
cooler in an upright position to prevent
movement. Also, protect the outside of the
wine cooler with a blanket or similar item.
If leaving the wine cooler door open while
on vacation, make certain that children
cannot climb inside and become entrapped.