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General Instructions; Safety Indications; Electrical Safety - Haier HWO60S8EPB2 User Instructions


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1. General Instructions

We thank you for choosing one of our products. For the
best results with your oven, you should read this manual
carefully and retain it for future reference. Before installing
the oven, take note of the serial number so that you can
give it to customer service staff if any repairs are required.
Having removed the oven from its packaging, check that it
has not been damaged during transportation. If you have
doubts, do not use the oven and refer to a qualified
technician for advice. Keep all of the packaging material
(plastic bags, polystyrene, nails) out of the reach of
children. When the oven is switched on for the first time,
strong smelling smoke can develop, which is caused by the
glue on the insulation panels surrounding the oven heating
for the first time. This is absolutely normal and, if it occurs, you should wait for the smoke to dissipate before
putting food in the oven. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility in cases where the instructions
contained in this document are not observed.
NOTE: the oven functions, properties and accessories cited in this manual will vary, depending on the model
you have purchased.

1.1 Safety Indications

Only use the oven for its intended purpose, that is only for the cooking of foods; any other use, for example as
a heat source, is considered improper and therefore dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be held
responsible for any damage resulting from improper, incorrect or unreasonable usage.
The use of any electrical appliance implies the observance of some fundamental rules:
- do not pull on the power cable to disconnect the appliance from the socket;
- do not touch the appliance with wet or damp hands or feet;
- in general the use of adaptors, multiple sockets and extension cables is not recommended;
- in case of malfunction and/or poor operation, switch off the appliance and do not tamper with it.

1.2 Electrical Safety

power supply to which the oven is connected must conform with the laws in force in the country of
installation. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the failure to observe these
instructions. The oven must be connected to an electrical supply with an earthed wall outlet or a disconnector
with multiple poles, depending on the laws in force in the country of installation. The electrical supply should
be protected with suitable fuses and the cables used must have a transverse section that can ensure correct
supply to the oven.
The oven is supplied with a power cable that should only be connected to an electrical supply with 220-240
Vac power between the phases or between the phase and neutral. Before the oven is connected to the
electrical supply, it is important to check:
- power voltage indicated on the gauge;
- the setting of the disconnector.
The grounding wire connected to the oven's earth terminal must be connected to the earth terminal of the
power supply. See detailed information at page 27.
Before connecting the oven to the power supply, ask a qualified electrician to check the continuity of the
power supply's earth terminal. The manufacturer accepts no responsibility for any accidents or other
problems caused by failure to connect the oven to the earth terminal or by an earth connection that has
defective continuity.
NOTE: as the oven could require maintenance work, it is advisable to keep another wall socket available
so that the oven can be connected to this if it is removed from the space in which it is installed. The
power cable must only be substituted by technical service staff or by technicians with equivalent
EN 13


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