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Maintenance; Instruction For Removal And Cleaning Of The Side Racks - Haier HWO60S8EPB2 User Instructions


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Using the pyrolitic cycle:
1- Rotate the function selector to the position "
". On the display, appears the indication " ECO " or
" SUP ". The preset time is 90 min, this can be varied from 90 min (Eco mode) to 120 min (Sup mode) via
the programmer (setting button " + " or " - "). If the oven is very dirty, it is recommend o increase the time
to 90 min, if the oven is moderately dirty reduce the cleaning cycle time to 90 min.
2- It is possible to defer the start time of the pyroclean cycle by changing the END time via the
3- After few minutes, when the oven reaches a high temperature, the door locks automatically. The
pyroclean cycle can be stopped at any time by turning the function selector back to '0' (the word OFF will
be displayed for 3 seconds).
4 - Once the pyroclean cycle is finished, the pyrolysis will switch off automatically. On the display
appears the indication "END" until the door is locked then "0--n".
5- You can turn the function selector back to " 0 " but if the temperaure is still high, the "0--n " indication
appears to inform that the door is locked.
Use of the pyrolytic cycle in Touch Control ovens:
1- Rotate the function selector into position pyrolisys. The display will show either "ECO" or "SUP"
2- The pre-set time is 90 minutes but it can be varied from 90 min. (Eco mode) to 120 min. (Sup mode)
using the programmer (" +" or "-" key). If the oven is very dirty, the time should be increased to 120 min.,
while if the oven is only a slightly dirty, reduce the cleaning cycle to 90 min.

4.3 Maintenance


1. Remove the wire racks by pulling them in the direction of the arrows (see below)
2. To clean the wire racks either put them in the dishwasher or use a wet sponge, ensuring that they are
dried afterwards.
3. After the cleaning process install the wire racks in reverse order.
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