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Hints For Using The Glass Ceramic Grill - AEG 231GR-M Instruction Book

Aeg cooktop user manual
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Hints on the glass ceramic grill
Ceramic glass is insensitive to
temperature shock and very robust,
however it is not unbreakable. Hard
and sharp objects, in particular, can
damage the cooking surface if they fall
on it.
If visible cracks appear in the surface,
the appliance must be disconnected
from the mains immediately.
Spillages of plastics and other meltable
materials such as sugar and food
containing sugar (also applies to food
with a natural sugar content to which
no extra sugar has been added), such
as marmalade, jam, fruit juice, etc.
must be wiped off the ceramic surface
while still hot.
Failure to do this could cause the
griddle to peel and crack.
Use the enclosed glass scraper and
polish with a ceramic glass cream
cleaner afterwards.
Any cooking utensils which have been
into contact with the above mentioned
materials must be cleaned thoroughly
before being placed on the ceramic
The warranty does not cover
damage to the glass ceramic griddle
which can be attributed to any of the
above events.