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25742 GM
Use and installation instructions


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  • Page 1 25742 GM Use and installation instructions...
  • Page 3: For Your Safety

    For Your Safety These instructions have been drawn up for your safety and that of others. You are therefore requested to read them carefully before installing and using the appliance. Keep this instruction manual for future reference as necessary. If the appliance is sold or moved, make sure that the manual is handed over to the new user.
  • Page 4: Child Safety

    Child safety • This hob is designed to be operated by adults. Do not allow children to play near or with the hob. • The hob gets hot when it is in use. Children should be kept away until it has cooled. •...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents For the User For Your Safety ...3 Description of the hob ...6 Instructions for use...6 Cleaning and maintenance ...8 For the Installation Technician Technical data ...12 Instructions for the installation technician ...13 Electrical connection ...15 Adapting to the different types of gas...16 Building into fitted kitchen units...17 Guide to reading the instructions The following symbols will help you when...
  • Page 6: Description Of The Hob

    Description of the hob Instructions for use Once the hob has been installed, it is important to remove any protective materials, which were put on in the factory. The hob control knobs The symbols on the control knobs mean the following: no gas flow maximum gas flow minimum gas flow...
  • Page 7: Lighting The Burners

    Lighting the burners To obtain a flame more easily, light the burner before placing a cooking utensil on the pan stand. To light a burner, proceed as follows: for version with lighting integrated in the control knob, push the knob of the burner fully down and turn it anticlockwise to the "maximum flow"...
  • Page 8: Cleaning And Maintenance

    Cleaning and maintenance Before any maintenance or cleaning can be carried out, you must DISCONNECT the hob from the electricity supply. The hob is best cleaned whilst it is still warm, as spillage can be removed more easily than if it is left to cool. General cleaning Wash enamelled parts with lukewarm water and detergent;...
  • Page 9: Something Not Working

    Something Not Working If the hob is not working correctly, please carry out the following checks before contacting your local AEG Service Force Centre. SYMPTOM • There is no spark when lighting the gas • The gas ring burns unevenly If after all these checks, your hob still does not operate correctly, contact your local AEG Service Force Centre.
  • Page 10: Customer Care

    5. Date of purchase CUSTOMER CARE For general enquiries concerning your AEG appliance and for further information on AEG products, contact our Customer Care Department by letter or telephone at the address below or visit our website at Customer Care Department...
  • Page 11: Guarantee Conditions

    This guarantee does not cover such parts as light bulbs, removable glassware or plastic. 3. Should guarantee repairs be necessary the purchaser must inform the nearest AEG Service Force Centre (manufacturer’s service or authorised agent). AEG reserves the right to stipulate the place of the repair. i.e. customer’s home, place of installation or AEG workshop).
  • Page 12: Technical Data

    Technical Data Dimensions in mm: Hob H x W x D Installation opening W x D Burner power in kW: Small auxiliary burner Medium semi-rapid burner Large rapid burner Triple flame burner standard Category Gas intake connection Gas pressure Electricity supply Appliance class MAXIMUM BURNER...
  • Page 13: Instructions For The Installation Technician

    Instructions for the installation technician CAUTION: All responsibility for any damage deriving from installation in breach of the regulations in force or from failure to comply with the accident prevention regulations. This appliance shall be installed in accordance with the regulation in force and only in a wellventilated space .Read the instructions before installing or using this appliance.In the UK the regulation and standards are as follows: In your own interest and that of safety, it is law that all gas appliances must be installed...
  • Page 14: Connection To The Gas Supply

    Connection to the gas supply Ensure that the gas type at the installation site is the same as that stated on the appliance rating plate. On the end of the shaft, which includes the GJ 1/2” threaded elbow, adjustment is fixed so that the washer is fitted between the components as shown in the diagram.
  • Page 15: Electrical Connection

    Electrical connection WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. All external wiring must comply with the IEE Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings. The electrical supply can be by either a plug and socket or a permanently wired connection via a double - pole switch.
  • Page 16: Adapting To The Different Types Of Gas

    Replacing the power supply lead If the lead has to be replaced, only HO5RR-F or HO5RN-F type cables suitable for the load and the operating temperature must be used.In addition, the yellow/green earth wire must be about 2 cm longer than the live and neutral wires. In all cases, the power supply lead must be positioned so that it does not reach a temperature 50 C above the room temperature in any point.
  • Page 17: Building Into Fitted Kitchen Units

    Building into fitted kitchen units These hobs are designed for installation in fitted kitchen units up to 600 mm deep with suitable characteristics. Any cabinet side panels taller than the height of the hob itself must be at least 150 mm away from the opening into which the hob is inserted.
  • Page 18: Installation Options

    Installation options On base cabinet with door When constructing the cabinet, suitable precautions must be taken to prevent contact with the casing of the hob, which becomes very hot during operation.The recommended method for overcoming this problem is illustrated in fig. 1. The panel underneath the hob must be easily removable to allow the hob to be locked in position and released in case of servicing work.
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