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Safety Information - AEG 231GR-M Instruction Book

Aeg cooktop user manual
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These warnings are provided in the
interests of your safety. Ensure you
fully understand them before installing
or using the appliance. Your safety is of
paramount importance. If you are
unsure about the meaning of these
warnings contact the Customer Care
Department for assistance.
Do not install the hob if the ceramic
glass is damaged or cracked.
This hob must be installed according to
the instructions supplied. Any
installation work must be undertaken
by a qualified competent person.
Do not alter the specifications or
attempt to modify the appliance in any
During Use
The hob is intended for domestic
cooking only. It is not designed for
commercial/industrial purposes.
Ensure that all the control knobs are in
the OFF position when not in use.
Do not use the hob if it is damaged in
any way, contact your local AEG
Service Centre.
Never use plastic or aluminium dishes
on the hob.

Safety information

Never leave the hob unattended while
deep fat frying, or heating fats and oils.
The appliance is not intended for use
by young children or infirm persons
without supervision.
Child Safety
Young children should be supervised
to ensure that they do not play
with the appliance
The hob gets hot when it is in use.
Children should be kept away until the
hob has cooled.
Maintenance and Cleaning
Only clean this hob in accordance
with the instructions given in this
Repairs carried out by inexperienced
persons may cause injury or serious
malfunction of the appliance. Repairs
must only be carried out by a
qualified/competent person. Contact
your local AEG Service Centre.
Make the hob unusable by cutting off
the cable.
Dispose of any packaging material and
old appliances at an authorised
disposal site.