Chapter 2 - Electromagnetically Compatible; Installation Of Drives And Drive Systems; Introduction - Hitachi WJ200 Installation Manual

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Chapter 2 – Electromagnetically compatible installation of drives and drive systems
Chapter 2 – Electromagnetically Compatible

Installation of Drives and Drive Systems


This brochure describes the electromagnetically compatible setup of your drive or your drive
system. (Electro Magnetic Compatibility = EMC)
Read this information carefully and follow the instructions. If necessary, provide this infor-
mation to third parties.
HF interference results from rapid switching of electric currents and voltages. All AC, DC and
servo drives very rapidly switch large currents and voltages to optimally supply connected electric
motors. They are thus major sources of interference, generating both line-conducted and radiated
The additional use of line filters, also called interference suppression filters, and installation in a
metal housing or a switch cabinet further improve the existing interference immunity. For the best
possible damping of interference, special line filters have been developed which guarantee you
easy assembly and installation along with the necessary electrical reliability.
However, effective EMC is only ensured if the suitable filter is selected for the particular drive and
installed in accordance with these EMC recommendations.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents