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Before Setting Oven Controls - Frigidaire GCWS3067AD Use & Care Manual

Single wall oven


Your Frigidaire wall oven has many features that
allow you to customize the way your oven works.
Take time to read this section for important
safety information and to become familiar with
the many menu option settings starting on page
Oven Vent Location
The oven is vented as shown below. When the oven
is on, warm air is released through the vent. This
venting is necessary for proper air circulation in the
oven and good baking results. Do not block oven
vent. Never close off the openings with aluminum
foil or any other material. Steam or moisture may
appear near the oven vent. This is normal.
Figure 1: Oven vent
Protective Liners — Do not use aluminum foil
or any other material or liners to line the oven
bottom, walls, racks or any other part of the
range. Doing so will alter the heat distribution,
produce poor baking results, and possibly cause
permanent damage to the oven interior. Improp-
er installation of these liners may result in risk of
electric shock or fi re. During self clean, tempera-
tures in the oven will be hot enough to melt foil.


Always use pot holders or oven mitts when using
the oven. When cooking, the oven interior, oven
exterior, oven racks, and cooktop will become
very hot which can cause burns.
Remove all oven racks before starting a self clean
cycle. If oven racks are left inside the oven during
a cleaning cycle, the slide ability of the oven
racks may be damaged and all of the oven racks
will lose their shiny fi nish.
To prevent possible damage to the oven, do not
attempt to close the oven door until all the oven
racks are fully positioned back inside the oven
Types of Oven Rack
Figure 2: Oven rack types
Flat oven racks may be used for most cooking
needs and may be placed in most oven rack
The fully extendable glide rack makes food
preparation easier. This oven rack has glide
tracks that allow the rack to be pulled away
from the oven without rubbing the sides of the
oven wall. See glide rack instructions on next
flat handle
oven rack

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