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Frigidaire FFET3025LWA Installation Instructions Manual

Electric wall oven
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FOR YOUR SAFETY: Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable
vapors and liquids
the vicinity
of this or any other appliance.
Your new wall oven has been designed
to fit a limited variety
of cutout sizes to make the job of installing
easier. The first step of your installation should be to measure your current cutout
compare them to the cutout
chart below for your model. You may find little or no cabinet
work being necessary.
Do not remove spacers (if equipped)
on the side walls and/or
on the back of the built=in
oven. These spacers center the oven in the space provided. The oven must be centered
to prevent
excess heat buildup
that may result in heat damage
or fire.
1. Base must be capable of supporting 150 pounds (68 kg) for 27"
models and 200 pounds (90 kg) for 30" models•
2. Allow at least 21 " (53.3 cm) clearance in front of oven for door depth
lY2" (3.8cm)
when it is open•
""_-- _
3. Dimension G (cutout depth) is critical to
- _
----_. _,_G
..... >:
Hole for
the proper installation of the built-in oven•
/ ,
"-'_E__'- ......
If the oven decorative trim does not butt
against the cabinet, or if noise is heard on
(69 1 cm_
-- _
convect on mode s ver fy d mens on G to
..... -
/7 6 cm_
assure t s the requ red depth
4. For a cutout height greater
........ " <_.
_ ,
than 28%"(71.4era)
add one
I _Dacer t/_s'/Tin)
2"(5 cm)wide wood shim of
(seenotPe 2) _ .....
D_ _1 p
_ _
"-.<.%,_,, _
appropriate height to each side
_ _ cm)
of the opening under the appliance side rails.
_lin. /]
5. 30" MODELS ONLY: For a cutout height (H)
greater than 28s/8" (72.7 cm) you can order a larger
2" (5 cm) Wide Wood _
Junction Box
inferior trim, contact a Service Center and ask for
Spacerif Needed
part #318259703 (for white models), 318259704
(black models), 318259705 (bisque models) or
* Suggested distance from floor is 31 " (78.7 cm).
318259707 (stainless steel models)•
Minimum required distance is 4 Y2" (11.4 cm).
Figure 1
27" and 30" Single Wall Ovens (Double
ovens see Figure 2)
27" (68.6 cm) Wall Oven
30" (76.2 cm) Wall Oven
27" (68.6 cm) Wall Oven
30" (76.2 cm) Wall Oven
27 (68.6)
30 (76•2)
247/8 (63•2)
29 (73.7)
29 (73.7)
29 (73.7)
23Y2 (59.7)
23Y2 (59.7)
24% (62.5)
28Y4 (71.8)
27Y4 (69.2)
27Y4 (69.2)
28s/8 (72•7)
28s/8 (72•7)
27% (68.9) Min
(76.5) Min
All dimensions are in inches (cm).
Printed in United States
P/N 318201514
Rev. G
English - pages 1-9
Espahol - p_iginas 10-18
Fran_ais -pages 19-28



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  Summary of Contents for Frigidaire FFET3025LWA

  • Page 1 iNSTALLATiON AND SERVICE MUST BE PERFORMED BY A QUALiFiED iNSTALLER. iMPORTANT: SAVE FOR LOCAL ELECTRICAL iNSPECTOR'S USE. READ AND SAVE THESE iNSTRUCTiONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE. FOR YOUR SAFETY: Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
  • Page 2 Do not remove spacers (if equipped) on the side walls and/or on the back of the built-in oven. These spacers center the oven in the space provided. The oven must be centered to prevent excess heat buildup that may result in heat damage or fire.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instruction

    2. Electrical Requirements Important Notes to the Installer Read all instructions contained in these installation This appliance must be supplied with the proper voltage instructions before installing the wall oven. and frequency, and connected to an individual, properly Remove all packing material from the oven grounded branch circuit, protected by a circuit breaker or compartments before connecting the electrical supply fuse.
  • Page 4: Adjusting Oven Height

    Where local codes permit connecting the appliance- grounding conductor to the neutral (white) wire (US Only) (see figure 3): Electrical Shock Hazard 1. Disconnect the power supply. 2. In the circuit breaker, fuse box or junction box: • Electrical ground is required on this appliance.
  • Page 5 If oven is used in a new branch circuit installation (1996 NEC), mobile home, recreational vehicle, where local codes DO NOT permit grounding Heavy Weight Hazard through the neutral (white) wire (see figure Use 2 or more people to move and install wall oven.
  • Page 6 5. Cabinet Installation F see figure The wall oven can tip when the door is open, The mounting brackets supplied with wall oven must be attached to the cabinet and the appliance to prevent tipping of the wall oven and injury to persons, see figure...
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT Do not lift the oven by the door handle. Mounting in cabinet 3. Insert the oven into the cabinet opening. Slide oven Oven inward leaving 11/2"(3.8 cm) clearance between the side -. trim oven and front of cabinet (see Figure 6). Pull the armored racket installed cable through the hole for it in the cabinet and toward...
  • Page 8 6. For typical under counter installation of an electric built-in oven see Figure below. Only certain cooktop models may be installed over certain Cabinet side filler panels are built-in electric oven models. Approved cooktops and built- necessary to isolate the unit in ovens are listed by the MFG ID number and product from adjoining cabinets.
  • Page 9: Checking Operation

    18"(45.7 cm) Max. 4"(10 cm) Right Side of Cabinet 120V/6OHz Flexible Appliance Grounded (To be Outlet accessible Union ..for shut-off Flare i _ Pressure Regulator valve Cabinet sides or operation) filler panel Manual Shutoff Wall Oven Cabinet Valve Figure 10 =TYPICAL UNDER COUNTER INSTALLATION OF A SINGLE ELECTRICBUILT-IN OVEN WITH A GAS COOKTOP ABOVE 6.
  • Page 11 Noquitelosseparadores de losmuroslaterales o/y dela parteposterior del homo empotrado. E stos espadadores c entranel homoenel espadoprovisto.Elhomodebeestarcentrado para prevenirunaconcentration exceswa d ecalorquepodriaresultarenda_osporel caloro unincendio. 1Y2"(3.8 cm) Min. ii!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!_i/i_!iii,i 3" (7.6 ¢m) Max. Puerta A bierta X Espactador (vea lanota 2) Caja eletrica de Espaciador de Madera de empalme 2"...
  • Page 12 Notas importantes para el instalador 2. Requerirnientos Electricos Lea todas las instrucciones contenidas en este manual Se debe proveer el voltaje y la frecuencia apropiados a este antes de instalar el homo. electrodom_stico, y conectarse a un circuito individual Saque todo el material usado en el embalaje del correctamente puesto a tierra, protegido por un interruptor o compartimiento del homo antes de conectar el un fusible.
  • Page 13: Ajuste De La Altura

    Donde los codigos locales permitan conectar el conductor de puesta a tierra del electrodom_stico neutral (blanco) (Solament en los Estados Unidos) Riesgo de choque electrico (vea figura 3): o Una puesta a tierra se require en este aparato, (Un cordOn flexible o cable de 3 conductores debe de ser •...
  • Page 14 Si el horno se usa en una instalacion de circuito Ubicaci6n del numero de modelo y de serie ramal nuevo (1996 NEC), en una casa rodante, en un La placa con el nOmero de serie est,1 ubicada en la vehiculo para recreacion o si los codigos locales NO guarnicion interior...
  • Page 15: Instalacion Del Gabinete

    5. Instalad6n dei Gabinete _.____ F vea figura El horno de pared puede inclinarse cuando la puertaestaabierta. Lossoportes montaje clue vienen con el horno de pared deben de estar ajustadas al armario y al aparato para evitar que el horno de pared se incline y ocasione...
  • Page 16 Soporte de No levante el horno por la manija IMPORTANTE de la puerta. montaje ra,c,ket_ I instalado en el 3. Insertar el homo en la abertura del gabinete. Deslizar el I I gabinete homo hacia dentro dejando 11/2"(3,8 cm) de espacio horn? libre entre el homo y la parte delantera del gabinete (ver la Figura 6).
  • Page 17: Dimensiones De Abertura

    6. Para una instalacion tfpica de un horno electrico incorporado debajo del mostrador, ve_ise la figura 9. Los paneles de relleno laterales del SOlo ciertos modelos de tapas de cocina se pueden instalar gabinete son necesarios para aislar sobre ciertos modelos de hornos electricos empotrados. la unidad de los gabinetes tapas de cocina y los hornos empotrados se mencionan...
  • Page 18 _-====== Lado derecho del "' Tomacorriente gabinete Conector flexible r puesto a tierra artefactos de 120Voltios / Adaptor de gas 60Hz (para tenet acceso a la Regulador de wilvula de Lados del presi6n cierre gabinete o panel manual) Ilenador V_ilvula de cierre manual Gabinete del homo de pared...
  • Page 19 L'INSTALLATION ET L'ENTRETIEN DOIVENT F.TRE EFFECTUi_SPAR UN INSTALLATEUR QUALIFli__. iMPORTANT : CONSERVEZ POUR L'INSPECTEUR D'I_LECTRICITi_ LOCAL. USEZ ET CONSERVEZ CES iNSTRUCTiONS POUR RI_Fi_RENCESULTi_RIEURES. POUR VOTRE SECURIT!_ : N'entreposez pas ou n'utilisez pas d'essence ou d'autres produits inflammables a proximite de cet appareil ou de tout autre appareil electromenager.
  • Page 20 N'enlevez pas les entretoises sur les parois lat_rales et/ou _ I'arri_re du four. Ces entretoises centrent le four dans I'espace foumi. Le four doit _tre centre pour prevenir accumulation excessive de chaleur pouvant causer un feu ou des dommages. 1Y2"(3,8cm) Min.
  • Page 21: Exigences Electriques

    Installateur 2. Exigences electriques 1. Lisez t outes lesinstructions contenues dans cefeuillet Ces appareils doivent _tre branch_s _ une alimentation avant I 'installation dufourencastr_. poss_dant la tension et la fr_quence appropri_es. IIs 2. Enlevez toutlemateriel d'emballage dufouravant d e doivent _tre connect_s _ un circuit d_di_ correctement mis proc_der auraccordement _lectrique.
  • Page 22: Connexions Electriques

    Si les codes Iocaux permettent la connexion du fil de mise a ia terre du chassis au neutre (bJanc) (aux I_tats- Unis seuJement) (voir figure Risque de choc electrique Coupez I'alimentation _ la bo_te dejonction. • La raise _ la terre de cet appareil Dans la botte de jonction: obligatoire.
  • Page 23: Mise A La Terre

    Si I'appareil est utilise dans une rnaison mobile, Emplacement des nurneros de rnodele et de nouveau branchernent (1996 NEC), un vehicule serie recreatif ou si les codes Iocaux N'AUTORISENT PAS la La plaque signal_tique est situ_e sur le c6t_ int_rieur de connexion du conducteur de rnise a la terre...
  • Page 24 5. Installation dans I'armoire Le four encastre peut basculer quand la porte est ouverte, II faut fixer I'appareil I'armoire, a I'aide des supports de fixation fournis, pour prevenir le basculement du four et des blessures corporelles, Voir figure 1 22 3/16" Instructions dqnstallation des supports...
  • Page 25 IM PORTANT Ne soulevez pas le four encastre par la Support de M°u/_lure 1 fixation install_ poignee de la porte. lat_rale du four Ins_rez I'unit_ dans le d_coupage de I'armoire. encastr_'_\_l _ Glissez I'unit_ vers I'int_rieur en laissant un espace de 11/2"...
  • Page 26 6. L'installation t ypique d'unfourencastr_ _ lectrique s ouslecomptoir e stpr_sent_e _ lafigure9. Seulement certains modules detables d ecuisson peuvent _tre install_s au-dessus decertains moddes d efours encastr_s. Les II faut fermer les cotes de I'habitacle modules approuv_s pour_tre combings sontidenti%s a I'aide d'un des panneaux de bois pour isoler num_ro M GF IDetd'uncode deproduit (Consultez lafeuille quise I'appareil des armoires de chaque cote.
  • Page 27 I_l------- 18"(45.7 cm) Max. ÷ 4"(10 cm) 5" Max. 6 1/2" Min. Raccord (12.7 cm) (16.5 cm evase COte droit de Prise I'armoire 120V/6OHz Conduit a gaz flexible Raccord mise a la terre (Acces facile evase pour fermer Regulateur la robinet) de pression C6tes de I'armoire ou panneau de...
  • Page 28: Note Importante

    6. Mise niveau du four encastre 7. Verification du fonctionnement Installez une grille au centre du four superieur. Si votre appareil poss_de une commande _lectronique Deposezun niveau a bulle sur la grille (voir la figure 11). de four. Toutes les fonctions qu'elle contr61e ont _t_ Prenez2 lecturesen placant le niveau en diagonale dans v_rifi_es en usine pour leur bon fonctionnement avant...