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LG LGES-5048 User Manual

LG LGES-5048 User Manual

Hybrid solar inverter
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  • Page 1 LG Energy Solution Australia Pty Ltd Unit 12,35 Dunlop Rd,Mulgrave,VIC 3170 Support Tel. : 1300 178 064 [AEST Business hours] Support email : 340-00568-00...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 1.1 Operation Modes Introduction 1.2 Safety & Warning 1.3 Product Overview INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 2.1 Unacceptable Installations 2.2 Packing List 2.3 Mounting 2.3.1 Select Mounting Location 2.3.2 Mounting 2.4 Electrical Wiring Connection 2.4.1 PV Wiring Connection 2.4.2 Battery Wiring Connection 2.4.3 On-Grid &...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    LGES-5048 from LG Energy Solution Ltd strictly complies with related safety rules for product LGES-5048 is a hybrid or bidirectional solar inverter, applicable to solar systems connected to the design and testing. Please read and follow all the instructions and cautions on the inverter or utility grid and LG Energy Solution RESU 48V batteries.
  • Page 4: Product Overview

    1.3 Product Overview Safety Warning Installation and operation of the inverter must be performed by qualified electricians, in compli- ance with all local standards, wiring rules and requirements of local grid authorities, e.g. AS 4777 and AS/NZS 3000 in Australia. Before any wiring connection or electrical operation on the inverter, all battery and AC power must be disconnected from inverter for at least 5 minutes to make sure inverter is totally isolated to avoid electric shock.
  • Page 5: Installation Instructions

    2.3 Mounting INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 2.3.1 Select Mounting Location 2.1 Unacceptable Installations For inverter's protection and convenient maintenance, mounting location for inverter should be selected carefully based on the following rules: Please avoid the following installations, which will damage the system or the Inverter. Any part of this system shouldn't block the switch and breaker from disconnecting the inverter from DC and AC power.
  • Page 6: Mounting

    2.3.2 Mounting Step 3 Remember that this inverter is heavy! Please be careful when lifting out from the Ground cable shall be connected to ground plate on grid side. package. The inverter is suitable for mounting on concrete or other non-combustible surface only. Step 1 Please use the mounting bracket as a template to drill 4 holes in the right positions (10mm in diameter,and 80mm in depth).
  • Page 7: Electrical Wiring Connection

    Please make sure polarity (+/-) of battery are not reversed. Pan Head Screw Fastening torsion 6-8N.m * For the compatible LG RESU batteries, please refer to battery connection in LGES-5048 QUICK Reversing the polarity of PV strings could cause damage to the inverter. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Page 8: On-Grid & Back-Up Connection

    Note: Please use the terminals in accessory requirements of on-grid AC breaker are shown below. box. Inverter model AC breaker specification AC Cover LGES-5048 40A / 230V (e.g. DZ47-60 C40) Screw Cap The Insulator Cable Single Hole Seal Ring Connection Terminal...
  • Page 9 QU curve and PU curve etc. by special firmware. Please LGES-5048 inverter is able to supply a continuous 4600VA output or maintain a 6900VA output less contact after-sales for the special firmware and adjustable methods.
  • Page 10: Smart Meter & Ct Connection

    2.4.4 Smart Meter & CT Connection Detailed Pin Function Of Each Port On ES BMS: CAN communication is configured by default. If 485 communication is used, please contact after-sales to replace with the corresponding communication line. Make sure AC cable is totally isolated from AC power before connecting Smart Meter & Position Color BMS Function...
  • Page 11: Wifi Module Connection

    2. Connect DRED cable on the 6-pin terminal.The function of each connection position is shown as below. 2.7 Earth Fault Alarm Connection Screw Cap Screw Insulator LGES-5048 inverter complies with IEC 62109-2 13.9. Fault indicator LED on inverter cover will light Function DRM1/5 DRM2/6 DRM3/7 DRM4/8 REFGEN...
  • Page 12 Wiring System for LGES-5048 Hybrid Inverter System Connection Diagram Note: This diagram indicates wiring structure of inverter, not the electric wiring standard. Note: According to Australian requirements, the neutral cable of on-grid side and back-up side must be connected together, otherwise back-up function will not work.
  • Page 13: Wi-Fi Configuration

    WiFi_Burn-in WPAPSKWPA2PSK/TKIPAES Click "Complete", the current configuration will take effect after Anti-Reverse Function Switch Off WiFi_Burn-in2 WPAPSKWPA2PSK/TKIPAES restart. Refresh If you still neet to configure the other pages of information, Overview Param please go to complete your required configuration.
  • Page 14: Others

    OTHERS 4.1 Error Messages The error messages below will be displayed on LGES PV Master or reported by e-mail if an error occurs. ERROR MESSAGE EXPLANATION REASON SOLUTIONS 1. Check (use multi-meter) if AC side has voltage . Make sure grid power is available. Public grid power is not available (power Utility Loss Inverter does not detect the connection of grid...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    Wi-Fi (please refer to User manual page 18). Q: Which battery should I use for LG? A: LG Energy Solution RESU6.5, RESU10, RESU12, RESU13 (end of line) Q: Why can't I connect Solar-WiFi* signal on my phone? A: The Wifi...
  • Page 16: Disclaimer

    • The inverter is installed or operated against the requirements or warnings that are mentioned in this user manual. Q: Can I use other brand meter to take over Smart Meter in LG system or change some • Inverter is broken or damaged by any force majeure like lightning, earthquake, fire hazard, storm settings on Smart Meter? and volcanic eruption etc.
  • Page 17: Technical Parameters

    4.4 Technical Parameters Technical Data LGES-5048 Technical Data LGES-5048 Efficiency Battery Input Data Max. Efficiency 97.60% Battery Type Li-Ion Max. Battery to Load Efficiency 94.00% Nominal Battery Voltage (V) Europe Efficiency 97.00% Max. Charging Voltage (V) ≤60 (Configurable) MPPT Efficiency 99.90%...
  • Page 18: Other Test

    4.5 Other Test For Australian requirements, in the THDi test, Zref should be added between inverter and mains. RA, XA for Line conductor RN, XN for Neutral conductor Zref: RN=0, 16; XN=j0,10 at 50Hz...

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