BT 1250 Classic User Manual

Digital cordless telephone answering machine.
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BT On-Air 1250 Classic

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  • Page 1

    BT On-Air 1250 Classic...

  • Page 2: At A Glance

    Lets you redial up to 20 of the last Redial Intercom Recall numbers called. For use with Switchboards and BT Select Services. Enables internal calls and call transfer between handsets. To confirm settings. To answer a call and switch the power on.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    In this guide At a glance Introduction Setting up Using the telephone Using the answering machine Remote access Using additional handsets and bases General information Wall mounting Index...

  • Page 4: Introduction

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 Introduction Unpacking your BT On-Air 1250 Classic If anything is missing, please contact your place of purchase immediately. One BT On-Air 1250 base. One BT On-Air 1000 Classic handset.

  • Page 5: Setting Up

    Setting up Please note that your handset is already registered to the base station. Situate your product close enough to the telephone and mains power sockets so that the cables will reach. The only way to disconnect the product from the power supply is to remove the power adaptor from the mains power socket.

  • Page 6

    Eventually they will need to be replaced. New batteries can be obtained from any BT Shop or from the Helpline on When the battery has been charged for at least 16 hours the display will show the symbol;...

  • Page 7

    If you need to replace the handset battery, slide off the battery cover. Remove the old battery by disconnecting the small plug inside the battery compartment. Connect the plug of the new battery. Replace the battery cover. Please pay attention not to damage the charging contacts on the handset.

  • Page 8: Using The Telephone

    Using the telephone Press and hold the button to switch the handset on. Press and hold the button to switch the handset off. Press the The display shows the Dial the number. First enter the number to be dialled. The number is shown in the display. (If you make a mistake press remove the incorrect digit).

  • Page 9

    You can adjust the volume during a call. Press the button to increase the volume. Press the button to decrease the volume. The display shows the current volume level. symbol on your handset display indicates when you are in range of the base station.

  • Page 10: Paging Handsets

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 Number memory You can store up to 20 of your most frequently used numbers. To store a number in the memory Press the UP or DOWN button.

  • Page 11

    To use Caller Display you must first subscribe to your network provider’s Caller Display Service. For more information on BT Select Services call BT free on button. If you have subscribed to a Caller Display service you can see who is calling you on your handset display, (unless the number has been withheld).

  • Page 12: Calls List, Handset Settings, To View The Calls List

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 Calls list The Calls list contains the telephone numbers of your last 20 callers. If you receive more than one call from the same telephone number then it will only appear once in the list.

  • Page 13

    Intercom Press the button. Press the button. Press the button. Press the button. Use the keypad to input the time e.g. 17.35 (24 hour clock). When entering the time press the button to correct a mistake and the button to save the time when finished. Press the button twice to exit.

  • Page 14

    Your base station has a default setting of 0000 but you may want to change this. If you change your System Code keep a record of the new number by writing it in the space provided on page 4. If you are using more than one base, you can select which base your handset will use.

  • Page 15: Using The Answering Machine

    Before using your answering machine for the first time you need to: set the time and date, and switch the answering machine on. Your On-Air 1250 Classic comes with the pre-recorded outgoing message (OGM) “Hello, your call cannot be taken at the moment, so please leave your message after the tone”.

  • Page 16

    FOR ANSWER ONLY: Press the button. Press the button. Press the button twice quickly. You will hear a beep in the earpiece. Speak your outgoing message. Press the button to stop recording. Your outgoing message will be automatically played back through the handset earpiece.

  • Page 17

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 Note: Timesaver If you call from another telephone and it rings 4 times, there are no new messages. If the call is answered after 2 rings there are new messages to listen to.

  • Page 18

    Using the handset: Intercom Press the Press the button. Press the button. At the base: To switch off the answering machine press the no longer illuminated green. It is not possible to switch on the answering machine when the message recording memory is full.

  • Page 19

    If you have new messages, i.e. the button is flashing, these will be played first. To play your messages from the base: Press the button. To play old messages press the button again. Intercom Press the button. Press the button. Any new messages will be automatically played through the handset earpiece.

  • Page 20: Access Code

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 To use call screening You can decide whether to listen to incoming messages over the loudspeaker and answer them or let your answer machine take the message.

  • Page 21

    Intercom Press the button. Press the button. Press the button. Press the button. Use the to either 0 to switch VIP off or 1 to switch VIP on. Press to confirm. In order to call you, when VIP is switched on, your caller must follow these steps.

  • Page 22: Remote Access

    Remote access You can operate your answering machine from any external Touchtone phone by phoning your BT On-Air and entering your remote access code. Having a remote access code prevents other people from accessing your answering machine functions without your permission.

  • Page 24: And Bases

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 Using additional handsets and bases Using additional handsets and bases Up to six handsets can be registered and operated from any one base. This allows you to make internal calls between two handsets while a third is making an external call.

  • Page 25

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 To register a handset to a base station (if you have changed the System Code from 0000) At the base:– Press and hold down the button until the PLAY button starts to flash.

  • Page 26: General Information

    General information Your BT On-Air 1250 Classic is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Subject to the terms listed below the guarantee will provide for the repair of, or at BT’s or its agent’s discretion the option to...

  • Page 27

    The BT On-Air 1250 Classic (with up to 6 handsets) has a total REN of 1. Any other instrument provided by BT may be assumed to have a REN of 1 unless stated otherwise. A total REN of 4 is allowed per telephone line.

  • Page 28

    Intercom Press the Press the button. F1 will appear on the screen. Press the button. Press the button. Press the button. The access code is displayed. Press the button. Enter or correct the switchboard external line access code, e.g. . You can enter codes up to 8 digits in length.

  • Page 29: Wall Mounting

    Wall mounting If wall mounting your BT On-Air 1250 Classic, use this guide for position. • Make sure that you are not drilling into any hidden wiring and check that the power cable will reach from the mains socket to the charger.

  • Page 30: Index

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 Index dditional handsets & bases Answer machine listening to messages remote access setting up Answer mode ase settings Base station priority Battery charge low warning performance...

  • Page 31

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 new message indicator pausing playback playback skipping through Monitor umber memory delete dial edit store Number of rings before answering n/Off answer machine handset monitor power...

  • Page 32

    British Telecommunications plc in the UK. © British Telecommunications plc 2001. Registered Office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. Registered in England No. 1800000. Designed by: The Art & Design Partnership Limited. Printed in Europe. On-Air 1250 Classic. Issue 2 (8/01) 1...

  • Page 33: Quick Guide

    On-Air 1250 Classic user guide ~ 1st Edition ~ 7th August ’01 ~ 4073 Quick Guide To the answering machine functions Handset Function Record your outgoing message (OGM) Switch answering machine on Switch answering machine off Delete all outgoing messages...

  • Page 34

    During playback: Skip forwards Skip backwards Pause/Resume Delete current message...

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