BT Quartet 1500 User Manual

Digital cordless telephone answering machine.
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  • Page 1

    User Guide BT STUDIO 1500...

  • Page 2: Answering Machine

    30 number Calls list. Use the phonebook to store and dial up to 30 of most frequently used phone numbers. As a Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony (DECT) product, your BT Studio 1500 provides digital quality call clarity.

  • Page 3

    Need help? If you have any problems setting up or using your BT Studio 1500 please contact the Helpline on 0870 605 8047. Alternatively, you may find the answer in ‘Help’ at the back of this guide.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    In this guide Getting started Location ..... . . 6 Setting up the base and handset ..6 Getting to know your phone Handset buttons .

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Using additional handsets Registering a new GAP compatible handset to your BT Studio 1500 base . 50 Internal calls ....51 Receiving internal calls .

  • Page 6: Location, Setting Up The Base And Handset

    If you have purchased a BT Studio 1500 multiple pack please follow instructions Location You need to place your BT Studio 1500 close enough to a mains power and telephone socket so that the cables will reach. The strength of the handset signal depends on where you site the base.

  • Page 7

    3. Install the 2 x AAA rechargeable batteries supplied. Then slide the battery compartment cover into place. With batteries installed the display will show: STUDIO icon will flash while the handset searches for the base. 4. Place the handset in the base to charge, the red charging light comes on and the scrolling.

  • Page 8

    BT Studio 1500 multiple pack owners only Location You need to place your BT Studio 1500 charger close enough to a mains power socket so that the cable will reach. You will need to do the following for each additional...

  • Page 9

    Once the batteries are charged, the the handset display. Once the handset registers with the base, the stops flashing. Your BT Studio 1500 is ready for use. Charging light on the icon will flash in icon Getting started...

  • Page 10: Handset Buttons

    15. Cancel/Phonebook Go back one level/exit the menu, page 13. Press to dial a phonebook entry, page 20. Use to make an internal call, page 51. Or to transfer a call to an additional BT Studio 1500 handset, page 52.

  • Page 11: Sample Screen

    Sample screen – These are where the handset icons will appear. Phone/Person External call Internal call Indicates a call is in progress, page 14. Flashes when you receive an external call. Stays on during the conversation, page 14. Flashes when you receive an internal call. Stays on during the internal conversation, page 51.

  • Page 12: Base Buttons And Leds

    Getting to know your phone Base buttons and LEDs Ans On/Off Switches the answering machine on/off, page 37. Use when selecting/recording your outgoing message, page 40. Page Press to page handset(s), page 51. Also used when registering handsets, page 50.

  • Page 13: Navigating The Menus, Menu Map

    Navigating the menus Your BT Studio 1500 handset has a menu system to guide you through the handset and base options. Refer to the menu map below for the available options. When the handset is displaying the idle screen: 1. Press to open the main menu.

  • Page 14: Make An External Call, Preparatory Dialling, Receiving Calls

    Using the phone Dialling numbers quickly Numbers can also be dialled using the phonebook (page 20), and from the calls list (page 23). If you subscribe to Caller Display and your Caller's details are available, then their number will be shown, or their name if their number is stored in the directory.

  • Page 15: Call Timer, Earpiece Volume

    If you have subscribed to your network’s Caller Display service, the caller’s number, or name (if an exact name/number match is found in the phonebook) will also be displayed, See page 23. Call timer Your handset automatically times the duration of all calls, showing the time on the display during your call and for a few seconds after it has finished.

  • Page 16: Handset Ringer Volume, Secrecy, Redial

    Using the phone The default level is 3. Each redial number can be up to a maximum of 32 digits long. Only the last 12 digits of the number will be displayed. If there are no numbers saved in EMPTY the redial list will be displayed.

  • Page 17: Last Number Redial, Delete A Redial Number, Delete The Redial List, Phonebook

    If a name/number match is found in the phonebook the name will be displayed instead of the number. Press to toggle between the name and number. Menu 3. Press to dial the number. Last number redial 1. Lift the handset and press 2.

  • Page 18: Store A Phonebook Entry

    Phonebook icon is displayed while you are using the phonebook. Using the phonebook with additional handsets If you are using more than one handset, each handset has a separate phonebook, so you can store 30 entries per handset. Deleting characters/digits If you make a mistake, press Cancel storing Press...

  • Page 19: Character Map

    Character map Digit button BLANK Phonebook...

  • Page 20: Dial A Phonebook Entry, Delete A Phonebook Entry

    Phonebook Phonebook entries are listed alphabetically. If the number has more than 12 digits, press again to display Menu the remaining digits. Dial a phonebook entry 1. Press 2. Use to scroll through the entries or enter the first letter of the name you want using the keypad, then scroll to the exact entry using 3.

  • Page 21: Edit A Phonebook Entry

    Edit a phonebook entry 1. Press . Display shows PHONE BOOK. Menu 2. Press Menu 3. Press to select 4. Scroll to the entry you want using Menu 5. Use to move through the name, and edit using the keypad, then press 6.

  • Page 22

    Freefone 0800 800 150. Caller information not available Occasionally the telephone number of the caller is not available and cannot therefore be displayed. In this case, your BT Studio 1500 will show one of the following explanatory messages: WITHHELD UNAVAILABLE...

  • Page 23: View And Dial A Calls List Entry, Delete A Calls List Entry

    View and dial a calls list entry 1. Press repeatedly to open the calls list and then scroll through the entries. For each entry, the caller’s number is displayed, or their name if a name/number match is found in the phonebook. 2.

  • Page 24: Delete All Calls List Entries, Phonebook

    Caller Display and the calls list Delete all calls list entries 1. Press to open the calls list. 2. Press and hold until 3. Press to confirm (or Menu Copy a calls list entry to the phonebook 1. Press repeatedly to open the calls list and scroll to the entry you want to copy.

  • Page 25: Call Waiting

    Call Waiting Providing you have subscribed to your network provider’s Call Waiting service, you will hear a soft beep every 5 seconds if an incoming call arrives while you are already on the phone. This beep is not audible to the person you are speaking to.

  • Page 26: To Change The External Ringer Melody

    Handset settings Section The default setting is 1. You can also assign a different ringer melody to entries in your phonebook, see page 18. You can choose a range of settings to suit your personal preferences. Handset ringer melody and volume You have a choice of 3 melodies and 3 volume levels (or OFF).

  • Page 27: To Change The External Ringer Volume, To Change The Internal Ringer Melody

    To change the external ringer volume 1. Press Menu HANDSET 2. Press until 3. Press until EXT RING VOL press . The current volume is shown and played. Menu 4. Press to select a volume then press To change the internal ringer melody 1.

  • Page 28: To Change The Internal Ringer Volume, Key Beeps

    4. Press to select a volume then press Key beeps Your BT Studio 1500 handset emits beeps to alert you to certain situations. You can set the handset to beep: If the battery is low. If you go out of range of the base.

  • Page 29: Auto Answer

    Switch beeps on/off 1. Press Menu HANDSET 2. Press until BEEP is displayed, press 4. Press to display the type of beeps you want, then press Menu KEYTONE – for handset button beeps LOW BATTERY – for low battery warning beeps OUT RANGE –...

  • Page 30: Selecting A Language

    Handset settings 3. Press until AUTO ANSWER press Menu 4. Press to select Selecting a language 1. Press Menu 2. Press until HANDSET 3. Press until LANGUAGE 4. Press until the language you require is shown. Choose from ENGLISH FRANCAIS ESPANOL NEDERL DK/NOR/SVE...

  • Page 31: To Switch Key Lock On, Quick Key Lock On

    Key lock You can lock the keypad so that it cannot be used accidentally while carrying the handset around. To switch key lock on: 1. Press Menu HANDSET 2. Press until 3. Press until KEY LOCK icon is displayed on the idle screen while the keypad is locked.

  • Page 32: To Switch Key Lock Off, Naming A Handset

    Handset settings To switch key lock off: 1. Press any key and the display shows 2. Press and the display returns to the idle screen. Naming a handset Each handset registered to the base is assigned a number. You can give a handset a name as well as a number to match the user or location e.g.

  • Page 33: To Change The Base Pin Code

    You can choose a range of settings to suit your personal preferences. Security PIN Your BT Studio 1500 has a security PIN code which you will need to change some of the base settings. The default setting is 0000. You may want to change this to prevent unauthorised changes to your settings.

  • Page 34: De-register A Handset From The Base, To Change The Ringer Melody

    Base settings You cannot de-register the handset you are using. One handset must remain registered to the base at any time. The default setting is 1. De-register a handset from the base 1. Press Menu 2. Press until SETUP press Menu 3.

  • Page 35: To Change The Ringer Volume

    Menu is displayed then is displayed then Press again. Your BT Menu Base settings The default setting is 3. WARNING If you reset the handset and base, you will lose any names or numbers stored in the phonebook, redial list and calls list.

  • Page 36: Pin Code

    Base settings Reset if you have forgotten your PIN code 1. Press and hold to switch the handset off and remove the handset batteries, see page 14. 2. Press and hold as you replace the batteries. Wait until the display shows DEFAULT 3.

  • Page 37: On/off, Set Day And Time

    Using the answering machine Your BT Studio 1500 answering machine uses voice prompts to guide you simply through its operation. You can operate your answering machine from: The base. Remotely, from any other Touchtone page 46. Before first using your answering machine you should set the correct day and time.

  • Page 38: Play All Messages, Play New Messages Only

    Using the answering machine To scroll through days / hours / minutes rapidly, press and hold . After the desired setting is announced, release and press to confirm. How many messages have I got? The messages light ( ) on the base will flash when there are messages.

  • Page 39

    Any messages not deleted are saved. You will hear a beep to signal when 8 seconds have elapsed. Using the answering machine Cancel operation Press to end any operation at any time.

  • Page 40: Outgoing Messages, Select And Play Outgoing Message

    The outgoing message (OGM) is the greeting a caller hears when the answering machine picks up their call. Your BT Studio 1500 gives you a choice of two pre-recorded outgoing messages, one for Answer and Record and one for Answer Only.

  • Page 41: Record Your Own Outgoing Message(s), Delete Your Outgoing Message(s)

    “Please to select Answer and Answer Only, until you hear “Please or press Using the answering machine Your own outgoing message can be up to 3 minutes long. You can only delete your own recorded outgoing message.

  • Page 42: Adjust Answer Delay, Change The Security Pin

    You should change the security PIN from the original setting of 0 0 0 . Answer delay Answer delay is the number of times your BT Studio 1500 rings before the answering machine picks up the call and starts playing the outgoing message.

  • Page 43: Record A Memo, Memory Full

    You must delete existing messages before new ones can be taken. Using the answering machine When the answering machine memory is full the message light on the base will flash steadily every...

  • Page 44: Call Screening, Power Failure

    1. Press to interrupt and speak to the caller. Any message they have already recorded will be kept. Power failure If the mains power is lost, your answering machine will keep many personalised settings when it is switched on.

  • Page 45

    As last set by you As last set by you As last set by you Flashing, if any messages have been recorded Saved Level 5 As last set by you or 000 default 12:01 PM Saturday Using the answering machine...

  • Page 46: From Another Phone

    Remote access You can operate your answering machine from any ® modern Touchtone phone by calling your BT Studio 1500 and entering a 3-digit security PIN. Using a PIN code prevents other people from accessing your machine without permission. Switch on your answering machine from...

  • Page 47

    To delete the current message. Once to skip to the next message; Twice to skip to the message after. To switch the answering machine on or off. To play the outgoing message menu, see ‘Outgoing message menu’ on the following page.

  • Page 48: Outgoing Message Menu

    Remote access To set a new security PIN. Follow the voice prompts. To set the day and time. Follow the voice prompts when you are asked to “Enter the Day and Time after the tone”. Enter the day: 1= Sunday to 7 = Saturday. Enter hours then minutes using the 24-hour clock, e.g.

  • Page 49

    Remote access To select Answer and Record OGM. To select Answer Only OGM. To hear OGM menu again. To hear main menu again. 2. When you have selected the option you want, follow the simple voice prompts.

  • Page 50: Registering A New Gap Compatible Handset To Your Bt Studio 1500 Base

    If you purchase a new handset to use with your BT Studio 1500 it will have to be registered to the base. You will need to do this before you can use it. If you have purchased a BT Studio 1500 multiple pack each additional handset will come pre-registered to the base.

  • Page 51: Internal Calls, Receiving Internal Calls, Paging

    Internal calls You can make internal calls between two BT Studio 1500 handsets. 1. Press 2. Enter the other handset number using the keypad ( ). The other handset will ring and show the calling handset's number. If there is no response, press handset.

  • Page 52: Transferring Calls

    Using additional handsets If, after 1 minute 45 seconds, the other handset has not answered, you will be automatically re-connected to the caller. Transferring calls You can transfer an external call to another handset. During an external call: 1. Press .

  • Page 53: Handset To Another Base

    Using additional bases Your BT Studio 1500 handset can be registered to up to 4 other bases. Registering your BT Studio 1500 handset to another base On the base: 1. Press and hold Page to put the base into registration mode.

  • Page 54: Selecting A Base To Use

    Using additional bases The default PIN code is 0000. If registration is unsuccessful, after 1 minute, the handset will display the list of registered bases and you can try again or select another base to use. If you are in an environment where there is a lot of electrical interference you may experience difficulty registering to a base.

  • Page 55

    Press to select AUTO When the handset locates the selected base you will hear a confirmation tone. Using additional bases is selected the handset AUTO will automatically link to another base with a strong signal, if the signal it is currently receiving from its present base becomes very poor.

  • Page 56: Help

    Many common problems are caused by the telephone and power cables being incorrectly connected, not connected at all, or the power being turned off. Please check that your BT Studio 1500 has been correctly set up, see page 6, before ringing the BT Studio 1500 Helpline.

  • Page 57

    Sometimes your BT Studio 1500 can interfere with other electrical equipment if it is placed too close. It is recommended that you place your BT Studio 1500 at least one metre away from such appliances to avoid any risk of interference.

  • Page 58

    Caller Display service BT Studio Helpline 0870 605 8047 Call the dedicated BT Studio Helpline: if you are having difficulties using your BT Studio 1500 if you need replacement batteries or mains power lead Lines open 9am –...

  • Page 59: Safety

    The item code for the base mains power supply is 005391 (black) or 016115 (white). If you have purchased a BT Studio 1500 multiple pack, the item code for the charger mains power supply is 021299 (black) or 016116 (white).

  • Page 60

    General information It is recommended that if you have a pacemaker fitted you check with a medical expert before using this product. Your product may interfere with other electrical equipment, e.g. TV and radio sets, clock/alarms and computers if placed too close. It is recommended that you place your product at least one metre away from such appliances to minimise any risk of interference.

  • Page 61

    General information Environmental Do not expose to direct sunlight. The product may heat up when the batteries are being recharged. This is normal. However, we recommend that you do not place the product on antique/veneered wood to avoid damage. Do not stand your product on carpets or other surfaces which generate fibres, or place it in locations preventing the free flow of air over its surfaces.

  • Page 62: Guarantee

    Subject to the terms listed below, the guarantee will provide for the repair of, or at BT’s or its agent’s discretion the option to replace the BT Studio 1500, or any component thereof, (other than batteries), which is identified as faulty or below standard, or as a result of inferior workmanship or materials.

  • Page 63: Returning Your Phone

    Within the 12 month guarantee period: If you experience difficulty using the product, prior to returning it, please read the ‘Help’ section beginning on page 56, or contact the BT Studio 1500 Helpline on 0870 605 8047, 9am–5.30pm, Monday to Friday and 9.30am–2.30pm, Saturday.

  • Page 64: How Many Telephones Can You Have, R&tte

    Equivalence Number (REN), which is used to calculate the number of items which may be connected to any other telephone line. Your BT Studio 1500 has a REN of 1. A total REN of 4 is allowed. If the total REN of 4 is exceeded, the telephone may not ring.

  • Page 65: Declaration Of Conformance, Switchboard Compatibility, Access Code

    General information Declaration of Conformance Hereby, Suncorp Technologies, declares that this BT Studio 1500 is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. The Declaration of Conformance for the BT Studio 1500 is published on the website:

  • Page 66: To Insert A Pause, Recall, Dialling Mode

    BT Calling Features or those services available via your network provider. Dialling mode Your BT Studio 1500 is set to tone dialling. If required you can switch it to pulse dialling. 1. Press Menu 2.

  • Page 67: Temporary Change To Dialling Mode

    5. Press twice to return to the idle screen. Temporary change to dialling mode If you have set your BT Studio 1500 to Pulse dialling, you can temporarily switch to Tone dialling during a call. 1. Press , then press normal.

  • Page 68

    Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. © British Telecommunications plc 2005. Registered Office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. Registered in England No. 1800000. BT Studio 1500 Issue 2 (04/05) 1 Designed and produced by The Art & Design Partnership Ltd. Printed in China...

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