Installation/Connection - Kenwood KMM-203 Instruction Manual

Digital media receiver
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About Android device
• This unit supports Android OS 4.1 and above.
• Some Android devices (with OS 4.1 and above) may not fully support Android Open Accessory (AOA) 2.0.
• If the Android device supports both mass storage class device and AOA 2.0, this unit always playback via
AOA 2.0 as priority.
About Pandora
• Pandora is only available in certain countries.
For more information, visit <>.
• Because Pandora is a third-party service, the specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Accordingly, compatibility may be impaired, or some or all of the services may become unavailable.
• Some functions of Pandora cannot be operated from this unit.
• For issues using the application, please contact Pandora at
Change the display information
Each time you press DISP, the display information changes.
• If the information is unavailable or not recorded, "NO TEXT", "NO INFO", or other information (eg. station
name, playing time) appears.
Source name
Display information
Source name
(For FM Radio Data System stations only)
Station name
Radio text
(back to the beginning)
(For MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC files)
Music title/Artist
(back to the beginning)
iPod or
When [MODE OFF]/[BROWSE MODE] is selected. ( 8)
Music title/Artist
Station name
Shared/Radio station
Playing time
Source name
(back to the beginning)
(back to the beginning)
Radio text+
Album title/Artist
Folder name
File name
Album title/Artist
Playing time
Music title
(back to the beginning)
(back to the beginning)


• The unit can only be used with a 12 V DC power supply, negative ground.
• Disconnect the battery's negative terminal before wiring and mounting.
• Do not connect Battery wire (yellow) and Ignition wire (red) to the car chassis
or Ground wire (black) to prevent a short circuit.
• Insulate unconnected wires with vinyl tape to prevent a short circuit.
• Be sure to ground this unit to the car's chassis again after installation.
• For safety's sake, leave wiring and mounting to professionals. Consult the car
audio dealer.
• Install this unit in the console of your vehicle. Do not touch the metal parts of
this unit during and shortly after use of the unit. Metal parts such as the heat
sink and enclosure become hot.
• Do not connect the [ wires of speakers to the car chassis or Ground wire
(black), or connect them in parallel.
• Mount the unit at an angle of less than 30º.
• If your vehicle wiring harness does not have the ignition terminal, connect
Ignition wire (red) to the terminal on the vehicle's fuse box which provides
12 V DC power supply and is turned on and off by the ignition key.
• Keep all cables away from heat dissipate metal parts.
• After the unit is installed, check whether the brake lamps, blinkers, wipers,
etc. on the car are working properly.
• If the fuse blows, first make sure the wires are not touching car's chassis, then
replace the old fuse with one that has the same rating.
Basic procedure
1 Remove the key from the ignition switch, then disconnect the [
Playing time
terminal of the car battery.
2 Connect the wires properly.
See Wiring connection. ( 17)
(back to the beginning)
3 Install the unit to your car.
Album title
See Installing the unit (in-dash mounting). ( 16)
4 Connect the [ terminal of the car battery.
5 Reset the unit. ( 3)

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