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Hitachi RAS-S18CAK Instruction Manual page 3

Split type air conditioner indoor unit/outdoor unit


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The product shall be operated under the manufacturer speciÀ cation and
not for any other intended use.
When operating the unit with burning equipments, regularly ventilate the
room to avoid oxygen insufÀ ciency.
Please ensure that outdoor mounting frame is always stable, À rm and
without defect. If not, the outdoor unit may collapse and cause danger.
Do not use any aerosol or hair sprays near the indoor unit. This chemical
can adhere on heat exchanger À n and blocked the evaporation water Á ow
to drain pan. The water will drop on tangential fan and cause water splashing
out from indoor unit.
Turn off the circuit breaker if the unit is not to be operated for a long period.
Do not put water container (like vase) on the indoor unit to avoid water
dripping into the unit. Dripping water will damage the insulator inside the
unit and causes short-circuit.
When operating the unit with the door and windows opened, (the room humidity is always above
80%) and with the air deÁ ector facing down or moving automatically for a long period of time,
water will condense on the air deÁ ector and drips down occasionally. This will wet your furniture.
Therefore, do not operate under such condition for a long time.
If the amount of heat in the room is above the cooling capability of the unit (for example: more
people entering the room, using heating equipments and etc.), the preset room temperature
cannot be achieved.
This appliance is not intended for use by young children or inÀ rm person unless they have been
adequately supervised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use the appliance safely.
Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
Do not attempt to operate the unit with wet hands, this could cause fatal
Do not direct the cool air coming out from the air-conditioner panel to face
household heating apparatus as this may affect the working of apparatus
such as the electric kettle, oven etc.
Do not splash or direct water to the body of the unit when cleaning it as
this may cause short circuit.
Please switch off the unit and turn off the circuit breaker during cleaning,
the high-speed fan inside the unit may cause danger.
Do not climb on the outdoor unit or put objects on it.
Do not place plants directly under the air Á ow as it is bad for the plants.
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