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Troubleshooting - Casio PhoneMate TA-180 Owner's Manual

2-line digital answering machine with speakerphone
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Recorded messages are cut off.
The TA-180 is designed to disconnect from
the line after a caller stops talking. Calls may
be cut off if a 5 second pause is detected, if
the caller does not speak loud enough, or if
the message is less than four seconds.
The TA-180 will also stop recording when a
call is answered with the speakerphone or
extension phone.
The TA-180 does not respond when you
enter your remote access code during the
Try re-entering the correct code after the
Between messages there is an operator
recording or a beep and dial tone.
The caller has hung up without leaving a
You have more than two telephone
numbers and are experiencing difficulty.
There is no sound during playback.
Check and adjust the volume control.
Calls on hold are disconnected.
The call placed on hold may have exceeded
five minutes in length. Please review the
HOLD section on page 17.
Unit rings but does not answer calls.
Make sure the TA-180 is turned on. See the
ON/OFF section on page 5.
All messages are stamped with " Sunday,
12:00 a.m ."
Program time and date. See SET VOICE
TIME/DAY STAMP on page 6.
The unit does not automatically stop
playing the greeting or recording a
message when you pick up an extension
Briefly press and release the hook-switch
on the extension phone.
Messages were not erased after
If you want all messages to be erased,
press ERASE/FLASH within seven seconds
of seeing "End" in the display and hearing
" End of messages ."
The MESSAGE INDICATOR flashes rapidly.
If you are installing your TA-180 for the first
time, or you have experienced a power
failure, make sure that your unit is
connected to a telephone line. Then press
PLAY/PAUSE 1 or 2 to restore machine
The unit does not record incoming
1. Memory may be full, please see page 14
on erasing individual messages.
2. Announce only mode may be activated.
If announce only is ON, the machine will
play the greeting, but will not record
incoming messages. Please see page 9.
3. The volume may be too low for you to
hear the greeting and the caller's
4. The machine may have been accidentally
turned OFF. If the machine is turned OFF,
indicator lights will not be lit.
5. The caller may have hung up within 4
seconds of the machine answering a
call, and therefore the TA-180 will not
record a message.
6. In certain situations, your local
telephone company may transmit signals
that are recorded by your machine
without any associated message.
7. No calls were actually received by the
Greeting sounds garbled or difficult to
Strictly follow the guidelines for recording
your greeting:
1. Speak loudly and clearly about 7 inches
from the base unit microphone.
2. Avoid any background noise.
3. Greeting should be recorded using the
voice of only one person.
Part of the greeting is cut off.
Long pauses in your greeting (more than 2
seconds) can cause the machine to stop
recording. Record a new greeting.
There is a high pitched sound during call
This is feedback. Turn the volume down.
After several attempts the TA-180 will not
operate properly.
To reset the TA-180, hold down the LINE 1
or LINE 2 ON/OFF button (under lid) while
simultaneously reinserting the AC Adapter
Plug into the back of the unit until a beep is
heard (about 3 seconds). The AC Adaptor
must be plugged into the wall. All saved
messages, greetings, the Time/Day Stamp
and machine settings will be deleted. Re-
record the greetings, set the Time/Day
Stamp and reset any other machine
If this action does not remedy the problem,
call the CASIO PHONEMATE Helpline. CASIO
PHONEMATE's Helpline staff can often
resolve problems and will recommend
repair service when needed.
Unless you live close to a CASIO
PHONEMATE Service Center, you may be
required to mail a product to CASIO
PHONEMATE for repair. To mail the product
to the service center you should:
1. Package the unit in its original box or a
comparable package.
2. Include a clear and specific explanation
of the problem.
3. Include your name, address, and phone
4. Provide a legible photocopy of the dated
store receipt for warranty purposes.
Attn: Service Center
20665 Manhattan Place
Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 328-6453
Attn: Service Center
8805 Kelso Drive
Baltimore, MD 21221
(410) 391-0974
Should you have additional questions,
please call CASIO PHONEMATE's Helpline,
from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Pacific Time), at
(310) 320-9810 for assistance.



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