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Casio TA-160 User Manual

Casio ta-160: user guide
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Memo Record
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Play New Messages
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Caller ID
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  Summary of Contents for Casio TA-160

  • Page 1 PAGE TA-160 FEATURES 1 1 1 1 1 Audible Message (page 20) Greeting Check (page 12) Greeting Record (page 10, 11) Time Check (page 9) Time Set (page 9) Code Set (page 28) On/Off (page 3, 15) TIME GREETING AUDIBLE...
  • Page 2: Installation

    AC Adapter Cord 2 = The TA-160 will answer on the second ring. 4 = The TA-160 will answer on the fourth ring. TS = When calling from a remote location, tollsaver (TS) will help eliminate toll...
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Local Area Code Setting If you are planning to use the Caller ID features on the TA-160, be sure to program your local area code into the TA-160’s memory. The TA-160 needs this information to operate correctly when dialing stored Caller ID numbers.
  • Page 4: Ringer On/Off

    AUTO EXTENSION DISCONNECT When you answer a call using the speakerphone or an extension phone, the TA-160 will automatically stop playing the greeting or recording the incoming message. If it does not stop, briefly press and release the hook-switch on the extension phone.
  • Page 5: Local Area Code

    PROGRAMMING 8 8 8 8 8 PROGRAM OPTION 3: LOCAL AREA CODE SETTING The TA-160 can make returning phone calls ERASE easier by automatically dialing stored Caller ID FLASH numbers. For this feature to work correctly, it is necessary to program your local area code into the unit.
  • Page 6: Pre-Recorded Greetings

    TA-160 will remind you that you need to record a greeting by playing: Please record a greeting. When the TA-160 answers a call, the callers will hear the pre-recorded message: Hello, please record a message after the tone.
  • Page 7: Change Greeting Mode

    You can also select, listen and record your greetings they call to leave a message. Instruct callers to from a remote telephone. See Remote Operation on press # on their touchtone keypad any time after page 26. the TA-160 answers their call. TIME GREETING AUDIBLE ON/OFF...
  • Page 8: Play All Messages

    1/30 6:56 PM NANCY SMITH 310-555-1212 Notes: The TA-160 will not answer calls in the pause mode. Messages may also be paused in the Message Preview mode by pressing PREVIEW during message playback. PAGE 15 15 15 15 15 PLAYBACK...
  • Page 9: Replay New Messages

    You have two ways to preview messages. PLAYBACK SPEED (-) Press once. The messages. Depending on the number of TA-160 will play your messages 50% messages recorded, you will hear: slower than normal. PLAYBACK SPEED (+) once. The TA-160 will play your messages 50% faster than normal.
  • Page 10: Preview All Saved Messages

    If you have played all new messages, you can FLASH quickly scan all saved messages by listening to playing them, the TA-160 will automatically save the first few seconds of each message. You all messages. You will hear: have two ways to preview all saved messages.
  • Page 11: Audible Message Indicator

    In certain states, it is unlawful and may lead to criminal penalties to record any telephone conversation without FLASH HOLD prior consent of all parties. The TA-160 will not display or retain Call Waiting Caller ID information while conversations are being recorded but ERASE/FLASH Press again to return the tones indicating an incoming Call Waiting call can be to the first call.
  • Page 12: Speakerphone

    Note: If you use the SPEAKERPHONE and an extension phone at the same time, you may hear a howling noise. Lower the volume on the TA-160 to eliminate the noise. Place the caller on HOLD by pressing the SAVE/HOLD button.
  • Page 13: Remote Operation

    ENTER your 3-digit remote code approximately two seconds after the greeting begins. Note: If the TA-160 does not respond when you enter your code, try again after the beep. You can skip forward through messages. Depending on the number of messages,...
  • Page 14: Erase All Messages

    The selected greeting for GREETING 1 or If you access the remote room monitor and you hear 2 will play and callers will hear this silence on the line, the TA-160 does not detect any noise greeting. in the room.
  • Page 15: Program Remote Access Code

    PAGE REMOTE OPERATION (cont) 28 28 28 28 28 PROGRAM THE REMOTE ACCESS CODE The TA-160 allows you to set your own private and personalized 3-digit remote access code. CODE SET Press (under the lid). You will hear, " Please enter remote code. " The...
  • Page 16: Caller Id

    CALLER ID SERVICE OPTIONS You must subscribe to a CALLER ID service When you receive a call, the TA-160 will receive (available from most local telephone companies) the CALLER ID information from your phone in order to receive CALLER ID information.
  • Page 17: Replay Messages Attached To Caller Id

    310 555 3434 to talk. SCROLL KEY SCROLL Note: Be sure that you have programmed your local area code into the TA-160 before using this feature. See "Programming the TA-160” (page 7) for more information. CALLER ID CALLER ID PAGE...
  • Page 18: Blocked And Unavailable Caller Id

    Although no CALLER ID data will show up on SKIP SCROLL the display, the TA-160 may mute the phone line for a second or so. To prevent this annoyance, simply make sure that the CALL WAITING CALLER ID program option is set to “OFF”...
  • Page 19: Additional Information

    Canada. Subject to the following conditions, should this product prove defective by reason of improper workmanship of material: During the period of one (1) year from the date of original purchase, CASIO PHONEMATE will repair or, at its option, replace the product without charge for parts or labor. If CASIO PHONEMATE elects to replace the product, such replacement may be accomplished with a factory-reconditioned unit.
  • Page 20 Recorded messages are cut off. The TA-160 is designed to disconnect from the line after a caller stops talking. Calls may be cut off if a four-second pause is detected, if the caller does not speak loud enough, or if the message is less than four seconds in length.
  • Page 21 After several attempts the TA-160 will not operate properly. To reset the TA-160, unplug the AC ADAPTER PLUG from the back of the TA-160 for 10 seconds. The greetings, incoming messages, time/day stamp, remote access code and all Caller ID records will be intentionally erased.
  • Page 22: Fcc Requirements User Instructions

    Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. Any changes made by the user not approved by CASIO PHONEMATE can void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.
  • Page 23 DIGITAL ANSWERING MACHINE WITH CALL WAITING CALLER ID DISPLAY A touchtone line is needed to operate this unit and a service subscription from your local telephone company is required for Caller ID features to operate. PAGE 45 45 45 45 45...
  • Page 24: Table Of Contents

    Erase All Messages ... 19 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Audible Message Indicator ... 20 Answering a Call During Playback ... 20 Moving the TA-160 ... 36 Flash/Call Waiting ... 20 Two-Line Installation ... 36 Conversation Record ... 21 Multi-Line Installation ... 36 Limited Warranty ...