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Casio TA-160 User Manual page 20

Casio ta-160: user guide
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"Blocked" and "Unavailable" Messages
If a caller chooses to partially or completely "block" a call, a
message will appear on the display indicating that the name and/
or phone number has been blocked:
Time and date information of for the call will still be recorded into the TA-160's memory.
If, for any other reason, the name and/or number information
is currently not available from your local phone company, an
"Unavailable" message will appear on the display:
Again, the time and date information for the call will still be recorded into the TA-160's memory.
Stored Caller ID numbers can not be dialed.
The TA-160 can make returning phone calls easier by automatically dialing stored Caller ID numbers.
In order for this feature to work correctly, it is necessary to program your local area code into the
unit. (See page 8) This Call Waiting Caller ID answering machine must be installed on a touch-tone
line. Call your telephone company to make sure that you have a touch-tone service and not pulse/
rotary dialing service.
Call Waiting Caller ID does not work
1. You must order the complete package known as Call Waiting Caller ID from your local telephone
company. If you simply subscribe to the separate Call Waiting and Caller ID services, you will not
receive Call Waiting Caller ID information.
2. Turn the TA-160's Call Waiting Caller ID option on. (see page 8)
3. The telephone company cannot transmit Call Waiting Caller ID information if two or more extension
phones are in use.
Recorded messages are cut off.
The TA-160 is designed to disconnect from the line after a caller stops talking. Calls may be cut off if a
four-second pause is detected, if the caller does not speak loud enough, or if the message is less than
four seconds in length.
No Caller ID data is displayed
Confirm with your telephone company that your subscriptions(s) to Caller ID or Call Waiting Caller ID
services have been activated. Caller ID information will be received within the first two rings.
The TA-160 does not respond when you enter your remote access code during the greeting.
Try re-entering the correct code after the beep.
My incoming messages, greetings and Caller ID information were erased.
Disconnection of the AC Adapter from the back of the unit will cause the TA-160 to lose all recorded
messages, greetings and Caller ID information. This is a built-in feature to assist in troubleshooting any
machine problems. Make sure that you have looped the power cord throught the AC Adaptor Cord
Holder on the back of the unit to prevent accidental disconnection.
Between messages there is an operator recording or a beep and dial tone.
The caller has hung up without leaving a message. A shorter greeting will reduce the frequency of
these recordings.
You have more than one telephone number and are experiencing difficulty.
See Multi-Line Installation, page 36.
There is no sound during playback.
Check and adjust the volume control switch.
The unit does not automatically stop playing the greeting or recording a message when you
pickup an extension phone.
Briefly press and release the hook-switch on the extension phone.
"NO LINE" appears in the display.
Connect the telephone cord to the wall jack and make sure the line is operational.
No Caller ID information is displayed upon playback of a recorded conversation.
Recorded conversations are recorded without Caller ID data. Any Caller ID information is contained
in the recorded message immediately preceding the recorded conversation.
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