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Casio fx-7400G PLUS User Manual

Casio fx-7400g plus: user guide.
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Getting Acquainted
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  • Page 1: Read This First

    Getting Acquainted — Read This First! The symbols in this manual indicate the following messages. : Important notes : Notes : Reference pages P.000 Chapter...

  • Page 2: Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted, Using The Main Menu

    Getting Acquainted 1. Using the Main Menu The main menu appears on the display whenever you turn on the calculator. It con- tains a number of icons that let you select the mode (work area) for the type of operation you want to perform. You can also make the Main Menu appear at any time by pressing m.

  • Page 3

    u u u u u To enter a mode Example To enter the RUN Mode from the Main Menu 1. Press m to display the Main Menu. 2. Use d, e, f, and c to move the highlighting to the RUN icon. 3.

  • Page 4: Key Table

    Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 2. Key Table Alpha Lock Normally, once you press a and then a key to input an alphabetic char- acter, the keyboard reverts to its primary functions immediately. If you press ! and then a, the keyboard locks in alpha input until you press a again.

  • Page 5

    Trace Zoom Page Page Page Page Getting Acquainted V-Window Sketch Page Page Page Page Chapter 1 Page Page Page...

  • Page 6: Key Markings, Selecting Modes

    Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 3. Key Markings Many of the calculator’s keys are used to perform more than one function. The func- tions marked on the keyboard are color coded to help you find the one you need quickly and easily.

  • Page 7

    2. Press !Z to display the mode’s set up screen. • This set up screen is just one possible exam- ple. Actual set up screen contents will differ according to the mode you are in and that mode’s current settings. 3.

  • Page 8

    Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted u u u u u Angle unit (Angle) 1 (Deg) ... Specifies degrees as 2 (Rad) ... Specifies 3 (Gra) ... Specifies grads as default. u u u u u Statistical Graph View Window Setting (S-Wind) 1 (Auto) ...

  • Page 9

    5. Display k k k k k About the Display Screen This calculator uses two types of display: a text display and a graphic display. The text display can show 13 columns and six lines of characters, with the bottom line used for the function key menu, while the graph display uses an area that measures 79 (W) ×...

  • Page 10

    Selecting k k k k k Exponential Display The calculator normally displays values up to 10 digits long. Values that exceed this limit are automatically converted to and displayed in exponential format. You can specify one of two different ranges for automatic changeover to exponential display.

  • Page 11: Contrast Adjustment

    Fractions u u u u u Sexagesimal Values • In addition to the above, this calculator also uses other indicators or symbols, which are described in each applicable section of this manual as they come up.

  • Page 12: When You Keep Having Problems

    If you keep having problems when you are trying to perform operations, try the fol- lowing before assuming that there is something wrong with the calculator. k k k k k Get the Calculator Back to its Original Mode Settings 1. In the Main Menu, select the RUN icon and press w.

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