Casio FA-123 User Manual

Graphic scientific calculator


1. Getting Started

k k k k k CASIO Program-Link Package
The CASIO Program-Link package includes the following items:
k k k k k Manual Conventions
• All of the operations in this manual are explained using the Windows operating
• Menu operations are notated within the text of this manual as hyphenated com-
• Macintosh Program Disk
• PC Program Disk
• Communication cable (with Macintosh connector)
• CASIO Program-Link User's Guide
The terms "Program-Link" and "this software" as used in this manual refer to the
Program-Link software that comes with the FA-123 Package.
The term "calculator" as used in this manual refers to your CASIO Graphic Scientific
This manual explains only the procedures required to operate the Program-Link
application software. It assumes that you are already familiar with the following
computer operations.
• Pull-down menu operations, clicking, double-clicking, and dragging with the
• Text input using the keyboard
• Icon and window operations.
See the documentation that comes with your computer for full details on these
system. What actually appears on the display of your computer may differ some-
what if you are using a different operating system.
mands with the menu hierarchy progressing from left to right.
Selecting the Open command from the File menu would be
described as: "Select File-Open ."
Menu (Windows)


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Summary of Contents for Casio FA-123

  • Page 1: Getting Started

    The terms “Program-Link” and “this software” as used in this manual refer to the Program-Link software that comes with the FA-123 Package. • The term “calculator” as used in this manual refers to your CASIO Graphic Scientific Calculator. • This manual explains only the procedures required to operate the Program-Link application software.
  • Page 2 3.5" 2HD Serial Port 1 port free k k k k k CASIO Graphic Scientific Models This software is designed for use with the following CASIO Graphic Scientific Mod- els. u ALGEBRA FX Series ALGEBRA FX 2.0 u CFX-9850 Series...
  • Page 3 F-Mem n CAS(A~Z,r, ) Algebra Data from an older model CASIO Graphic Scientific Calculator is converted to CFX-9850/fx-7400 Series format data. u Back-up file This file contains the data produced when you back up all of the data in calculator memory.
  • Page 4: Installation: Windows

    2. Use the control panel to install the fonts. k k k k k Cable Connection Connect the communication cable to your computer’s COM1 or COM2 port. k k k k k Starting Program-Link Double click the FA-123.EXE file to start Program-Link. OK . FA123.EX_ FA123.HL_ FA123GRF.TT_...
  • Page 5: Installation: Macintosh

    3. Installation: Macintosh k k k k k Installing CASIO Program-Link 1. Insert the Macintosh installation disk into your computer’s floppy disk drive. 2. Double-click the FA123 icon. • This starts a process that uncompresses the program file. 3. In accordance with the instructions that appear on the display, specify the name of the folder where you want the uncompressed program file to be stored.
  • Page 6: File Transfer

    4. File Transfer The procedures described here can be used to upload calculator data to your com- puter, and to download programs and data from your computer to your calculator. • For details on how to operate your calculator during file transfers, see the section of the calculator’s User’s Guide titled “Data Communications.”...
  • Page 7 Example Data transfer starts at this time, with its progress indicated by a dialog box on the computer screen. The message “Transmit ERROR!” appears if the computer is not set up to re- ceive data. 3. When data transfer is complete, a new catalog window appears on the screen. 4.
  • Page 8 • Double check the following items whenever data transfer is not performed cor- rectly. • Check for proper connection of the communication cable. • Check that the port was correctly selected using Link-Communications . • Make sure the correct Tool-Model Type (Link-Model Type on the Macintosh) is selected.
  • Page 9 k k k k k Back-up Data Transfer u u u u u To back up calculator data 1. Select Link-Receive on the computer screen. 2. Select Backup in the calculator’s LINK mode. Example 3. Now proceed with step 3 under “Transferring Files from Your Calculator to Your Computer”.
  • Page 10: Data Editing

    5. Data Editing k k k k k Creating a New Catalog File 1. Select File-New-Model Type , and then on the sending unit select Model Type . 2. Input data to create a new program or copy (or move) data from another catalog window.
  • Page 11 • Program passwords are ignored by this software. • When a program with password is transferred from the calculator to the compu- ter, the password is ignored. • You cannot edit a BASE program. k k k k k Displaying, Editing, and Printing Items u u u u u Displaying and Editing an Item 1.
  • Page 12 u u u u u Moving a Group and Item to Another Catalog File 1. Select the group and item to be copied and then select Edit-Cut . 2. Open the destination catalog file and then select Edit-Paste . • You could also drag the group and item to the destination window while holding down the control key (simply drag the group and item without holding down any key in the case of a Macintosh).
  • Page 13 6. CSV Format Data File Conversion You can convert List, File, and Matrix data to CSV format, which can then be imported into a spreadsheet. You can also convert CSV format data to List, File, and Matrix data. k k k k k Converting List, File, or Matrix Data to CSV Format 1.
  • Page 14: Screen Capture

    (direct send) for the H-Copy item. 2. On the calculator, display the screen you want to send to the computer. 3. On the FA-123 menu bar, select Link-Screen Capture . 4. On the calculator, press u 6 (H-COPY) to send the screen shot.
  • Page 15 k k k k k Displaying and Printing a Captured Screen Image u u u u u Displaying a Captured Screen Image Select File-Open and open the image file to display the image. u u u u u Printing a Captured Screen Image 1.
  • Page 16: Program Editor

    8. Program Editor The program editor lets you edit the contents of programs. k k k k k Launching the Program Editor Create a new program or select an existing program to launch the program editor. u u u u u Command Input You can input commands using any one of the three following methods.
  • Page 17: Data Transfer With An Old Model Calculator

    9. Data Transfer with an Old Model Calculator Using this software to transfer data to the computer from an older model calculator automatically converts the data to the format used by CFX-9850 / fx-7400 Series and then stores it on disk. The following table shows how data is converted.

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