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Handling Precautions - Canon PC140 Operator's Manual

Canon pc140: user guide
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• Do not stack objects onto, or press down
forcefully upon, the platen.
• The maximum allowable load that can be
placed on the cover is 4.4 lb.
Main Unit
• Do not let paper clips, staples, or other
foreign objects fall into the copier.
Also be careful not to spill any liquids or
flammable substances (such as paint
thinner, benzene or rubbing alcohol) on
the copier. If a foreign object or liquid
comes into contact with a dangerous
voltage point inside the copier
malfunction, fire or electrical shock could
• Do not lubricate any part of the copier.
• Do not use any extremely flammable
substances, such as aerosols, etc., near
the copier as such a substance may
01/ PC140-USA
When not Using the Copier
• If you have to open the main unit to
replace the cartridge or remove jammed
paper, close the top cover immediately
after performing the necessary operation.
Also be sure to slide the platen back to its
original position.
• If a cover is to be placed over the copier,
be sure to turn OFF the power and allow
the copier to cool down beforehand.
• Should the copier not be operated for a
long period of time, unplug it from its
power source.
When Storing the Copier
• If the copier is to be stored upright with the
carrying handle on top, press the power
switch to OFF and let the copier cool down
beforehand. Stand the copier upright on a
flat, level surface so that it does not fall
• If the copier has been stored upright,
move the platen all the way to the right
and then back to the center position by
hand before operating the copier.
If the copier is brought from the cold
outdoors into a warm room, or if the room is
rapidly heated, condensation may form inside
the copier. This can adversely affect the
quality of your copy images (e.g., blacked-
out copies). When the copier is exposed to
such conditions, allow at least two hours for
the copier to fully adjust to room temperature
before attempting to use it.
If there is an unusual noise, smoke, or anything
else which causes concern, immediately turn
the power switch OFF and unplug the copier.
Then consult your service representative.
10/10/03, 7:35 AM

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