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Carrying The Copier By The Sides - Canon PC140 Operator's Manual

Canon pc140: user guide
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Make sure that the trays are set correctly under
the disc on the platen cover.
Double check to make sure the trays are set
correctly under the disc on the platen cover.
If transporting the copier over a long distance
secure the platen cover with packing tape and
remove the cartridge. (See p.14.)
When transporting the copier take extra care not
to subject it to vibrations or shock.
If you need to set the copier down for a while,
place it upright on a flat level surface with the
carrying handle on top.
When lowering the copier to a horizontal
position (installation position), do so slowly.
01/ PC140-USA
Carrying the Copier by
the Sides
Secure the platen with packing tape.
Push in the carrying handle. Then fold up
the trays.
Insert the trays into the opening between
the disc and the platen cover.
Standing behind the copier as shown in
the illustration, firmly grasp the front and
rear sides of the copier and lift.
Do not attempt to use the paper feeding slot,
exit slot, multi-stack tray or the copy tray as
handles. Attempting to carry the copier by
holding one of these may cause it to break off,
and thus cause the handler to drop and damage
the copier.
10/10/03, 7:35 AM

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