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Control Panel - Sharp SA-BC2002I Operation Manual


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Control Panel

Before First Use
Check that all accessories are complete and the unit is not damaged. Add water into
water tank to the MAX level of water gauge and brew water for several times without
coffee powder, then discard the water. Clean all detachable parts thoroughly with warm
Using your Coffee Machine
Open the top cover and fill the water tank with drinking water. The water level
should not exceed MAX level as indicated in the water tank.
Place the funnel into the funnel support, make sure it is assembled correctly,
otherwise the top cover will not be closed. Place the filter in the funnel.
Add coffee powder. Usually a cup of coffee needs a level spoon of coffee powder,
but you may adjust according to personal taste. Close the top cover completely.
Insert the carafe on the warming plate.
Plug the power cord into the outlet. The LCD will display "AM12:00" together with
the ":" flashing.
Press the ON/OFF button, its corresponding indicator illuminates and the appliance
begins working.
If you want to brew strong coffee, press the "STRENGTH" button, its corresponding
indicator turns on, and then press "ON/OFF" button once, at that time, both the
indicators of "STRENGTH" and "ON/OFF" buttons illuminate. The appliance starts to
brew strong coffee.
The brewing process can be interrupted by pressing the "ON/OFF" button once at
any time, the "ON/OFF" indicator will extinguish and the indicator "AUTO" will be
on. Press the "ON/OFF" button again to turn off the appliance, the "AUTO" and
"ON/OFF" indicators will go out. The appliance will continue brewing once "ON/OFF"
is pressed again.
1) When the indicator "AUTO" is on, you can set a delay function to start coffee brewing
at your desired time. If you do not want to use delay function, you can cancel the
automatic start function by pressing the "ON/OFF" button, the indicator "AUTO" will
be extinguished.
2) You can take out the carafe, pour and serve at any time. The appliance will stop
dripping automatically. The carafe should not be removed for longer than 30 seconds
or leakage may occur.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents