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ABB ACSM1 System Manual

ABB ACSM1 System Manual

System engineering manual
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System Engineering Manual


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for ABB ACSM1

  • Page 1 ACSM1 System Engineering Manual...
  • Page 3 ACSM1-04 Drive Modules System Engineering Manual 3AFE 68978297 REV A EN EFFECTIVE: 08.10.2007 PDM Vault ID: 00579251 © 2007 ABB Oy. All rights reserved.
  • Page 5: Safety Instructions

    For complete safety instructions see the ACSM1-04 Drive Modules (0.75 to 45 kW) Hardware Manual (code: 3AFE68797543 [English]).
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    About this manual ........................8 Compatibility ..........................8 Intended audience ........................8 Categorization according to the frame size ................. 8 ACSM1-04 drive module and options documentation ..............8 Common DC configurations ....................9 Introduction..........................9 Configuration steps........................10 ACSM1 power ratings for DC connection.................. 11 Power requirements........................
  • Page 7 General system design items ....................28 Fuse protection........................28 Selection of AC supply fuses.................... 28 Selection of DC connection fuses..................29 EMC ............................. 30 Installation ..........................30 Drive module settings ......................30 General technical data......................31 ACSM1 DC voltage limits ....................31...
  • Page 8: About This Manual

    DC system. The flowchart refers to chapters and sections in this and other manual. Compatibility This manual is compatible with ACSM1-04 drive modules (frame sizes A to D) and related options. Intended audience This manual is intended for people who plan the installation, install, commission, use and service the drive modules connected in common DC link.
  • Page 9: Common Dc Configurations

    Common DC configurations Introduction ACSM1 drive modules can be connected via DC terminals together to have so called common DC configuration. Within common DC the drives with regenerative power from motor can feed via DC link the other drives, which are on motoring mode.
  • Page 10: Configuration Steps

    Configuration steps Here is a simple flowchart for configuring a common DC system. Each configuration step is described in more detail in the related paragraphs. Configuration step Related paragraph Define the common DC power profile • DC link power versus time for each axis See “Power requirements”...
  • Page 11: Acsm1 Power Ratings For Dc Connection

    3 minutes time window. Peak rectifier power P rec,max is the maximum short time DC power capacity of an ACSM1. This is rec,max the maximum DC power level for input bridge and DC connection terminals during 1 s.
  • Page 12: Power Requirements

    ≈ 9550 : DC link power : Efficiency factor (1/eff) to include ACSM1 and motor losses. If not known, value 1.25 can be used. : Motor mechanical shaft power : Torque (Nm) on motor shaft : Motor shaft speed (rpm)
  • Page 13: Average Motoring Power P

    AC supply. P should be determined over the worst-case 30 seconds gen,ave time window, if the internal braking chopper of the ACSM1 is used. Peak regenerative power P gen,max is the negative peak power in the power profile. This value has a gen,max major impact on the number of active braking choppers needed.
  • Page 14: Supply Unit Selection

    Supply unit selection DC link power supplied via ACSM1 The DC link power can be supplied via a suitable ACSM1 drive module for the common DC system. The drive module will be selected based on P mot,ave and P requirements.
  • Page 15: Checking The Charging Capacity

    The charging current is fed through the unit(s) connected to AC. Due to this the charging capacity of the selected supply unit has to be checked. ACSM1 drive modules in frame sizes A-D have a charging circuit in series with the capacitor bank. •...
  • Page 16: Multiple Ac Input

    The peak current I is calculated as follows. ac,peak × • peak where the U is the line to line supply voltage. The charging time is generally about 0.3 s (U > 95% U ) with ACSM1 drive modules.
  • Page 17: External Dc Supply

    There is no need for an external charging circuit with the external DC supply, because the ACSM1 drive modules have internal charging circuits. When some other type of supply unit than ACSM1 is used, its DC voltage compatibility with the ACSM1 must be checked in addition to the earlier...
  • Page 18: Mains Choke Selection

    In common DC connections, the ACSM1 drive module(s) connected to AC supply must be equipped with mains choke(s). Mains chokes are needed • to get the maximum DC power ratings from the ACSM1 drive module(s) • to reduce the AC input current (rms, peak) level •...
  • Page 19: Single Ac Input

    Single AC input Define the average motoring line current I mot,ave × • mot,ave × Define the peak motoring line current I mot,max × ,max • mot, × The factor 1.15 covers the effects of line side power factor, current harmonic distortion and rectifier losses.
  • Page 20: Harmonic Distortion

    IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 610003-4 and IEC 610003-12 are fulfilled. A more accurate harmonics analysis can be made with sizing tool DriveSize. See also ABB’s Guide to Harmonics with AC Drives in AC Drives Technical Guide Book for basic theory about this topic.
  • Page 21: Regenerative Power

    DC system is not enough. This can be done by braking resistors or feeding the excess energy back to the supply network. At the moment only resistor braking can be used with ACSM1 drive modules. However, it is also possible to use a suitable external supply unit, which can feed the energy back to network (so called regenerative supply unit).
  • Page 22: Acsm1 Dc Link Capacitance

    ACSM1 DC link capacitance Each ACSM1 drive module has an own capacitor bank. The capacitance value of each drive size is given in the table below. ACSM1-04xx- Size Frame 02A5-4 03A0-4 04A0-4 05A0-4 07A0-4 09A5-4 012A-4 016A-4 024A-4 031A-4 040A-4...
  • Page 23 Here are the major alternatives for the U based on the ACSM1 drive dc,lim module DC voltage limits (see also the paragraph ACSM1 DC voltage limits). • Absolute maximum limit is defined according to the DC overvoltage trip limit including some safety margin.
  • Page 24: Resistor Braking

    DC link voltage of the drive reaches 780 V. The maximum braking power rating for each drive module is achieved at 840 V. Braking chopper data of ACSM1 drive modules is shown in the following table.
  • Page 25: Single Braking Chopper

    Single braking chopper In this case only one braking chopper of a drive module in the common DC system is used. It is recommended to use the chopper of the drive module, which have the highest braking power ratings. The following conditions should be fulfilled: <...
  • Page 26: Braking Resistor Selection

    • The resistance must be at least R according to braking chopper br,min data of the ACSM1 drive module • The selected resistance value R should also fulfil the peak braking power requirements. In the following calculations the value of U 840V DC.
  • Page 27: Multiple Braking Resistors

    For more detailed analysis (and more optimum selection) the pulse load curves of the selected resistor should be studied. Braking resistor types Resistor types JBR-xx for dynamic load cycles are available for ACSM1 drive modules. Please see ACSM1 hardware manual for the detailed data.
  • Page 28: General System Design Items

    Selection of AC supply fuses The standard selection table for the AC supply fuses in the single drive configuration can be found in the ACSM1 hardware manual. That selection guideline can be used, when the AC supply line current of the drive module(s) connected to AC supply is according to that table.
  • Page 29: Selection Of Dc Connection Fuses

    The recommended fuse current ratings based of the DC power ratings of drive modules are shown in the table below. ACSM1-04xx- Fuse Size Frame 02A5-4...
  • Page 30: Emc

    The compliance of the drive modules with EMC directive is specified in the ACSM1 hardware manual for the single drive configuration. Please notice that different common DC configurations have not yet been tested from EMC point of view. However the available mains filters can be used in the AC supply of the common DC system, but the rules to meet different EMC categories are not yet available.
  • Page 31: General Technical Data

    All ACSM1 drive modules have own terminals for the DC connection. Different limit values in ACSM1 drive modules related to DC voltage level are defined in the table below. Please see ACSM1 firmware manual for the more detailed descriptions. Designation...
  • Page 32 47. • DC over voltage and under voltage trip limit: These limits values protect ACSM1 drive modules. Drive module will trip and give fault message, if the DC link voltage will reach these levels. •...
  • Page 34 ABB Oy AC Drives P.O.Box 184 FIN-00381 HELSINKI FINLAND Telephone + 358 10 22 2000 + 358 10 22 22681 Internet

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