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Emerson Control Techniques Commander SL Series Quick Start Commissioning page 2


SAFETY WARNING: Before commencing commisioning, ensure the drive has been installed in
accordance with the instructions in the Getting Started Guide
1. Before power up
• The drive enable signal is not given, terminal T6 is open
• The motor is connected to the drive
• The motor connection is correct for the drive
• The correct supply voltage is connected to the drive
2. Power up the drive
• The drive displays:
3. Enter minimum and maximum speeds
• Minimum speed Pr 01 (Hz)
• Maximum speed Pr 02 (Hz)
4. Enter motor nameplate details
• Motor rated current in Pr 06 (A)
• Motor rated speed in Pr 07 (rpm)
• Motor rated voltage in Pr 08 (V)
• Motor rated power factor in Pr 09
• If the motor is not a standard
50/60Hz motor, set Pr 39 accordingly
Ready to run
5. Enable and run the drive
• Close the enable signal (e.g. wire)
• Press the START key
6. Increasing and decreasing speed
• Press the UP key to increase the speed
• Press the DOWN key to decrease the
7. Stopping
• Press the STOP/RESET key to stop the
The acceleration and deceleration rates can be adjusted afterwards using Pr 03 and Pr 04
(s/100Hz) respectively.
Commander SL
Quick Start Commissioning
This procedure is written from default parameter
settings as the drive would be delivered from the factory.
or Y
Pr 02
Pr 01



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