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Windows Label; Call Lenovo; Before You Contact Lenovo - Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4 User Manual

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Lenovo Support Web site with the latest support
information of the following:
• Drivers and software
• Diagnostic solutions
• Product and service warranty
• Product and parts details
• Knowledge base and frequently asked questions
Windows help information

Windows label

Your computer might have a Windows Genuine Microsoft label affixed to its cover depending on the
following factors:
• Your geographic location
• Edition of Windows that is preinstalled
Go to
Genuine Microsoft labels.
• In the People's Republic of China, the Genuine Microsoft label is required on all computer models
preinstalled with any edition of the Windows operating system.
• In other countries and regions, the Genuine Microsoft label is required only on computer models licensed
for Windows Pro editions.
The absence of a Genuine Microsoft label does not indicate that the preinstalled Windows version is not
genuine. For details on how to tell whether your preinstalled Windows product is genuine, refer to the
information provided by Microsoft at
There are no external, visual indicators of the Product ID or Windows version for which the computer is
licensed. Instead, the Product ID is recorded in the computer firmware. Whenever a Windows product is
installed, the installation program checks the computer firmware for a valid, matching Product ID to complete
the activation.
In some cases, an earlier Windows version might be preinstalled under the terms of the Windows Pro edition
license downgrade rights.

Call Lenovo

If you have tried to correct the problem yourself and still need help, you can call Lenovo Customer Support

Before you contact Lenovo

Prepare the following before you contact Lenovo:
1. Record the problem symptoms and details:
How to access?
• Open the Start menu and click Get Help or Tips.
• Use Windows Search or the Cortana
• Microsoft support Web site:
for illustrations of the various types of
Chapter 7
Help and support