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Bosch DVR4C1161 Installation Manual

Bosch dvr4c1161: user guide
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Installation manual
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Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Bosch DVR4C1161

  • Page 1 DVR4C Installation manual Digital Video Recorder...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    PROFILES > ... 20 DISK MANAGER > ... 21 USING THE CONFIGURATION TOOL ... 22 GETTING STARTED ... 22 5.1.1 System requirements ... 22 INSTALLING THE CONFIGURATION TOOL ... 22 Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 EN | 3...
  • Page 4: Dvr4C | Installation Manual | Table Of Contents En

    DVR4C | Installation Manual | Table of Contents STARTING THE CONFIGURATION TOOL ... 22 HOW TO LOG IN ... 22 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS ... 24 Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 EN | 4...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 10. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the apparatus.
  • Page 6: Fcc Information

    Bosch of the equipment authorization could void the user's authority to operate the equipment. For additional information or to speak to a representative, please contact the Bosch Security Systems location nearest you or visit our web site at Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    • Video loss and fan failure detection. • Audible alarm. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 1.3 Unpacking Check the package for visible damage. If any items appear to have been damaged in shipment, notify the shipping company. Unpack carefully. This is electronic equipment and should be handled with care to prevent damage to the unit.
  • Page 8: Installation

    The default is N/O. Power switch 100-240 Vac Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 6. Connect up to four alarm output relays via the terminal connector. > Relay 1 responds to an input alarm, Relay 2 responds to a system failure and the other relays are assigned to the remote software.
  • Page 9: First-Time Use

    >>> TIME ZONE • Select the correct time zone from a list. The default time zone is GMT 00:00. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 >>> DAYLIGHT SAVING • Select if DST is used (On) or not (Off). >>> DATE FORMAT •...
  • Page 10 3/3.5 38.7 6/7.5 23.1 12.5/15 14.4 25/30 Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 >>> AUDIO RECORDING • Select On or Off to record Audio or not to record Audio. >>> APPLY • Select this item to save your settings.
  • Page 11: Operating Instructions

    In menu mode, press to move the current selected position to the left. Digital Video Recorder QUAD Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 In zoom mode, press to move the zoomed area to the left. Pause key: In live mode, press to freeze a camera picture.
  • Page 12: Viewing Pictures

    ZOOM: Zooms in on the active camera display. QUAD: Press to display a quad screen in live or playback mode. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 3.2 Viewing pictures The unit has one monitor output. The monitor picture display depends on how the system has been set up. It shows full screen or quad live or playback camera pictures.
  • Page 13: Live, Playback, Copy And Search Modes

    USB stick. > To play the Bosch AVI format you can use a normal Windows compatible MPEG-4 player such as Media Player but you must ensure that an XVID codec is installed.
  • Page 14: Menu System

    Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 4.3 Camera Setup > Use the Camera Setup menu to access the submenus for setting the camera names, for locking cameras and for controlling cameras.
  • Page 15: Recording

    0 IPS, b. on a motion event (if a motion mode is selected). Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 4.5 Event Setup > • The sensitivity of the motion detection has three levels, Low, Medium and High or set to Off for no detection.
  • Page 16: System Settings

    Set On to record text data on the hard disk of the DVR. Text is recorded separately from images, but is synchronized based on time information. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 >>> MONITORING • Set On to display live text data on a monitor. Text is overlayed on the live image.
  • Page 17 • Specify a recipient address and an e-mail sending server (SMTP) address. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 • Select the number of images to be sent attached to the e-mail (3 JPEG images by default). The DVR attaches 1 image per second.
  • Page 18 >>> EXIT PLAYBACK ON EVENT • When set to On, the DVR exits playback to display a live event. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 >> SECURITY >>> LOCAL PASSWORDS • Set a local user password to allow a user limited access rights only for monitoring, monitoring control (Auto Seq., digital zoom), copy and playback...
  • Page 19 SNTP server. The DVR can also be set up to act as a local time server, when it is configured in SNTP server mode. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 >>> NETWORK TIME SERVER • Select On to allow the DVR to synchronize time either as a client or as a master.
  • Page 20: Profiles

    The recording schedule is divided by weekday day, weekday night, weekend day and weekend night. Users can configure start and end time of each schedule. >> PROFILES Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 >>> CURRENT PROFILE • Shows the profile (Weekday - Day, Weekday - Night, Weekend - Day, Weekend - Night) that is currently active.
  • Page 21: Disk Manager

    • Select the date and time up to which the recorded data is to be deleted and then select Delete. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 >> STORAGE SETUP • The storage setup menu provides a way to enable or disable internal hard disks and to view the status of connected hard disks.
  • Page 22: Using The Configuration Tool

    Configuration Tool icon on your desktop window to start the program. Alternatively, select the Configuration Tool Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 program via the Start button on the task bar and the Programs menu item. Follow the login procedure.
  • Page 23 Connectivity/Network access menu of the DVR4C itself. 3. Click Login. To modify the DVR list: 1. Right-click the mouse on the DVR you want to modify. 2. Select Delete or Rename from the drop-down menu. Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 EN | 23...
  • Page 24: Technical Specifications

    30, 15, 7.5, 4, 2, 1, 0 PAL: 100 total, configurable: 25, 12.5, 6, 3, 1.5, 0.75, 0 Bosch Security Systems | Version 1. 1 Recording resolution: 352 x 288 (PAL) / 352 x 240 (NTSC) Display modes Monitor: Full, full sequence, quad, alarm call-up...
  • Page 26 Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH Bosch Security Systems B.V. Robert-Koch-Straße 100 P.O. Box 80002 D-85521 Ottobrunn 5600 JB Eindhoven Germany The Netherlands 3122 165 22981 © 2007 Bosch Security Systems B.V. Subject to change. Printed in Korea.

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