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Miele 11 631 610 Operating Instructions Manual

Heat-pump dryer
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Operating Instructions
Heat-pump Dryer
It is essential to read these operating instructions before installing,
starting up, and using the appliance. This prevents both personal in-
jury and damage to the appliance.
M.-Nr. 11 631 610


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Summary of Contents for Miele 11 631 610

  • Page 1 Operating Instructions Heat-pump Dryer It is essential to read these operating instructions before installing, starting up, and using the appliance. This prevents both personal in- jury and damage to the appliance. en-US M.-Nr. 11 631 610...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Energy-saving tips..................... 19 Functioning of the heat-pump dryer..............20 Initial set-up ....................... 21 Downtime after installation.................. 21 Miele@home ......................21 Setting the display language ................22 1. Notes on correct laundry care ..............24 Points to note regarding washed laundry............24 Preparing the laundry before drying..............
  • Page 3 Contents Extra options...................... 38 Gentle ........................38 Freshen up......................38 Drying program chart – extra options..............39 Favorite programs ..................... 40 Creating a Favorite program................40 Option 1......................40 Option 2......................40 Entering a name ..................... 40 Changing a Favorite program ................. 40 Drying assistant....................
  • Page 4 Contents Cleaning the plinth filter..................55 Removing the plinth filter ................55 Cleaning the plinth filter.................. 56 Cleaning the plinth-filter access panel ............57 Cleaning the dryer ....................57 Frequently Asked Questions ................58 The display indicates messages or faults ............58 Unsatisfactory drying results................
  • Page 5 Memory ......................91 Clock display....................91 Volume......................92 Display brightness..................92 “Display” off status..................92 Networking ......................93 Miele@home ....................93 SmartGrid ....................... 94 Remote Control ....................94 RemoteUpdate ....................95 Program sequence ....................96 Anti-crease ..................... 96 Drying levels ....................96 Appliance parameters ..................
  • Page 6: Caring For The Environment

    Miele dealer. and follow local regulations on proper disposal. Consult with local authorities, dealers or Miele in order to dispose of and recycle electrical and electronic appliances. Miele assumes no responsibility for deleting any personal data left on the appliance being disposed.
  • Page 7: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  WARNING To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons when using your appliance, follow basic precautions, including the fol- lowing:  WARNING This tumble dryer is intended for use in domestic households and similar working and residential environments.
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Important information regarding use of fabric softener sheets: We do not recommend use of fabric softener sheets. Use of fabric softener sheets can clog the surfaces of the lint filters, extending the drying time and increasing energy consumption. During subsequent cleaning, the plastic and surfaces of the lint filters can be damaged! The best results are obtained by using liquid fabric softener in the washing machine.
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  To prevent the risk of fire, the following textiles must not be dried in this dryer: - items which have not been washed. - items, such as work-wear, exposed to grease, oils, or other de- posits (such as lotions or cosmetics) in your dryer. If these items have not been thoroughly cleaned there is a danger that they may contribute to a chemical reaction that could cause the laundry to ignite when heated even after being removed from the dryer.
  • Page 10 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Allow the dryer to complete each stage of the program selected, including the cooling down phase. This will ensure that the items be- ing removed are not too hot to handle.  Clean the lint filter before or after each load. ...
  • Page 11 Miele tumble dryer and the Miele washing machine.  If you order a plinth for this tumble dryer (available from Miele as an optional accessory), make sure it is the correct one. ...
  • Page 12 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Heat-pump technology and refrigerant: The heat pump in this tumble dryer uses a gaseous refrigerant which is condensed by the compressor. The refrigerant, which is brought to a higher temperature level and liquified by condensing, is led in a closed circuit through the heat exchanger unit where heat exchange with the circulating drying air takes place.
  • Page 13 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Using a fragrance flacon (optional accessory)  Only use genuine Miele original fragrance flacons.  Store the fragrance flacon in its original packaging.  Caution: The fragrance can leak out of the flacon! Make sure that you always keep the flacon, or the lint filter with the flacon inserted in it, in a horizontal position when carrying and do not tip or place it down on any surface.
  • Page 14 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FCC Declaration of Conformity  This appliance complies with Part 15 of the FCC regulations. This appliance has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules and is subject to the following conditions: This appliance does not cause harmful interference.
  • Page 15: Operating The Tumble Dryer

    Operating the tumble dryer Control panel a  sensor button Takes you back one level in a menu. b Touch display c Start/Stop sensor button Touching the Start/Stop sensor button starts the selected program or cancels a program that has already been started. The sensor button flashes slowly as soon as it is possible for a program to be started and then lights up constantly after the program has started.
  • Page 16: Main Menu

    Values set  MobileStart previously are not saved. With MobileStart you can operate your  11:02  tumble dryer remotely with the Miele@mobile app.    Remote control setting must be switched on. Programs Favorites MobileStart...
  • Page 17: Examples Of How To Operate The Appliance

    Operating the tumble dryer Options menu Examples of how to operate the appliance  Extras 11:02  Option lists  Gentle Programs menu  Programs 11:02   Freshen-up Normal Wrinkle-free   0:00 0:00 Touch an Option to select it. Express Delicates ...
  • Page 18 Operating the tumble dryer Setting numerical values Pull-down menu You can set numerical values in some The pull-down menu can be used to menus. display information, e.g., about a drying program.  Clock display    Overview 11:02  Drying level ...
  • Page 19: Energy-Saving Tips

    Energy-saving tips You can view an energy consumption This dryer with heat-pump technology estimate of your tumble dryer in the is designed for energy-saving drying pull-down menu. cycles. However, you can save a little more energy with the following mea- When a program has been selected, the sures as the drying time is not ex- display will show the estimate before...
  • Page 20: Functioning Of The Heat-Pump Dryer

    Functioning of the heat-pump dryer Two separate circuits ensure that the Refrigerant circuit laundry is dried: The refrigerant circuit regulates the heating and cooling of the drying air Dry air circuit through the heat exchanger. The heat The drying air flows through a heat ex- pump is the central component: This changer, the drum, and several filters.
  • Page 21: Initial Set-Up

    Miele@home Miele@home availability Your tumble dryer is equipped with an The ability to use the Miele app de- integrated WiFi module. pends on the availability of the Miele@home service in your country. To use this feature, you will need:...
  • Page 22: Setting The Display Language

    Setting up Miele@home  Set up “Miele@home”? Skip Continue  To set up Miele@home now: touch sensor button. Continue Tip: To postpone setup until later: touch Skip sensor button. The following message will then appear in the display:  ...
  • Page 23 You will then be guided by the display and the Miele@home app.  Confirm with the sensor button. Further information will appear on the You will require a WPS-compatible display.
  • Page 24: Notes On Correct Laundry Care

    1. Notes on correct laundry care Points to note regarding  Risk of fire due to incorrect use washed laundry and operation. The laundry can burn and destroy - When washing very heavily soiled the dryer and the surroundings. items, ensure that you use sufficient Read and observe “IMPORTANT detergent and select a high tempera- SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS”.
  • Page 25: Drying

    1. Notes on correct laundry care Understanding the care label sym- Drying bols Tip: See the “Program chart”. This describes the programs and gives Drying their maximum load.  Normal/higher temperature - Always observe the maximum recom-  Low temperature* mended load for each program.
  • Page 26: Loading The Tumble Dryer

    2. Loading the tumble dryer Two sockets for inserting fragrance Loading the laundry flacons Textiles may be damaged. The “Fragrance flacon” chapter de- Before loading, read “1. Notes on scribes how to use the fragrance fla- correct laundry care”. con. If you are not using a fragrance flacon: Push the tab down completely (see ar- row) to close the socket.
  • Page 27: Selecting A Program

    3. Selecting a program Switching on the tumble dryer There are 3 additional ways of select- ing a program.  Touch the  sensor button to switch the tumble dryer on. 1. Favorites 2. Drying assistant Selecting a program 3. MobileStart There are various ways to select a pro- gram.
  • Page 28: Selecting Program Settings

    4. Selecting program settings Not all drying levels are suitable for use Program settings with every program. The range is limited Selecting the drying level for pro- for certain programs. grams with a selectable drying level When selecting the Steam Care pro- Normal, Express, Wrinkle-free, Deli- gram, you must make sure that the cates, Dress Shirts, Denims, Bed...
  • Page 29: Selecting An Extra Option

    4. Selecting program settings  Duration 11:02  Selecting an extra option  Overview 11:02  Drying level 00 20  Normal Normal Extras 2:35 not selected Reset  Place your finger on the number that  Timer  Save you want to change and move your ...
  • Page 30: Starting A Program

    5. Starting a program - solid point  when the drying level is Starting a program reached The program can be started when the The time left for the drying level pro- Start/Stop sensor button is flashing on grams can vary or “jump”. It depends and off.
  • Page 31: Program End - Removing The Laundry

    6. Program end – removing the laundry  Touch the  sensor button to switch Program end the tumble dryer off. The program is finished when Finish/  Remove the lint from the 2 lint filters Anti-crease appears in the display. The in the door opening: see “Cleaning Start/Stop sensor button will no longer and care –...
  • Page 32: Program Chart

    Program chart All weights marked with * are based on the weight of dry laundry. Normal Full load (17.6 lb/8 kg)* Extra dry, Normal Plus, Normal**, Slightly dry Items Single and multi-layered cotton items. For example, T-Shirts, under- wear, baby clothes, workwear, jackets, covers, aprons, overalls, hand towels, bath towels, bathrobes, and flannelette/bed linen.
  • Page 33 Program chart Delicates Small load (5.7 lb/2.5 kg)* Normal Plus, Normal, Slightly Dry, Hand Iron, Hand Iron Delicate items with the  symbol on the care label made of syn- Items thetic fiber, mixed fiber, rayon, and easy care cotton. For example, dress shirts, blouses, lingerie, and appliquéd garments. The load should be reduced further for a particularly crease-free dry- ing process.
  • Page 34 Program chart Bed Linens Half load (8.8 lb/4 kg)* Extra dry, Normal Plus, Normal, Slightly dry, Hand Iron, Hand Iron, Ma- chine iron Items Bed Linens - Select Extra dry for multi-layered and very thick fabrics. - To prevent laundry from drying out it should be rolled up until you are ready for ironing.
  • Page 35 Program chart Time Dry Full load (17.6 lb/8 kg)* Items - For multi-layered fabric whose layers have different drying charac- teristics, e.g., jackets, pillows, sleeping bags, and other volumi- nous items. - For drying individual items, e.g., bath towels, swimwear, dish cloths, and towels. Do not select the longest drying time to start with.
  • Page 36 Program chart SoftSteam Very small load (2.2 lb/1 kg)* Normal, Hand Iron Items - All items made of cotton or linen fabric. - For minimum iron items made of cotton, mixed, or synthetic fiber. For example, pants, anoraks, and shirts. - For dampening the items before ironing. - For smoothing items that are creased.
  • Page 37 - Please remove the garments as soon as the program has finished. Basket Load for basket (7.7 lb/3.5 kg) Note - This program may only be used with the Miele dryer basket (op- tional accessory). - You must follow the operating instructions for the dryer basket. Fabric - You must follow the operating instructions for the dryer basket.
  • Page 38: Extra Options

    Extra options Freshen up The drying programs can be aug- mented with various extra options. You can use the Freshen up option to The table lists the selection options. help remove or reduce odors in clean (dry or damp) clothing. Gentle The drying air is heated up for a specific Delicate fabrics (with the  symbol on...
  • Page 39: Drying Program Chart - Extra Options

    Extra options Drying program chart – extra options Freshen-up Gentle Normal Express – – Wrinkle-free Delicates – Dress Shirts Denims Woolens – – Silks – – Bed Linens – – Table Linens/Drapes – – Outdoor – Proofing – – TimeDry –...
  • Page 40: Favorite Programs

    Favorite programs Entering a name Creating a Favorite program It is best to select short names. You can save your own customized programs under names of your choice.  Tap the letters or characters you want. There are 2 ways to create a Favorite ...
  • Page 41: Drying Assistant

    Drying assistant The Drying assistant helps you when A list of items will appear. drying a wide variety of items. The  Fabrics 11:02 washing machine will use the list of items to put together a suitable drying   Dress Shirts Blouses program.
  • Page 42: Timer

    Timer The timer can be used to set the time Starting the timer you wish a program to finish or start at.  Touch the Start/Stop sensor button. The program start can be delayed by up to 24 hours. The time until the program starts will appear in the display.
  • Page 43: Smartstart

    Timer Setting the time period SmartStart If you have activated the SmartGrid The SmartStart function lets you de- function in Settings, SmartStart or fine a time period during which your SmartFinish will appear in the display dryer will start automatically. The start instead of Start at or Finish at when takes place via a signal, e.g., from you touch the  Timer sensor button...
  • Page 44: Changing The Program Sequence

    Changing the program sequence Changing a program once it Adding or removing laundry has started You have forgotten an item of laundry, but the program has already started. You cannot change to another program once a program has started (this pre- ...
  • Page 45: Condensed Water Container

    Condensed water container Emptying the condensed water container The condensed water is collected in the condensed-water container. Empty the condensed-water container after every drying program. When the maximum level in the con- densed-water container is reached, the following message lights up in the dis- play: Empty the container or check the drain.
  • Page 46: Preparing The Condensed Water Container For The Steam Care Program

    Condensed water container Preparing the condensed wa- ter container for the Steam Care program During the Steam Care program, the condensed water collected in the con- densed water container is sprayed into the drum via a spray jet. The con- densed water container must therefore be filled with water to at least the –min–...
  • Page 47: Fragrance Flacon

    Fragrance flacon FragranceDos Removing the protective seal from the fragrance flacon Fragrance flacons (optional acces- sories) can be used to give your laun- Only hold the fragrance flacon as il- dry a pleasant scent. lustrated. Do not hold it at an angle or tip it as the fragrance will leak out This tumble dryer has 2 sockets for in- of the flacon.
  • Page 48: Inserting A Fragrance Flacon

    Fragrance flacon Inserting a fragrance flacon  Open the door of the tumble dryer. The fragrance flacon is inserted in the upper lint filter. There is one socket on the left-hand side of the recessed grip and another on the right-hand side. ...
  • Page 49: Setting The Fragrance Intensity

    Fragrance flacon The fragrance will also be noticeable in the room air during the process. The Cold Air program will not generally ap- ply fragrance. Closing the fragrance flacon After drying, the fragrance flacon should be closed to prevent the fragrance from escaping needlessly.
  • Page 50: Removing/Replacing The Fragrance Flacon

    - Always store in a cool, dry place Fragrance flacons are available to or- away from direct sunlight. der from Miele dealers, Miele Cus- - When purchasing new fragrance fla- tomer Service, or online. cons, only remove the protective seal...
  • Page 51: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Removing visible lint Lint filters Tip: You can also use a vacuum cleaner This tumble dryer has 2 lint filters in so that you can remove the lint without the door opening: the upper and lower touching it. lint filters trap lint produced during the ...
  • Page 52: Cleaning The Lint Filters And Air Flow Openings Thoroughly

    Cleaning and care  Remove the lint (see arrows) from the  Turn the yellow dial on the lower lint filter surface of all the lint filters and filter in the direction of the arrow (until the perforated laundry deflector. you hear it click).
  • Page 53 Cleaning and care Cleaning the lint filters with water  Wipe the smooth plastic surfaces of the lint filters with a damp cloth to clean them.  Flush the lint filters through with warm running water.  Shake the lint filters thoroughly and then dry them carefully.
  • Page 54 Cleaning instructions when using Option 3 fabric softener sheets  Wet the surfaces of the lint filters with a liquid color detergent (e.g., Miele If you are using fabric softener sheets, Ultra Color Liquid Laundry Detergent). please follow these warnings and in- structions.
  • Page 55: Cleaning The Plinth Filter

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the plinth filter Clean the plinth filter when the pro- gram duration has been extended or when this message appears in the dis- play: Clean the lint and plinth filters. See the Operating Instructions for more infor- mation.
  • Page 56: Cleaning The Plinth Filter

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the plinth filter  Install the plinth filter back on the handle. Make sure it is the correct  Pull the handle out of the plinth filter. way round.  Clean the plinth filter thoroughly un- der running water.
  • Page 57: Cleaning The Plinth-Filter Access Panel

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the plinth-filter access Cleaning the dryer panel Disconnect the tumble dryer from the electrical supply.  Damage due to the use of un- suitable care products. Unsuitable care products could dam- age plastic surfaces and other parts. Do not use any solvents, abrasive cleaners, glass cleaners, or all-pur- pose cleaners.
  • Page 58: Frequently Asked Questions

     Start a program. program has If the program terminates again with the same fault been canceled. message, then there is a fault. Contact Miele Cus- tomer Service. Water is taken from the condensed-water container  Fill condensate con-...
  • Page 59 Frequently Asked Questions Message Possible cause and solution The tumble dryer is not working correctly or econom-  Clean the lint and ically. Possible causes could be clogging caused by plinth filters. See the lint or detergent residue. Operating Instruc- ...
  • Page 60 Frequently Asked Questions Message Possible cause and solution The plinth filter looks clean after thorough cleaning.  Clean the lint filter. However, the program terminates and the fault mes- Check the air- sage appears again. It is likely that there is still un- ways.
  • Page 61: Unsatisfactory Drying Results

    Frequently Asked Questions Unsatisfactory drying results Problem Possible cause and solution The laundry is not suffi- The load consisted of different types of fabric. ciently dry.  Finish drying using the Time Dry timed drying pro- gram.  Select a more suitable program next time. Tip: You can alter the residual moisture level for some programs.
  • Page 62: The Drying Cycle Duration Is Very Long

    Frequently Asked Questions The drying cycle duration is very long Problem Possible cause and solution The drying process The room where the tumble dryer is located is too goes on too long or warm. even switches off.*  Ventilate the room thoroughly. Detergent residue, hair, and fine lint can clog the fil- ters.
  • Page 63: General Problems With The Tumble Dryer

    Frequently Asked Questions General problems with the tumble dryer Problem Possible cause and solution You can hear operating This is not a fault. noises (buzzing/hum- The compressor (heat pump) is operating or you have ming). selected the Steam Care program. ...
  • Page 64 Frequently Asked Questions Problem Possible cause and solution Insufficient spray for The lint filter in the condensed water container is the Soft Steam pro- clogged. gram.  Clean the lint filter in the condensed water con- tainer. See “Lint filter in the condensed water con- tainer”.
  • Page 65: Replacing The Plinth Filter

    Frequently Asked Questions Deformation Replacing the plinth filter The heat exchanger can clog up. Replace the plinth filter immediately if you see the following signs of wear before or after cleaning (optional ac- cessory). Poor fit Deformations indicate that the plinth fil- ter has become worn.
  • Page 66 Frequently Asked Questions Cracks, tears, indentations White residues or residues of other col- Residues arise from laundry fibers and traces of detergent components. They can be found on the front and side edges of the plinth filter. In extreme cases, they can form stubborn crust. Residues are a sign that the plinth filter no is longer a snug fit at the sides, even if it appears to be perfect:...
  • Page 67: Reactivating The Plinth Filter

    Frequently Asked Questions Reactivating the plinth filter Checking the heat exchanger unit You can reactivate one or more dirty plinth filters in the washing machine.  Risk of injury from sharp cooling You will then be able to use the plinth fins.
  • Page 68: Cleaning The Lint Filter In The Condensed Water Container

    Frequently Asked Questions Cleaning the lint filter in the condensed water container In some circumstances, there can be problems running the Steam Care pro- gram. The lint filter at the end of the hose which is connected to the rubber seal in the condensed water container could be blocked.
  • Page 69: Replacing The Blocked Spray Jet For The Steam Care Program

    Frequently Asked Questions  Open the door of the tumble dryer. Replacing the blocked spray jet for the Steam Care program The spray jet is located in the top left of the door opening. Limescale deposits will impair the spray jet. In this case, the spray jet must be re- moved and replaced with a new one (see “Optional accessories”).
  • Page 70: Bottom Right Grille

    Frequently Asked Questions Bottom right grille  Danger of injury! Do not touch the cooling fins with your hands. You  In general, the cooling fins be- could cut yourself. hind the grille on the bottom right do not need cleaning. They should only ...
  • Page 71: Customer Service

    You can register your product and/or Miele dealer or Miele Customer Service. view the manufacturer´s warranty terms and conditions for Miele appliances and You can book a Miele Service Call on- vacuum cleaners at line at Contact information for Miele Cus-...
  • Page 72 Installation instructions Alteration rights reserved. Visit our website for all the current product specifications, technical appliance information, and warranty information. To avoid accidents or damage to the appliance, please read these instructions before installing and/or using it.
  • Page 73: Important Safety Instructions

    Install the clothes dryer according to the manufacturer's instruc- tions and local codes.  Repair and maintenance work should be performed by a Miele au- thorized service technician. Work by unqualified persons could be dangerous and could void the warranty.
  • Page 74 Do not install the machine in rooms where temperatures below freezing may occur.  This dryer is not intended for wall-insert.  If there is any doubt concerning installation, contact Miele’s Ser- vice Department. 888-99-MIELE(64353) 1-800-565-6435 SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 75: Installation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Front view a Drain hose for condensed water e Door – do not open during drying b Power cord f Access panel to the heat exchanger –  Observe the section entitled and plinth filter “Electrical connection”. – do not open during drying c Control panel g Cool air intake grille d Condensed water container...
  • Page 76: Rear View

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Rear view  If the tumble dryer is being trans- ported on its side, it must be tipped onto its left or right side. a Protruding lid for holding when mov-  If the tumble dryer is being trans- ing the tumble dryer (see arrows) ported upright and you are using a b Drain hose for condensed water...
  • Page 77: Installation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Downtime after installation Installation  Damage caused by switching the Leveling the tumble dryer appliance on too soon.  Ensure that no closeable door, This can damage the heat pump. sliding door, or an oppositely hinged After setting up the tumble dryer, door is installed that would hinder wait for at least one hour before the door of the dryer being opened in...
  • Page 78: Before Moving The Tumble Dryer Again

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Before moving the tumble dryer Installing the dryer in a closet again Minimum installation distance A small quantity of condensed water  that remains in the area around the You must insert sufficiently large pump after the drying process can run ventilation openings into the closet out if the dryer is tilted.
  • Page 79 *INSTALLATION* Installation Installing the dryer in a floor-to-ceiling closet You can also insert a ventilation open- ing at the top of the closet. In addition, you must also provide an opening on the bottom side of the closet door. Direct ventilation is also possible via an air conditioning outlet in the closet.
  • Page 80: Product Dimensions

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Washer-dryer stack Product dimensions - WTV502 or WTV512 Dimensions  5.2 ft (1.6 m) drain hose, detach- able, top right on the rear  6.5 ft (2 m) power cord, bottom right on the rear Installation on a plinth - WTS 510...
  • Page 81: Electrical Connection

    GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS  If a NEMA 14-30 socket is pro- The electrical safety of this dryer can vided on-site for the dryer, the Miele only be guaranteed when continuity connection adapter* can be used. is complete between it and an effec- Observe the following description to tive grounding system.
  • Page 82: External Draining Of Condensed Water

    *INSTALLATION* Installation External draining of condensed water Note When drying is in progress, con- densed water is pumped into the con- densed water container through the drain hose which is located at the back of the dryer. The condensed water can also be ex- ternally drained away via the drain hose on the back of the dryer.
  • Page 83: Changing The Door Hinging

    *INSTALLATION* Installation  Hold the door securely and pull it for- Changing the door hinging wards: to remove the door you will You can change the door hinging on need to pull the base plate of the this tumble dryer yourself. hinge with its 2 pins out of the dryer.
  • Page 84 *INSTALLATION* Installation  Turn the door lock by 180°. 3. Remove the lock catch from the door  Press the door lock into the openings  First take the rubber seal off the door  on the opposite side of the door and place this to one side.
  • Page 85 *INSTALLATION* Installation 4. Dismantle the door hinge from the door The door hinge cover must be un- clipped from position  and then re- moved.  Remove the lock catch from the cover. This lock catch cover is no longer needed.
  • Page 86 *INSTALLATION* Installation 5. Change the door hinge on the door Tip: In some circumstances, the rods can be difficult to dislodge. Moving the The door hinge is secured to the door screwdriver with a levering action while with 2 angled rods. These rods need pulling at the same time may help to to be removed with a screwdriver or work the rods free.
  • Page 87 *INSTALLATION* Installation 6. Change the lock catch on the door  You now need the new door hinge cover supplied with the dryer.  You now need the new lock catch cover supplied with the dryer which you have already fitted with the lock catch.
  • Page 88: Refitting

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Refitting  Now that you have changed the door hinging, the door will open from 7. Refit the door the opposite side.  Press the rubber seal back into the groove on the door.  Push the orange marker round to the other side so that you will see at ...
  • Page 89: Technical Data

    Technical data Height 33 7/16" (850 mm) Width 23 7/16" (596 mm) Depth 25 5/8" (643 mm) Depth with door open 42 3/8" (1077 mm) Slot-in Stackable Weight Approx. 137 lbs (62 kg) Drum volume 31.7 gal (120 l) Load quantity 17.6 lb (8 kg) dry laundry Capacity of condensed water container 1.27 gal (4.8 l) Hose length 63"...
  • Page 90: Settings

    Settings Changing a setting You can alter the tumble dryer’s elec- tronics to suit changing requirements  Change the value displayed and con- with the settings. firm with The settings can be altered at any time.  Touch an option to select it. Calling up settings An option which is selected will be ...
  • Page 91: Operation/Display

    The clock format is set. You can enter a PIN code of your – 24 h (factory default) own. – 12 h If you forget the PIN code, only Miele - Time Customer Service can unlock the The current time is set. tumble dryer.
  • Page 92: Volume

    Settings Volume Display brightness The volume can be changed for the The brightness of the display can be audible signal that sounds when the altered. dryer is switched on and at the end of It can be set to one of 7 different levels. the program.
  • Page 93: Networking

    A new connection set-up has to be car- ried out in order to use the Miele@home setting again.
  • Page 94: Smartgrid

    This function can be used for starting Once the Miele@mobile app has been your tumble dryer automatically at a installed on your mobile device, you time when your energy costs are most can check the status of your tumble economical.
  • Page 95: Remoteupdate

    “Start later”, the prompt to you can continue to use your tumble run the RemoteUpdate will be displayed dryer in the usual way. However, Miele again the next time you switch on your recommends installing RemoteUpdates. tumble dryer.
  • Page 96: Program Sequence

    Settings Drying levels Program sequence You can alter the drying levels for the Anti-crease Cottons and Wrinkle-free programs. The Anti-crease function reduces It can be set to one of 7 different levels. creasing after the end of the program. Factory default: medium setting The drum will continue to rotate for up to 2 hours after the drying cycle has fin- ished.
  • Page 97: Appliance Parameters

    Settings Conductivity Appliance parameters This setting is only relevant for regions Airways indicator with very soft water. Lint should be removed after drying. In Very soft water can result in unsatis- addition, this indicator will remind you factory drying results. to clean the filters when a certain amount of lint has collected in them: You should only select this setting if...
  • Page 98: Legal Information

    You can view information here. Copyrights and licenses for operator and control software Miele uses their own and third party software which is not subject to any so- called open source license for the oper- ation and control of the device/appli- ance.
  • Page 99 Customer Service. U.S.A. Canada Miele, Inc. Importer Miele Limited National Headquarters 9 Independence Way Headquarters and Miele Centre Princeton, NJ 08540 161 Four Valley Drive Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8 Customer Support Phone: 888-99-MIELE (64353) Customer Care Centre
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