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Sample Settings - Behringer VINTAGE TUBE MONSTER VT999 User Manual

Behringer vt999 overdrive pedal: user guide
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Thank you for showing your confidence in us by purchasing the BEHRINGER VINTAGE TUBE MONSTER VT999. This high-quality
classic tube overdrive pedal is based on a hand-selected BUGERA 12AX7B vacuum tube. Get a whole tube amp in a pedal and take
off with anything from warm blues overdrive to heavy distortion.
Use the 9 V _ connection to plug in a 9 V power supply.
Use the POWER switch to activate/deactivate the unit.
The POWER LED lights up when the unit is activated.
The 1/4" TS OUT connector sends the signal to your amp.
Use this 1/4" TS IN connector to plug in the instrument cable.
The THRESHOLD control adjusts the input signal level at which the integrated noise gate starts noise reduction.
The NOISE GATE switch activates/deactivates the integrated noise gate for noise reduction during quiet passages.
The GAIN control adjusts the amount of distortion.
The TREBLE control allows you to boost/cut the high-frequency range.
The MID control allows you to boost/cut the mid-frequency range.
The BASS control allows you to boost/cut the low-frequency range.
The MASTER control adjusts the output level.
The BUGERA 12AX7B vacuum tube is placed here.
Use the footswitch to activate/deactivate the effect.
The DRIVE LED illuminates when the effect is activated.
The SERIAL NUMBER is located at the bottom.
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