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Casio 5641 Operation Manual

Casio 5641 Operation Manual

Table of Contents


Mode Overview
Watch Operation Guide 5641
Split Times and Lap Times
Resetting Watch Settings
Moving Between Time Zones


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    MA2103-EA © 2021 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Watch Operation Guide 5641 Contents Life Log Measurement Alarms and Hourly Time Signal Measuring Life Log Data Before Getting Started... Configuring Alarm Settings Scrolling Between Life Log Screens Enabling the Hourly Time Signal...
  • Page 2: Before Getting Started

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Before Getting Press (A). Press (D). Started... This displays the distance target unit On the screen that appears, you can setting screen. record your gender. Press (D) five times. This section provides an overview of the watch...
  • Page 3: Indicators

    Displayed while the hourly time signal is battery replaced. enabled. While Auto Lap is disabled, Graphic Indicator Request battery replacement from a CASIO A shows the seconds of the elapsed time [ALM] (Alarm) D  service center or your original retailer.
  • Page 4 Watch Operation Guide 5641 Recall Mode ● Navigating Between Modes Mode Overview You can use this mode to view split and lap Each press of (D) cycles between watch Timekeeping Mode time records. ● modes. Viewing Training Log Data In this mode, your watch shows the current...
  • Page 5: Navigating Between Modes

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Alarm Mode ● Viewing the Face in the Dark Note The watch will beep when an alarm time is reached. The face of the watch can be illuminated for Auto Light is disabled when any one of ●...
  • Page 6: Useful Features

    Operation tone enable/disable configure settings, you first need to pair the watch with your phone. Getting Ready Airplane Mode on/off Your phone needs to have the CASIO “G- ● SHOCK MOVE” app installed to pair with the watch. Illumination duration...
  • Page 7: Using The Watch In A Medical Facility Or Aircraft

    Airplane Mode icon Install the app on your phone. ● In Google Play or the App Store, search for the CASIO “G-SHOCK MOVE” app and install it on your phone. Press (D) three times so [12H] or [24H] is Configure Bluetooth settings.
  • Page 8: Auto Time Adjustment

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Triggering Immediate Time Adjustment ● Pair the watch with a phone. Auto Time Adjustment ● After the watch is paired with a phone, you can Before you can use the watch in combination Your watch can connect with your phone to connect with the phone to adjust the time with a phone, you first need to pair them.
  • Page 9: Viewing Life Log Data

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Viewing Life Log Data Enabling Notification Linking Viewing Training Log Data G-SHOCK MOVE can be used to view the You can use G-SHOCK MOVE to configure a G-SHOCK MOVE can be used to view the information below, which is measured by the...
  • Page 10: Configuring World Time City Settings

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Configuring the Summer Time Setting ● Configuring World Time City Enabling Phone Notification Settings Receipt 1. Y Tap the “G-SHOCK MOVE” icon. Specifying a World Time City with G-SHOCK Use G-SHOCK MOVE to configure settings to 2.
  • Page 11: Configuring Watch Settings

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Unpairing Changing the Home City 1. X If the watch is in any mode besides the Summer Time Setting Unpairing the watch from a phone requires Timekeeping Mode, hold down (D) for at both G-SHOCK MOVE and watch operations.
  • Page 12: If You Purchase Another Phone

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 iPhone Only Counting Steps ● ● Life Log Deleting the phone’s pairing The step count and distance measurement Measurement information operations will start automatically when you For details about setting procedures, see your start walking. The step indicators show phone documentation.
  • Page 13: Scrolling Between Life Log Screens

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Interpreting the Progress Graph ● Scrolling Between Life Log Note The progress graph shows the progress you Screens have made towards reaching the daily Distance can be measured up to ● distance, calorie, and step count target values 9,999.99 km.
  • Page 14: Specifying Daily Targets

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Specifying Daily Targets Note Press (D). You can use the screen that appears to You can use the procedure in this section to You can exit the setting procedure at ● specify a target distance value.
  • Page 15: Measuring Elapsed Time

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Split Times and Lap Times Measuring Elapsed Time Stopwatch Split time ● Enter the Stopwatch Mode. The stopwatch measures elapsed time in A split time is the time elapsed from the start, Navigating Between Modes 1/100-second units for the first hour, and in 1- up to any point along the course of an event.
  • Page 16: Measuring A Split Time

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Measuring a Split Time Measuring Lap Times Using Auto Lap Notification With Auto Lap, you can specify a target lap Enter the Stopwatch Mode. Enter the Stopwatch Mode. distance and then measure lap times and split...
  • Page 17: Timing With Auto Lap

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Timing with Auto Lap Checking Training Log Data Press (E) to navigate through You can perform the same elapsed time measurement numbers. operations as those described in the sections Viewing Data Records Each press of (E) goes from [L01] to the ●...
  • Page 18: Timer

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Timer Press (D). A typical operation is shown below. This causes the seconds digits to flash. Start The timer counts down from a start time Use (E) and (B) to change the seconds specified by you. The watch beeps every setting.
  • Page 19: Configuring Interval Timer Settings

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Configuring Interval Timer Settings Checking the On/Off Status of Use (E) and (B) to change the seconds Programmable Timers If a timer countdown operation is in ● setting. progress, reset the timer to its current start In the Timer Mode, you can find out if each of time before performing this operation.
  • Page 20: Dual Time

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Swapping Current Location Configuring Alarm Settings Dual Time Time and Dual Time Enter the Alarm Mode. Dual Time lets you look up the current time in Navigating Between Modes Enter the Dual Time Mode. various time zones around the globe.
  • Page 21: Enabling The Hourly Time Signal

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Turning Off an Alarm or the Note Hold down (D) for at least two seconds to Hourly Time Signal return to the Timekeeping Mode. If [ALM] (alarm) is still displayed after ● To stop the alarm To stop an alarm or the hourly time signal from ●...
  • Page 22: Receiving Phone Notifications

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 Checking Your Exercise Receiving Phone Other Settings Intensity Notifications This section explains other watch settings you Your watch calculates exercise intensity can configure. based on your step count and your height, as You can use your watch to receive notification registered in your user profile.
  • Page 23: Other Information

    Supported Phones Measurement Functions: Normal elapsed time, cumulative time, For information about phones that can lap/split times, distance/pace display connect with the watch, visit the CASIO switching, auto/manual lap website. measurement, auto lap alert, 45-record data memory Timer :...
  • Page 24: Mobile Link Precautions

    Using Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such hour this watch in an area where it does not marks by CASIO Computer Co., Ltd. is comply with or has not received approval Mobile Link : under license.
  • Page 25: Troubleshooting

    Watch Operation Guide 5641 I can’t reconnect the watch I changed the phone’s Bluetooth Troubleshooting from enabled to disabled, and now I and phone. can’t connect anymore. On your phone, turn on Bluetooth. Then on its The watch will not re-connect with the home screen, tap the “G-SHOCK MOVE”...
  • Page 26 Watch Operation Guide 5641 Phone-Watch Connection Auto Time Adjustment by Time is not displayed correctly. Bluetooth Connection (Time The phone’s time setting may be incorrect because it is unable to connect with its Adjustment) I can’t establish a connection network due to being out of range, etc. If this between the phone and watch.
  • Page 27 Have the battery replaced. checking the watch display. Use (D) to Request battery replacement by your original navigate between modes. retailer or authorized CASIO service center. Navigating Between Modes Battery Replacement [R] is flashing on the digital display. This happens when battery power is low or...

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