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LG ProCentric 32LV570H Setup Manual

Commercial mode
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Table of Contents
© Copyright 2017 LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.
Lodging Guest Interactive Pro:Centric 
Commercial Mode Setup Guide
Note: Selected features shown in this guide may not be available on all models.
EZ-Manager Wizard
pages 12 – 19
Custom Master TV Setup
pages 33 – 35
Cloning Procedures
pages 36 – 39
P/N: 206-4317 (Draft A.2)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Note: Selected features shown in this guide may not be available on all models. EXPERIENCED INSTALLER EZ-Manager Wizard pages 12 – 19 Custom Master TV Setup pages 33 – 35 Cloning Procedures pages 36 – 39 P/N: 206-4317 (Draft A.2) © Copyright 2017 LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc.
  • Page 2: Safety Warnings

    • Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help. CAUTION: Do not attempt to modify this product in any way without written authorization from LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. Unauthorized modification could void the user’s authority to operate this product.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read these instructions. 16. Power Cord Caution: Check the TV specifications in the Owner’s Keep these instructions. Manual to determine power requirements. Heed all warnings. Periodically examine the cord of your appliance, and if its appearance indicates damage or deterioration, unplug it, Follow all instructions.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS (Continued from previous page) 26. Keep the product away from direct sunlight. 27. When mounting a TV on the wall, make sure that none of the 21. Outdoor Antenna Grounding electrical cabling bears any of the weight of the TV. Install in If an outside antenna or cable system is connected to the accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents FTG Channel Map Configuration Utility ... . . 44 Safety Warnings ........FTG Channel Map Editor .
  • Page 6: Commercial Mode Overview

    ® This document describes how to set up LV570H Pro:Centric  TVs for Commercial Mode operation. LG commercial TV functionality is based on “ownership” of the Channel Map; that is, the Channel Map resides in the TV’s CPU, Protocol Translator Card (PTC), or the embedded b-LAN™ (EBL) module, or it resides externally from the TV (i.e., in a device from the solution provider).
  • Page 7: Ftg Mode

    Commercial Mode Overview (Cont.) Installer Menu To create a Master TV Setup, you will need to know how to access the commercial controller (PTC) Installer Menu and PTC INSTALLER MENU make changes to the default values as required. If necessary, xxLV570H familiarize yourself with the Installer Menu and how to make CPU - CTV...
  • Page 8 EBL. In this mode, the EBL is the owner of the FTG Channel Map and must be LG’s FTG File Manager PC software enables you to confi gured with an FTG Channel Map and FTG Installer create an FTG Confi...
  • Page 9: Determining The Tv Operating Mode

    Commercial Mode Overview (Cont.) While the TV is in FTG Mode: • Users can still access the Installer Menu using an LG Installer Remote; however, all Installer Menu items will be read-only. • FTG Mode via CPU confi guration changes must be made using a “.tlx” fi le (typically edited in the FTG File Manager), while FTG Mode via EBL confi...
  • Page 10: Pro:centric Operation

    The Pro:Centric server Admin Client web editor/content wizard is provided for customer confi guration of portal messages and billboards/maps. Note: Customized content is typically defi ned by the service integrator and/or hotel administrators. LG does not provide hotel-specifi c content.
  • Page 11: Pro:centric Setup

    Pro:Centric Operation (Cont.) Pro:Centric Setup Administration and management options for the Pro:Centric server are described in detail in the Pro:Centric Server Admin Client User Guide. This document describes only those settings that must be specifi ed on the TVs to enable Pro:Centric remote management and/or the Pro:Centric application. •...
  • Page 12: Ez-Manager Wizard

    The Welcome screen provides a brief introduction to the EZ-Manager Wizard. EZ-Manager Wizard Welcome to LG’s EZ-Manager Wizard Note: If there is no user action in this screen within 10 • Use the EZ-Manager Wizard to confi gure the TV for Pro:Centric operation seconds, the wizard will proceed to the fi...
  • Page 13: Tv Configuration Options

    EZ-Manager Wizard (Cont.) From the Welcome screen, you have the following options: • To proceed with the EZ-Manager Wizard, use the arrow keys on the Installer Remote to select/ highlight Next, and then press OK. Then, continue to the “TV Confi guration Options” section below.
  • Page 14: Zone And Room Number Assignments

    EZ-Manager Wizard (Cont.) Zone and Room Number Assignments You may complete one or more of the fi elds in the Zone, Label, and Room Number screen or leave them at their default settings (Zone) or blank (Label and Room Number), as desired; however, if you intend to use the Zoning feature on this TV, you MUST specify the appropriate value in the Zone fi...
  • Page 15: Configure Pro:centric Settings

    EZ-Manager Wizard (Cont.) Confi gure Pro:Centric Settings Once you select “Next” from the TV Confi guration Options screen, the Searching for Pro:Centric Server screen is displayed. Note: Select the “Back” button, where available, to check previous settings, as necessary. EZ-Manager Wizard Searching for Pro:Centric Server...
  • Page 16 EZ-Manager Wizard (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) EZ-Manager Wizard Processing the Pro:Centric Configuration... Downloading the maintenance files takes several minutes. Please wait... Retrieving files from data channel 75 Application files GEM app downloaded Maintenance files In progress... – Updating Configuration File Warning - Do not remove AC power or the signal cables during these steps Note: If, after completing the search, the TV is unable to fi...
  • Page 17 EZ-Manager Wizard (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) Note: For remote management only, select Confi guration Only. The TV will search for TV E-Z Installation data downloads; however, Pro:Centric application data will not be downloaded, i.e., Installer Menu item 098 PRO:CENTRIC will be set to 0. EZ-Manager Wizard Pro:Centric Manual Configuration Pro:Centric Manual Configuration Screen with RF...
  • Page 18: Usb Configuration

    EZ-Manager Wizard (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) 4. Once all fi elds are completed as required, you have two options: • To save the data entered and exit the wizard, use the arrow keys to select Exit and then press OK.
  • Page 19 EZ-Manager Wizard (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) • Ensure the USB device to be used has been formatted with FAT format. • When creating fi les to be downloaded, avoid using special characters (?, &, @, etc.) in fi lenames. •...
  • Page 20: Ez Download Utility

    Ez Download Utility The Ez Download utility, available from the TV Manager, enables you to select multiple fi les at one time from the fi les loaded on a USB memory device. You may use this utility to download any one or all of the following to a TV: •...
  • Page 21 [ Forced Update Option ] [EPK] xxLV570H_CPU_SW.epk SPI Boot If you accessed the TV Manager via the TV menus, you will be returned LG Boot Logo to program viewing. Apply 7. To select or de-select a fi le, respectively, use the Up/Down arrows on Previous the Installer Remote to highlight the fi...
  • Page 22 Ez Download Utility (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) 8. The fi elds at the right of the screen will change depending on the currently highlighted fi le. Select the appropriate option(s) for each fi le, as applicable. • For software and splash screen image fi les: The fi elds at the right of the screen show the TV software versions and any available Forced Update options.
  • Page 23: Installer Menu

    Installer Menu descriptions in this document if you are confi guring the TV CPU using an FTG Confi guration (.tlx) fi le created using LG’s FTG File Manager software or confi guring the EBL locally (.rml) or remotely (via FMA-LG102 / .fma) using the FTG Device Confi guration Application software.
  • Page 24: Using The Installer Menu

    Installer Menu (Cont.) As part of the Installer Menu header (in all modes), two 3-character acronyms are displayed to indicate the TV’s current confi guration mode. The table below lists all possible mode identifi ers for these TV models. Acronym Description CPU-CTV Pass-through Mode with channel lineup in CPU...
  • Page 25 Installer Menu (Cont.) Installer Menu Items 000 through 071 Item Function Value Range Default Value Brief Description of Function INSTALLER SEQ 0 – 3 Leave default set to 0. Selects the number of hours of inactivity allowed before the TV automatically POWER MANAGE 0 –...
  • Page 26 Installer Menu (Cont.) Installer Menu Items 073 through 122 Item Function Value Range Default Value Brief Description of Function If set to 1 and item 028 CH. OVERIDE is set to 0, a “CHANNEL NOT CH NOT AVBLE 0 / 1 AVAILABLE”...
  • Page 27: Detailed Descriptions Of Installer Menu Items

    Installer Menu (Cont.) Detailed Descriptions of Installer Menu Items 000 - INSTALLER SEQUENCE 003 - BAND/AFC (Band/Automatic Frequency Control) Specifi es entry sequence to the Installer Menu. There are four possible settings for this option: 0 = 9876 1 = 4321 0 = Broadcast 1 = CATV (default) 2 = 1478...
  • Page 28 Installer Menu (Cont.) 008 - MIN VOLUME (Minimum Volume) 020 - FEATURE LEVEL This function determines the minimum volume level allowable Determines an additional IR code scheme to which the TV will with the Volume (VOL) Up/Down control. In this way, for example, respond, allowing for the use of unique IR codes based on “bed someone cannot set the volume too low to hear.
  • Page 29 Installer Menu (Cont.) 031 - POLL RATE 046 - STRT AUX SRCE (Start Aux Source) MPI Communication Parameter. Selects poll rate for MPI. Step Sets the starting Aux source. When turned ON, the TV will tune to size of 16 ms. Changing from default may affect communication starting Aux source if item 004 STRT CHANNEL is set to 0.
  • Page 30 Installer Menu (Cont.) 075 - REVERT CH (Revert to Start Channel) 087 - REAR RGB EN. (Rear RGB Enable) If set to 1 and loss of MPI communication occurs, TV automatically Controls access to rear RGB input on TV. Set to 0 to disable RGB tunes to the specifi...
  • Page 31 Installer Menu (Cont.) • 6 = Scaler Model RJPs: DVI Mode 098 - PRO:CENTRIC Enables RJP feature for use with reduced cable bundle models. Selects the Pro:Centric Application Mode. Set to 0 (default) to In this mode, when an HDMI/DVI source is connected to the RJP, disable the Pro:Centric application.
  • Page 32 Installer Menu (Cont.) 106 - ASP RATIO LOCK (Aspect Ratio Lock) Note: The Data Channel Auto Search feature is not available Set to 1 to retain previous aspect ratio with power off. Set to 0 to when the TV’s EBL is in FTG Mode. If the DATA CHANNEL value retain default aspect ratio with power off.
  • Page 33 Installer Menu (Cont.) If this item is set to 128 (OFF), the time at which a Data Channel Auto Search (item 119 set to 255) and/or an Instant ON update (item 002 set to 2 or 3) occurs is determined as follows: The TV initiates the search and/or checks for updates at 2:00 AM (if the TV clock is set) or after two hours of elapsed time from when AC power was applied (if the TV clock is not set).
  • Page 34: Custom Master Tv Setup

    Custom Master TV Setup This section describes how to create a customized Master TV Setup for cloning purposes when the TV is in Pass-through Mode. All cloning (export and import) processes on the TV are performed via USB memory device / “.tlx” fi le. The Master TV Setup may be exported to a Clone (.tlx) file, which can then be used (i.e., imported) to configure either TVs that are to remain in Pass-through Mode or TVs that are to be configured for FTG Mode via CPU.
  • Page 35: Custom Master Tv Setup Procedure

    Custom Master TV Setup (Cont.) Custom Master TV Setup Procedure 1. Turn ON the TV. The next step depends on whether the EZ-Manager Wizard appears on the screen when you turn ON the TV: • If the wizard is displayed, the TV is in the required factory default state. Exit the wizard, and then continue with step 2.
  • Page 36 Custom Master TV Setup (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) 4. Set up TV features. On-screen setup menus control the features of the TV. Press MENU SETTINGS on the Installer Remote to access the TV setup menus, and then set Channel, Picture, Audio, Time, etc. options to the desired configurations.
  • Page 37: Cloning Procedures

    Cloning Procedures Cloning typically refers to the process of using a Master TV Setup to configure a Target TV. This section describes how to save (export) a Master TV Setup and then transfer (import) it to a Target TV using a USB memory device / Clone (.tlx) fi le. You can also create an FTG Confi...
  • Page 38: Importing A Clone File

    Cloning Procedures (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) 6. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select Export Clone File, and then press OK. 7. In the Export Clone File window, to differentiate this Clone fi le from other LV570H Clone fi les, you can use the Up/Down arrow keys to change the last fi...
  • Page 39 Cloning Procedures (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) • If a Clone (.tlx) fi le (exported Master TV Setup) contains an FTG Channel Map, the physical RF channels in the FTG Channel Map have been assigned logical channel numbers (see “Exporting a Clone File”...
  • Page 40 Cloning Procedures (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) 5. Press MENU SETTINGS on the Installer Remote to display the TV setup menus (TV is in Pass-through Mode) or the Function Menu (TV TV Manager is already in FTG Mode). Ez Download 6.
  • Page 41: Ftg File Manager Utilities Overview

    IN FTG MODE, THE CPU CANNOT BE SWITCHED TO FTG MODE. This section provides an overview of the FTG File Manager, which is used for FTG Mode via CPU configuration. The software is available online at: Creating an FTG Confi guration File The procedure below describes how to use the FTG File Manager utilities (see sample screens on pages 43 to 46) to create an FTG Confi...
  • Page 42 FTG File Manager Utilities Overview (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) Note: To remove an individual item from the FTG Configuration List or the Setup Menu List, click on/ highlight the item to be removed, and then click the Remove Item button directly above the applicable “List”...
  • Page 43: Ftg File Manager Main Screen

    FTG File Manager Utilities Overview (Cont.) FTG File Manager Main Screen The FTG File Manager main screen enables you to compile, modify, and save FTG Configuration (.tlx) files. It also allows you to change the Zone assignment for each Installer Menu profile, if desired (see Reference section, “Using the TV Zoning Feature,”...
  • Page 44: Ftg Channel Map Configuration Utility

    FTG File Manager Utilities Overview (Cont.) FTG Channel Map Confi guration Utility The FTG Channel Map Configuration Utility enables you to create, view, edit, and print a Logical Channel Map. PRINT MAP EDIT/ADD MAP Click to open the FTG Click to display a printable Channel Map Editor to create FTG Channel Map Report.
  • Page 45: Ftg Channel Map Editor

    FTG File Manager Utilities Overview (Cont.) FTG Channel Map Editor The FTG Channel Map Editor shows a single Logical Channel’s data and the FTG Channel Map. LOGICAL CHANNEL MAPPING CUSTOM CHANNEL LABELS/ICONS SET CHANNEL ATTRIBUTES Select a Logical Channel number. Then, Enter custom labels and select icons Check/select Encrypted, OSD, assign the RF, Major, and Minor channel...
  • Page 46: Ftg Installer Menu Configuration Utility

    FTG File Manager Utilities Overview (Cont.) FTG Installer Menu Confi guration Utility CONFIGURATION SETTINGS Select tabs for categories of Installer Menu items to set up TV. Filename of opened FTG Configuration (.rml) file created using FTG Device Configuration Application. Notes: •...
  • Page 47: Ip Environment Setup

    IP Environment Setup The IP Environment Menu enables you to set up the network features of the TV. With the exception of Network Connection settings, the IP Environment settings are editable (with the Installer Remote) only if IP Environment the TV is in Pass-through Mode and read-only when the TV is not in Move Pass-through Mode.
  • Page 48: Network Status

    IP Environment Setup (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) The next Network Setting window will enable you to specify the IP and DNS confi guration for this TV. Auto settings will Network Setting be selected by default. Use the arrow keys to select the Select the IP setting mode.
  • Page 49: Pro:centric Setup

    IP Environment Setup (Cont.) Pro:Centric Setup Pro:Centric options enable you to confi gure the TV with the appropriate settings to connect to the Pro:Centric server. Use the Up/Down arrow keys on the Installer Remote to navigate between fi elds. 1. With the IP Environment Menu on display, use the arrow keys on the Installer Remote to select Pro:Centric.
  • Page 50 IP Environment Setup (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) IP Confi guration In the Server IP and Port Number fi elds, either key in or use the Left/Right arrow keys to select the appropriate values for the Pro:Centric server IP address and port number. The IP address must match the IPv4 multicast address and the port number must match the port number that is set in the Pro:Centric server.
  • Page 51: Remote Jack Pack / Tv Connections & Setup

    Reference: Remote Jack Pack / TV Connections & Setup Remote Jack Pack Setup RJP Available? If you will use a Remote Jack Pack (RJP) in your system, set Installer Menu item 093 RJP AVAILABLE appropriately (for example, on a legacy model RJP: HDMI Mode, set RJP AVAILABLE to 1).
  • Page 52: Device

    Reference: Updating TV/PTC Software using a USB Memory Device This section describes how to update TV (CPU) and/or PTC software using the TV Manager “Update TV Software” and/or “Update PTC Software” option(s), TV Manager respectively, though you may also use the Ez Download utility to update software, if desired.
  • Page 53: Memory Device

    Reference: Downloading a Splash Screen Image using a USB Memory Device This section describes how to download a splash screen image using the TV Manager “Logo Image Download” option, though you may also use the Ez Down- load utility to download the splash screen image, if desired. See “Ez Download Utility”...
  • Page 54: Power Consumption Settings

    Reference: Power Consumption Settings The following tables assume that Installer Menu item 118 POWER SAVINGS is set to 3 (default) and Installer Menu item 099 BACK LIGHTING is set as shown below (default value is 255). 32LV570H 40LV570H 43LV570H Item 099 Power Power Power...
  • Page 55 Reference: Power Consumption Settings (Cont.) 49LV570H 55LV570H 65LV570H Item 099 Power Power Power Back Lighting Percent Percent Percent Consumption Consumption Consumption (Static) Savings Savings Savings (Watts) (Watts) (Watts) 60.1 83.6 85.3 55.9 76.6 78.8 52.7 72.4 75.0 51.6 69.9 72.8 50.8 66.7 69.9...
  • Page 56: Tv Aux Input Configuration

  • Page 57: B-Lan Setup & Overview

    3 (default) A b-LAN enabled head end device, such as an LG FMA-LG102, broadcasts over the RF distribution system to communicate to multiple TVs. When the TV is first installed, it must be turned ON in order for its embedded b-LAN module to receive communication from the head end device.
  • Page 58: Ftg Mode Via Ebl (Local Configuration)

    (EBL) connection. Refer to the Free-To-Guest (FTG) Device Configuration Application User Guide for further information. FTG Device Confi guration Application software is available online at: Note: If the TV CPU is already in FTG Mode, you cannot use this procedure to make changes to the FTG Channel Map and FTG Installer Menu settings.
  • Page 59: Auto Input(S) Sensing Feature

    Reference: Auto Input(s) Sensing Feature This section provides detailed settings information for Installer Menu item 042 AUTO INPUTS. To disable auto-sensing for all available Aux inputs, set item 042 to 0. To enable auto-sensing for all available Aux inputs, set item 042 to 255. For specifi cations on all other available settings (i.e., settings for individual inputs), refer to the table on the following page.
  • Page 60 Reference: Auto Input(s) Sensing Feature (Cont.) Inputs Item 042 Installer Menu Value Display HDMI 1 HDMI 2 HDMI 3 Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled DDDDXXX0 Disabled Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled DDD4XXXD Enabled Enabled Disabled Disabled Disabled DDD4XXX0 Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Enabled DD5DXXXD...
  • Page 61: Rjp Model List & Input Auto-Sensing Hierarchy

    Reference: RJP Model List & Input Auto-sensing Hierarchy RJP Legacy Models • RJP-101M • RJP-110WBR • RJP-101ML • RJP-110S • RJP-110F • RJP-120G • RJP-110FW • RJP-120T • RJP-110W • RJP-201B/202B RJP Scaler Models • RJP-301B RJP Input Auto-sensing Hierarchy Priority Video Audio...
  • Page 62: Restoring Factory Defaults On The Tv(S)

    This section describes how to restore a single TV, regardless of its mode, to a factory default condition. The following procedure requires that you contact LG technical support to obtain a predefi ned value/ password for Installer Menu item 117 FACT DEFAULT that enables access to initiate a factory “IN-STOP”...
  • Page 63: Using The Tv Zoning Feature

    Reference: Using the TV Zoning Feature This section describes the TV Zoning feature available with the LV570H model TVs. The TV Zoning feature enables you to create localized confi gurations for TVs in selected locations, or “Zones,” within the installation environment, for example, a hotel lobby, fi tness center, restaurant, etc. This feature is primarily intended for use when the TV is confi...
  • Page 64 Reference: Using the TV Zoning Feature (Cont.) Note: While a channel can be restricted from up to eight Zones, a TV can only ever be in (set for) one Zone. See also the FTG Channel Map Editor overview on page 45. At the same time, keep in mind that the TV Zone designations are not mutually exclusive.
  • Page 65 Reference: Using the TV Zoning Feature (Cont.) (Continued from previous page) To change the TV Zone, navigate to the Zone fi eld, and use the Up/Down arrow keys to specify the desired TV Zone # (0–8). • Label: Allows you to select a North, South, East, or West text label for this TV. Use the Up/Down arrow keys to select the applicable label.
  • Page 66: Lv570H Rear And Side Jack Panels

    Reference: LV570H Rear and Side Jack Panels HDMI IN 1 Connection for HDMI/DVI output from external device. Use for network connection RJP Use Only (i.e., for Pro:Centric data). Connection for Remote Jack Pack (RJP) Control cable. SPEAKER OUT LINE OUT GAME CONTROL/MPI (3.5 mm jack) Connect external audio When the TV/EBL is in Pass-through Mode, the...
  • Page 67: External Stereo Speaker Specifications

    Reference: External Stereo Speaker Specifi cations The SPEAKER OUT / LINE OUT 3.5 mm stereo jack on the LV570H rear panel provides stereo speaker signal outputs (fi xed speaker, variable speaker, or fi xed line level [amplifi er]) for external audio equipment. Set Installer Menu item 097 AUDIO OUTPUT as required in accordance with external audio equipment connected to the TV.
  • Page 68: Installer Remote Control Typical Key Functions

    Reference: Installer Remote Control Typical Key Functions The LG Installer Remote is supplied with and dedicated to operate the TV. The LG Installer Remote illustrated below shows typical remote control functions and is provided for reference only. This Installer Remote may vary from the Installer Remote supplied with the TV.
  • Page 69: Troubleshooting

    If applicable, connect MPI cable to MPI device. Weak batteries. Replace batteries. Wrong battery polarity. Check that “+” and “-” match in battery compartment. Too much light in room. Dim room light. Wrong Installer Remote. Requires compatible LG Installer Remote. Contact your LG representative. 206-4317 Draft A.2...
  • Page 70: Commercial Mode Check / Ftg Operation Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting (Cont.) Commercial Mode Check / FTG Operation Troubleshooting Commercial Mode Check Use this flowchart to determine whether the TV is currently in Commercial Mode. Press POWER on Installer Remote. connected Plug into AC TV turned to AC Power outlet. Power? Leave the TV set ON, and press MENU...
  • Page 71: Glossary Of Terms

    Refers to a particular commercial mode of assure rapid, broad deployment of HDTV TV’s tuner or Aux inputs. operation within an LG TV. See also FTG and other high-value digital content. Mode. Embedded b-LAN module. See also b-LAN.
  • Page 72: Notice

    In addition to the source code, all referenced license terms, warranty disclaimers and copyright notices are available for download. LG Electronics will also provide open source code to you on CD-ROM for a charge covering the cost of performing such distribution (such as the cost of media, shipping and handling) upon e-mail request to opensource@
  • Page 73: Back Cover

    1-888-865-3026 Pro:Idiom is a registered trademark of Zenith Electronics LLC. Pro:Centric and the “LG” logo are registered trademarks of LG Electronics Inc. b-LAN is a trademark of SONIFI Solutions, Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.