Additional Information; Warranty Information; Safety Instructions; European Community Declaration Of Conformity - D-Link DPS-520 Quick Installation Manual

Redundant power system
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Additional Information

Additional help is available through our offices listed at
the back of the user manual or online. To find out more
about D-Link products or marketing information, please
visit the website:

Warranty Information

The D-Link Limited Lifetime Warranty information is
available at

Safety Instructions

The following general safety guidelines are provided to
help ensure your own personal safety and protect your
product from potential damage. Remember to consult
the product user instructions for more details.
• Static electricity can be harmful to electronic
components. Discharge static electricity from your body
(i.e. touching grounded bare metal) before touching the
• Do not attempt to service the product and never
disassemble the product. For some products with a
user replaceable battery, please read and follow the
instructions in the user manual.
• Do not spill food or liquid on your product and never
push any objects into the openings of your product.
• Do not use this product near water, areas with
high humidity, or condensation unless the product is
specifically rated for outdoor application.
• Keep the product away from radiators and other heat
• Always unplug the product from mains power before
cleaning and use a dry lint free cloth only.
European Community
Declaration of Conformity
D-Link hereby declares that this product, accessories, and
software are in compliance with directive 2014/53/EU.
More information about EU Declaration of Conformity
please visit



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