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Epson Colorworks GP-C831 Quick Printing Manual

Epson Colorworks GP-C831 Quick Printing Manual

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Quick Printing Guide (for Microsoft
Word 2010)



Summary of Contents for Epson Colorworks GP-C831

  • Page 1 ® Quick Printing Guide (for Microsoft Word 2010) M00089300 Rev.A...
  • Page 2 Trademarks EPSON is a registered trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. Exceed Your Vision is registered trademark or trademark of Seiko Epson Corporation. ® Microsoft is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. ® In this manual, the Microsoft Word GUI is used with the permission of Microsoft Corporation.
  • Page 3 Overview This manual contains the necessary information for printing from Microsoft® Word 2010 using GP-C831 printer driver Ver. Here we will use the following print data as an example. Change the content based on the actual use environment.  Media Type: Plain Label ...
  • Page 4  Printed Information: Barcode data (Barcode type: CODE128) Picture data Text data ® Install Microsoft Word 2010 beforehand. ® ® See the Microsoft Word 2010 manual for how to install and operate Microsoft Word 2010. See the "GP-C830/GP-M830/GP-C831/GP-M831/GP-C832/GP-M832 User's Guide" for details on how to use the printer and printer driver.
  • Page 5: Preparation Of The Printer

    Preparation of the Printer Insert the supplied CD into the computer, and set up the printer according to the setup tool instructions. Note: The printer driver is installed automatically if it has not been installed. Specify the Media Type. Once setup is complete, display the printer driver, specify "Plain Label" for the media type, then click [OK].
  • Page 6 Setting of Barcode Font Once the printer is ready, set the barcode font in the printer driver. Caution: When printing barcodes, there are recommended conditions depending on the media type. If you do not use the recommended conditions, the printed barcode may not be scanned as expected. For the recommended conditions, see the Appendix.
  • Page 7 Replace the font. In [Font Replacement], replace [Courier New] (or any TrueType font you want to replace) with [EPSON_CODE128] (the barcode font you added in Step 1), then click [OK].
  • Page 8 ® Preparation of Microsoft Word 2010 ® Start up Microsoft Word 2010 and create a new media layout. Specify the printer. Click [File], then [Print], and then select [EPSON GP-C831] in [Printer].
  • Page 9 Specify the page size. Click [File], then [Print], then select [Page Settings]. Perform the following settings then click [OK]. Setting items Setting Value Select [Customize], then specify the following. • Width: 240 mm [Paper] tab Paper size • Height: 300 mm 5 mm Bottom 5 mm...
  • Page 10: Creating Label Design

    Creating Label Design When printing a barcode, input the data you want to make a barcode from as text data, then for the font, specify [Courier New] (the font replaced on Setting of Barcode Font). Make sure you have the top and bottom margins of 1.5 mm and more, and left and right margins of 2.0 mm and more inside the label size.
  • Page 11: Recommended Conditions Of The Barcode

    Ladder barcode Cautions:  The above values are valid when using paper recommended by EPSON.  Before using the barcode, print the barcode and check the scan quality.  Ladder barcodes are subject to decreased scan quality due to missing dots or skewed ink drops. Therefore, we recommend using the fence barcode.