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ABB +Q951 Original User Manual

ABB +Q951 Original User Manual

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Options for ABB drives
Original user's manual
Emergency stop, stop category 1 without opening mains contactor
(option +Q964) for DCS8x0-A cabinet drives
equipped with DCS880 modules
Individual E-Stop
forced MC


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for ABB +Q951

  • Page 1 — Options for ABB drives Original user’s manual Emergency stop, stop category 1 without opening mains contactor (option +Q964) for DCS8x0-A cabinet drives equipped with DCS880 modules Individual E-Stop E-Stop E-Stop forced MC cat.0 cat.1 POUS opening +Q951 +Q952 +Q963...
  • Page 2: List Of Related Manuals

    List of related manuals All the documents available for the drive system DCS880 are listed below: General Publication number EN DE IT ES FR PL ZH RU DCS880 Quick guide 3ADW000545 EN DE IT ES FR Safety instructions all languages 3ADW000481 EN DE IT ES FR...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents List of related manuals Safety Instructions Introduction to the manual Contents of this chapter ............................. 5 Applicability ..................................5 Target audience ................................5 Contents ..................................5 Related documents ............................... 5 Abbreviations ................................. 6 Exclusion of liability ..............................6 Quick reference guide for implementing a safety system ..................
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety Instructions Only a qualified electrician who has appropriate knowledge on functional/machine/process safety is allowed to install, start up and maintain the safety circuit. WARNING! This safety function does not disconnect the voltage of the main and auxiliary circuits from the drive. You must not work on the electrical parts of the drive or the motor before you have also disconnected the drive system from the electric supply and ensured by measuring that there is no dangerous voltage present.
  • Page 5: Introduction To The Manual

    Introduction to the manual Contents of this chapter This chapter describes the manual in short and gives some general information for the reader. The chapter also contains a quick reference for implementing a safety system. Applicability The manual applies only to DCS880-A cabinet drives and to DCS800-A cabinet drives with plus code +S880 (exchange of DCS800 with DCS880 drives modules) which have the option: Emergency stop, stop category 1 with STO, with safety relays (option +Q964).
  • Page 6: Abbreviations

    Cat. 1. Exclusion of liability ABB is not responsible for the implementation, verification and validation of the overall safety system. It is the responsibility of the system integrator (or other party) who is responsible for the overall system and system safety.
  • Page 7: Quick Reference Guide For Implementing A Safety System

    Assess safety: analyze and evaluate risks (estimate SIL/PL) and define risk reduction strategies. Define the safety requirements  Design the safety system. The part of the design made by ABB is described in chapter Option description and instructions on page 8. ...
  • Page 8: Option Description And Instructions

    Option description and instructions Contents this chapter This chapter describes the +Q964 emergency stop option and instructs how to wire, start up, test, validate, use and maintain it. The safety data is also given. Overview Option +Q964 corresponds to a controlled stop in accordance with stop category 1 (EN/IEC 60204-1). The option corresponds to the Safe Stop 1 (SS1) function.
  • Page 9: Operation Principle

    Operation principle +Q964 E-Stop cat.1 without opening mains contactor Drive Control board Emergency stop indication lamp Emergency stop safety relay Emergency stop button Timer relay (OFF3 ACK) Emergency stop reset button Relay for indication lamp 24 V power supply DCS880 Converter Q1/Q2 AC / DC switching device 24 V from T22 or functional...
  • Page 10 Initial status: The drive is in operation and the motor(s) is running Step Operation The user activates the emergency stop with the emergency stop button [S61]. The emergency stop safety relay [A61] switches off the digital input (Off3) on the drive control board (A41) giving the emergency stop command.
  • Page 11: Q964 Detailed Timing Chart

    +Q964 Detailed timing chart +Q964 Fault reaction function Definition: A safety function requires a ‘fault reaction function’ that attempts to initiate a safe state if the safety function's diagnostics detect a fault within the hardware/software that performs the safety function. The fault reaction function of the emergency stop safety relay [A61] trips if it detects a failure (short circuit between signals, open circuits, redundancy fault when the emergency stop button is pushed) in the safety circuit.
  • Page 12: Parameter Settings

    Parameter settings This table lists the drive parameters settings for the +Q964 option. For more information, see the firmware manual. Name Value Description 10.24 RO1 source P.31.98b11 Selects a drive signal to be connected to relay output RO1. In this case, the RO1 is energized if the Drive is in STO state and no STO related fault is active.
  • Page 13: Hardware Settings

    Hardware settings Set the time delay of the emergency stop safety relay [A61] according to the application needs on the safety relay. Instructions: 1. Push and hold the Select button when "CUS" appears on the display to start with the custom settings.
  • Page 14: Wiring

    Wiring At least one emergency stop button and one reset button need to be installed at a suitable place near the machine. There must be double contacts in the emergency stop button and double wiring (two- channel connection) between the button and the emergency stop safety relay [A61]. The safety relay detects cross faults and faults across one contact from the emergency stop button.
  • Page 15: Q964 Start-Up And Acceptance Test

    +Q964 Start-up and acceptance test You need the Drive composer PC tool or a control panel to perform the start-up and acceptance test. Initial status: Make sure that the drive is ready for use, that is, you have done the tasks of the drive start-up procedure.
  • Page 16: Use Of The Safety Function

    Use of the safety function Activating 6. Push the emergency stop button [S61]. The emergency stop activates and the button locks in “ON” (open) position. Resetting 1. Turn the emergency stop button [S61] until it releases. 2. Push the emergency stop reset button [S62]. The emergency stop indication lamp [P62] goes out, the emergency stop deactivates.
  • Page 17: Q964 Fault Tracing

    E.10 – E.14 Internal error 1. Power cycle the safety relay. 2. If the error code remains, contact your ABB Jokab Safety representative. E.15 Relay hardware error 1. Power cycle the safety relay. 2. If the error code remains, contact your ABB Jokab Safety representative.
  • Page 18 This table describes the status LEDs of the safety relay [A61]. Mode Comment Action The safety relay is not powered. Check A1–A2 voltage and connections. green green green CH1 and CH2 accepted. Reset done and outputs activated. flash CH1 and CH2 unaccepted. A timer green function is counting down while the safety relay remains activated.
  • Page 19: Q964 Maintenance

    If you change any wiring or component after the start up, or restore parameters to their default values: − Use only ABB approved spare parts. − Register the change to the change log for the safety circuit.
  • Page 20: Intentional Misuse

    Intentional misuse The safety circuit is not designed to protect a machine against intentional misuse Decommissioning When you decommission an emergency stop circuit or a drive, make sure that the safety of the machine is maintained until the decommissioning is complete. Safety data The safety data given below is valid for the default design of the safety circuit.
  • Page 21: Fault Exclusions

    For the environmental limits for the safety functions and the drive, refer to the hardware manual. Reporting problems and failures related to safety functions Contact your local ABB representative. Option description and instructions 3ADW000508R0201+Q964 E-Stop cat.1 without opening mains contactor en b...
  • Page 22: Related Standards And Directives

    Related standards and directives Standard Name EN 60204-1:2006 + AC:2010 Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines – IEC 60204-1:2005 + A1:2008 Part 1: General requirements IEC 61508-1:2010 Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety related systems - Part 1: General requirements.
  • Page 23: Further Information

    Product and service inquiries Address any inquiries about the product to your local ABB representative, quoting the type designation and serial number of the unit in question. A listing of ABB sales, support and service contacts can be found by navigating to
  • Page 24 DCS Family  ABB Automation Products Wallstadter-Straße 59 68526 Ladenburg • Germany Tel: +49 (0) 6203-71-0 Fax: +49 (0) 6203-71-76 09 *508R0201A0090000* *508R0201A0090000*...

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