ABB Q957 User Manual

For acs880-07/07lc/17/17lc/37/37lc drives, prevention of unexpected start-up
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Prevention of unexpected start-up (option
+Q957) for
ACS880-07/07LC/17/17LC/37/37LC drives
User's manual


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Summary of Contents for ABB Q957

  • Page 1 — OPTIONS FOR ABB DRIVES Prevention of unexpected start-up (option +Q957) for ACS880-07/07LC/17/17LC/37/37LC drives User's manual...
  • Page 3 Prevention of unexpected start-up (option +Q957) for ACS880-07/07LC/17/17LC/37/37LC drives User's manual Table of contents 1. Safety instructions 4. Electrical installation 7. Start-up and validation test 3AUA0000119910 Rev H EFFECTIVE: 2020-09-30...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents 5 Table of contents 1 Safety instructions Contents of this chapter ................Use of warnings and notes ............... Instructions for functional safety circuits ............Electrical safety precautions ..............2 Introduction to the manual Contents of this chapter ................Applicability ..................
  • Page 6 6 Table of contents 8 Fault tracing Contents of this chapter ................Fault tracing ..................Reporting problems and failures related to safety functions ......... 9 Maintenance Contents of this chapter ................Safety circuit maintenance ............... Proof test interval .................. Competence ..................Residual risk ..................
  • Page 7: Safety Instructions

    Safety instructions 7 Safety instructions Contents of this chapter This chapter contains the safety instructions which you must obey when you install, operate and do maintenance on the safety functions of a drive. Use of warnings and notes Warnings tell you about conditions which can cause injury or death, or damage to the equipment.
  • Page 8: Instructions For Functional Safety Circuits

    8 Safety instructions Instructions for functional safety circuits This manual does not contain the complete safety instructions of the drive. It only includes the instructions related to the scope of this manual. Only a qualified electrical professional who has sufficient knowledge about functional, machine, and process safety is permitted to install, start up and maintain the safety circuit.
  • Page 9: Electrical Safety Precautions

    Safety instructions 9 Electrical safety precautions These electrical safety precautions are for all personnel who do work on the drive, motor cable or motor. WARNING! Obey these instructions. If you ignore them, injury or death, or damage to the equipment can occur. If you are not a qualified electrical professional, do not do installation or maintenance work.
  • Page 11: Introduction To The Manual

    This manual is applicable to ACS880-07/07LC/17/17LC/37/37LC drives which have the option: Prevention of unexpected start-up (option +Q957). This manual shows the default design of the safety circuit ordered with option code +Q957. The actual design can be different from the default design because of customer-defined modifications.
  • Page 12: Quick Reference Guide For Taking A Safety Function Into Use

    Drive composer start-up and maintenance PC tool user's manual 3AUA0000094606 Functional safety design tool user’s manual TT201312111015 Safety Functional safety; Technical guide No. 10 3AUA0000048753 ABB Safety information and solutions Options ACX-AP-x assistant control panels user’s manual 3AUA0000085685 Other documents Circuit diagrams...
  • Page 13: Terms And Abbreviations

    Introduction to the manual 13 ACS880-07 (45 to 710 kW) manuals ACS880-07 (560 to 2800 kW) ACS880-07LC manuals manuals ACS880-17 (45 to 400 kW) manuals ACS880-17 (160 to 3200 kW) ACS880-17LC manuals manuals ACS880-37 (45 to 400 kW) manuals ACS880-37 (160 to 3200 kW) ACS880-37LC manuals manuals Terms and abbreviations...
  • Page 14 14 Introduction to the manual Term Description Performance level. Levels a...e correspond to SIL (EN ISO 13849-1) POUS Prevention of unexpected start-up Systematic capability (IEC 61508) Safety integrity level (1...3) (IEC 61508) SILCL Maximum SIL (level 1...3) that can be claimed for a safety function or subsystem (IEC/EN 62061) Safe torque off (IEC/EN 61800-5-2) Proof test interval.
  • Page 15: Option Description

    This chapter describes the option +Q957, prevention of unexpected start-up, and its settings. Overview The option +Q957 uses a safety relay to implement the Prevention of unexpected start-up (POUS) safety function. ABB installs the safety relay to the drive at the factory.
  • Page 16: Operation Principle

    For a detailed description of the drive STO function, see the hardware manual. The design principles of the option +Q957 comply with EN ISO 14118. The STO function complies with IEC/EN 61800-5-2. For a complete list of related standards and European...
  • Page 17: Fault Reaction Function

    Option description 17 Step Operation The user cannot start the motor while the drive STO is active. Normal operation resumes after the user: • sets the POUS switch [S] to the closed position • resets the drive (if the drive tripped on a fault) •...
  • Page 19: Electrical Installation

    POUS switch. Connect the POUS switch to the applicable terminals inside the drive cabinet. For the POUS indication lamp [P], ABB recommends an LED indication lamp. Refer to the circuit diagrams delivered with the drive. Obey the rules below: 1.
  • Page 20 20 Electrical installation 4. Make sure that the sum resistance for one channel (loop resistance) is not more than 70 ohms. 5. Obey the general control cable installation instructions given in the drive hardware manual.

Table of Contents