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Typematic Rate Programming, Typematic Rate Delay, And Typematic Rate; System Boot Up Num Lock; Floppy Drive Seek At Boot - American Megatrends Enterprise-III User Manual

American megatrends enterprise-iii motherboards: user guide
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Typematic Rate Programming, Typematic Rate Delay, and Typematic Rate

Typematic Programming enables or disables the following two options. The BIOS default is Enabled. The
Power-On default is Disabled. Typematic Rate Delay (250, 500, 750 or 1,000 milliseconds) and Typematic
Rate (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 24, or 30 characters per second) control the speed at which a keystroke is
repeated. A character is displayed when a key is pressed and held down. After a delay (the Typematic Rate
Delay), it repeats at the Typematic Rate. The Typematic Rate Delay BIOS and Power-On defaults are 500.
The Typematic Rate BIOS default is 30. The Power-On default is 15.
Mouse Support Option
This option enable PS/2 mouse support. The settings are Enabled or Disabled. The BIOS and Power-On
default is Disabled.

System Boot Up Num Lock

This option turns off Num Lock when the system is powered on so you can use the arrow keys on both the
numeric keypad and the keyboard. The settings are On or Off. The BIOS and Power-On Defaults are On.

Floppy Drive Seek At Boot

This option allows you to disable the search for a floppy drive at system boot. The settings are Enabled or
Disabled. The BIOS default is Disabled. The Power-On default is Enabled.
Chapter 5 AMIBIOS Setup



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