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Specifications And Parts Name; Specifications - Hitachi L51K Instruction Manual

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2. Specifications and Parts name

The specifications and the name of each part are provided below.

2-1. Specifications

Type of patient contact:
Connectable instruments: ARIETTA Precision
Field of view:
Cable length:
Service life:
Applied part:
Part treated as applied part: Cable up to 0.2 m length from the probe tip
IPX7 range:
Measurement accuracy:
External dimensions:
Remark: Unless otherwise specified in the figure, the tolerance for the dimension is ±10%.
Intraoperative diagnosis
At the time of publication of this manual, the connectable diagnostic ultrasound
instrument or instrument software version available with this probe is different for each
country, please refer to the instrument instruction manual or contact your local Hitachi
8.5 MHz
3.0 m
3 years
Probe tip including ultrasonic radiation part, see the section 2-2
See Figure 1 (In case that not putting the waterproof case to the ultrasound probe
In case that putting the waterproof case to the ultrasound probe connector, whole the
probe from the tip of the ultrasound probe to the connector with Waterproof Case WP-001
is IPX7. range
Refer to the instruction manual of the ultrasound diagnostic instrument
See Figure 1
Cable Length
Figure 1 External View
MN1-6268 Rev.2
Unit: mm