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Assembly; Operation - Husqvarna KLIPPO LB 442 Operator's Manual

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Table of Contents
product, you must read and understand the
safety chapter.
cable from the spark plug before you
assemble the product.
To assemble and adjust the handle
1. Remove the handle nut and the washer from the
plate on the upper handle.
2. Put the upper handle in position on top of the lower
are not caught or become damaged.
3. Attach the washer and the handle nut. (Fig. 15)
4. Turn the handle to the side for a good operation
position when you operate the product near a wall.
(Fig. 16)
product, you must read and understand the
safety chapter.
Husqvarna Connect
Husqvarna Connect is a free app for your mobile device.
The Husqvarna Connect app gives extended functions
for your Husqvarna product:
Extended product information.
Information about, and help with, product parts and
To start to use Husqvarna Connect
1. Download the Husqvarna Connect app on your
mobile device.
2. Register in the Husqvarna Connect app.
3. Do the instruction steps in the Husqvarna Connect
app to connect and register the product.
Before you operate the product
1. Read the operator's manual carefully and make sure
that you understand the instructions.
1510 - 003 - 15.10.2020


Before you assemble the
Remove the spark plug
Make sure that the wires


Before you operate the
5. Adjust the handle to an applicable height
a) KLIPPO LB 448: Turn the adjustment wheels on
the chassis to adjust the handle vertically. (Fig.
b) KLIPPO LB 442: Loosen the nut and adjust the
handle vertically. Tighten the nut when the
handle is in the correct position. (Fig. 18)
c) KLIPPO LB 553S e:Lift the handle adjustment
stay and move the handle forward or rearward to
set the handle height. The handle height can be
set in 2 positions. (Fig. 19)
To assemble the mulch plug (KLIPPO
LB 448)
1. Tilt the product rearward with the spark plug up.
2. Put the pins of the mulch plug into the holes from the
inner side of the cutting cover. (Fig. 20)
3. Attach the screws for the mulch plug from the outer
side of the cutting cover. (Fig. 21)
2. Examine the cutting equipment to make sure that it
is correctly attached and adjusted. See
the cutting equipment on page 13 .
3. Fill the fuel tank. See
4. Fill the oil tank and do a check of the oil level. See
To do a check of the oil level on page 14 .
To fill fuel
If available, use low-emission/alkylate gasoline. If low-
emission/alkylate gasoline is not available, use good
quality unleaded gasoline or leaded gasoline with octane
number not less than 90.
octane number less than 90 RON (87 AKI).
This can cause damage to the product.
1. Open the fuel tank cap slowly to release the
2. Fill slowly with a fuel can. If you spill fuel, remove it
with a cloth and let remaining fuel dry off.
3. Clean the area around the fuel tank cap.
4. Tighten the fuel tank cap fully. If the fuel tank cap is
not tightened, there is a risk of fire.
To examine
To fill fuel on page 11 .
Do not use gasoline with an


Table of Contents