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Important Safety Instructions; Additional Safety Warnings - Black & Decker HLVA325JP Instruction Manual

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When using an electrical appliances, basic precautions should
always be followed, including the following:

all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and
instructions listed below may result in electric shock,
fire and/or serious injury.

contains chemicals known to the State of California to
cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm
such as asbestos and lead in lead based paint.

electrical shock or injury:
Shock Hazard. To protect against risk of electrical shock,
do not put charging base in water or other liquid.
Do not allow to be used as a toy. Close attention is
necessary when used by or near children.
Use only as described in this manual. Use only
manufacturer's recommended attachments.
Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If appliance is
not working as it should, has been dropped, damaged,
left outdoors, or dropped into water, return it to a
service center.
Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close a
door on cord, or pull cord around sharp edges or corners.
Do not run appliance over cord. Keep cord away from
heated surfaces.
Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the
plug, not the cord.
Do not handle charger, including charger plug, and
charger terminals with wet hands.
Do not put any object into openings. Do not use with any
opening blocked; keep free of dust,lint, hair, and anything
that may reduce air flow.
Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body
away from openings and moving parts.
Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids,
such as gasoline, or use in areas where they may
be present.
Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such
as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes.
Do not use without dust bag and/or filters in place.
Do not charge the unit outdoors.
Read all safety warnings and
Some household dust
To reduce the risk of fire,
Use only the charger supplied by the manufacturer
to recharge.
Do not incinerate the appliance even if it is severely
damaged. The batteries can explode in a fire.
This appliance is intended for household use only and not
for commercial or industrial use.
Shock Hazard. To protect against risk of electrical shock,
do not put unit or charging base in water or other liquid.
Do not allow the cord to hang over the edge of a table or
counter or touch hot surfaces. The unit should be placed
or mounted away from sinks and hot surfaces.
Plug the charger directly into an electrical outlet.
Use the charger only in a standard electrical outlet
Unplug the charger from outlet before any routine
cleaning or maintenance.
Do not look into the air vents when the unit is switched
on, as sometimes there is a possibility of small debris being
discharged from the air vents, especially after cleaning
/ replacement of the filters as debris inside the unit can
be disturbed.
Leaks from battery cells can occur under extreme
conditions. If the liquid, which is a 20-35% solution of
potassium hydroxide, gets on the skin (1) wash quickly
with soap and water or (2) neutralize with a mild acid
such as lemon juice or vinegar. If the liquid gets into
the eyes, flush them immediately with clean water for a
minimum of 10 minutes. Seek medical attention.


a ) Prevent unintentional starting. Ensure the
switch is in the off-position before picking up or
carrying the appliance. Carrying the appliance with
your finger on the switch or energizing appliance that
have the switch on invites accidents.
b ) Recharge only with the charger specified by the
manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one type
of battery pack may create a risk of fire when used
with another battery pack.
c ) Do not use a battery pack or appliance that
is damaged or modified. Damaged or modified
batteries may exhibit unpredictable behavior resulting
in fire, explosion or risk of injury.
d ) Do not expose a battery pack or appliance
to fire or excessive temperature. Exposure
to fire or temperature above 266°F (130°C) may
cause explosion.
e ) Have servicing performed by a qualified repair
person using only identical replacement parts.
This will ensure that the safety of the product
is maintained.
Only for use with S003AQU1500015, SSC-150015US,
S010QU1400040, SSC-140040US chargers.
The label on your tool may include the following symbols. The
symbols and their definitions are as follows:

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