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Check List - Samsung SyncMaster 152V User Manual

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Check List

Q & A
Self-Test Feature
No images on the
screen. I cannot turn
on the monitor.
I cannot see the On
Screen Display.
The screen shows
strange colors or
just black and white.
The screen
suddenly has
Before calling for service, check the information in this section to see if you can remedy any
problems yourself. If you do need assistance, please call the phone number on the warranty
the phone number on the Information section or contact your
Is the power cord connected
Can you see "No Connection,
Check Signal Cable" on the
If the power is on, reboot the
computer to see the initial
screen(the login screen), which
can be seen.
Can you see "Video mode not
supported" on the screen?
There is no image on the
screen. Is the power indicator
on the monitor blinking at 1
second intervals?
Have you locked the On Screen
Display (OSD) Menu to prevent
Is the screen displaying only
one color as if looking at the
screen through a cellophane
Have the screen colors become
strange after running a program
or due to a crash between
Has the video card been set
Have you changed the video
card or the driver?
Check List
Check the power cord connection
and supply.
Check the signal cable connection.
If the initial screen (the login screen)
appears, boot the computer in the
applicable mode (the safe mode for
Windows ME/XP/2000 ) and then
change the frequency of the video
(Refer to the
Preset Timing
Note: If the initial screen (the login
screen) does not appear,
service center or your
You can see this message when the
signal from the video card exceeds
the maximum resolution and
frequency that the monitor can
properly handle.
Adjust the maximum resolution and
frequency that the monitor can
properly handle.
The monitor is in PowerSaver mode.
Press a key on the keyboard or move
the mouse to activate the monitor
and restore the image on the screen.
Unlock the OSD by pressing the
MENU button for at least 5 seconds.
Check the signal cable connection.
Make sure the video card is fully
inserted in it's slot.
Reboot the computer.
Set the video card by referring to the
video card manual.
Adjust screen image position and
size using the OSD.
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