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Introduction; Software Compatibility; Ibm High Iops Adapters - IBM High IOPS Adapter Hardware Installation Manual

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Congratulations on your purchase of a IBM solid-state storage device. This guide explains how to install your IBM
High IOPS Adapter.
Throughout this manual, when you see a reference to an "IBM High IOPS Adapter," you may substitute
your particular device.
"IBM High IOPS Duo Adapter" refers to devices with two memory modules, including the IBM High
IOPS SD/MD Class SSD PCIe Adapters.

Software Compatibility

Compatible Software (Driver)
The ioMemory VSL is more than just a hardware driver, it is the "secret sauce" that gives IBM High IOPS Adapters
their amazing performance. Each release of the ioMemory VSL software is compatible with certain IBM High IOPS
For a list of devices that are compatible with the version of the ioMemory VSL that you are installing, consult the
ioMemory VSL Release Notes
Compatible Operating Systems
The operating system requirements depends on the version of ioMemory VSL that you are installing with this device.
For more information, consult the
IBM High IOPS Adapter Hardware Installation Guide for ioMemory VSL 3.1.1
for that version.
ioMemory VSL Release Notes
for the version you wish to install.
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