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Precautions For Use (Be Sure To Read); Safety Indications - NEC N8146-94 User Manual

Dust proof bezel with sensor
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N8146-94 Dust proof Bezel with Sensor
Thank you very much for your purchase of this product.
The guide is intended to allow you to install and use the product correctly and safely. Read the guide carefully before
handling the product.
To install this option product to your server, read, understand and confirm the instruction (including CAUTION) in the
User's Guide of the server prior to installation. User's Guide is included in EXPRESSBUIDER.
Please store this document in case of future usage.
Keep this User's Guide at hand for quick reference at anytime necessary.
Be sure to read "Safety Precautions" before handling this product.

Precautions for Use (Be Sure to Read)

The following provides information required to use the product safely and properly.

Safety Indications

To prevent personal injury and/or property damage from occurring, symbols as shown below are used in this manual to
draw user's attention. Fully understand the meaning of symbols before reading this manual.
In this User's Guide, WARNING or CAUTION is used to indicate a degree of danger. These terms are defined as
Precautions and notices against hazards are presented with one of the following two symbols. The individual symbols are
defined as follows:
Indicates a general notice or warning that cannot
be specifically identified.
Prohibited Actions
Indicates a general prohibited action that cannot be specifically identified.
Mandatory Actions
Unplug the power cord of the server. Otherwise, an electric shock or fire may be caused.
User's Guide
Indicates there is a risk of death or serious personal injury.
Indicates there is a risk of burns, other personal injury, or property damage.
This symbol indicates the presence of a hazard if the instruction is ignored.
An image in the symbol illustrates the hazard type.
This symbol indicates prohibited actions. An image in the symbol illustrates
a particular prohibited action.
Indicates there is a risk of fire or fumes.
(Hot surface)
(Do not