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Boston Acoustics PV350 User Manual

Boston acoustics speaker - subwoofer user manual
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P o w e red Subwoofer



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  Summary of Contents for Boston Acoustics PV350

  • Page 1 P o w e red Subwoofer...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Important Safety Instructions This symbol found on the apparatus indicates hazards arising from dangerous voltages. This symbol found on the apparatus indicates the user should read all safety statements found in the user manual. This symbol found on the apparatus indicates double insulation. Wa rning! To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this product to rain or moisture .
  • Page 3 A crossover bypass function is provided for use with home theater electronics that perform their own bass management. Because of its strong amplifier and computer-optimized tuning, the PV350 is capable of impressive deep bass and high output from a remarkably compact enclosure. In addition, it features BassTrac that tracks the input signal to the subwoofer and prevents its amplifier from being driven into audible distortion.
  • Page 4 Separate the first few inches of the wire conductors. Strip off wire to expose the two conductors and tightly twist the wire strands. WARNING: To prevent electrical shock hazard, always switch off the amplifier or receiver when making connections to the speaker.
  • Page 5 If you do not wish to run RCA cables to your subwoofer, you may use speaker wire to connect the subwoofer in parallel with your front/main speakers (see diagram below). The subwoofer does not present any additional load to your receiver. Select “subwoofer-no”...
  • Page 6 Power off/on: Switches the amplifier on and off. Once switched to the “on” position, the PV350’s auto-on circuitry turns the subwoofer on when a signal is presented, and turns it off after no signal is detected for several minutes.
  • Page 7 Use the setting that yields the louder and more dynamic sound. IMPORTANT: Do not place the subwoofer where there is a chance of contact between the rear panel and drapes or furniture. Avoid obstructing air flow to the back of the PV350. Position PV350 in corner...
  • Page 8 If this should happen with your Boston Acoustics subwoofer, you will need to make a ground cable and connect it to the RCA line input on the subwoofer and any unused RCA line input or output on your receiver (see diagram). The proper ground cable for this application should consist of two male RCA plugs that have their negative outside terminals (or “sleeve”) connected to each other by any length of single conductor copper cable.
  • Page 9 Boston Acoustics, Inc. David Jaques, Project Manager: 978/538-5126 Owners Manual: PV350-US Date: 7/12/04 Scale: 100% BA P/N: 042-002025-2 ECO# 3451 Colors: grayscale Note: Dimensions in millimeter Keylines not to print Revisions: Rev-1: Fixed image Rev-2: P.8 text “contact us via”...