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Boston Acoustics 10.5LF Installation Manual

Boston acoustics car speaker - car subwoofer user manual
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ProSeries 12.5LF
Competitor Series 1500
Generator Series GS1500
Boston Acoustics Subwoofer
Installation Manual



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  Summary of Contents for Boston Acoustics 10.5LF

  • Page 1 ProSeries 12.5LF 10.5LF Competitor Series 1500 Generator Series GS1500 GS1200 GS1000 Boston Acoustics Subwoofer Installation Manual 8.5LF 1200 1000...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This manual explains only the basic installation of the subwoofers—not the techniques required to perform the installation. If you do not have the experience that these procedures require, we strongly suggest you consult your Boston Acoustics dealer about professional installation.
  • Page 3: Enclosure Recommendations

    ProSeries Sealed Enclosures 12.5LF 10.5LF 8.5LF Gross Internal Volume 1.0ft 0.5ft -3dB Down Point—In Car 20Hz 20Hz System "Q" (2Ω) (4Ω) 0.95 Recommended Enclosure Dimensions (Internal) Height 10.5" 7.5" Width 13.0" 11.0" Depth 13.0" 11.0" Ported Enclosures (Generator Series only)
  • Page 4 Calculating your enclosure volume: Internal dimensions Height (inches) x Width (inches) x Depth (inches) = Gross Internal Volume (cubic inches) Gross Internal Volume (cubic inches) 1728 Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Depth (cm) 1000 Conversion Formulas 1" = 2.54cm = 28.32 liters = 1,728in Remember to account for material thickness when...
  • Page 5: Building An Enclosure

    Building an Enclosure Use at least ⁄ -inch MDF to build the enclosure (1-inch is preferable). The joints should be liberally glued with car- penter’s wood glue and screwed together with wood screws and sealed internally with a bead of silicone rub- ber or hot melt glue.
  • Page 6: Locating Subwoofer Enclosure In Vehicle

    Locating Subwoofer Enclosure in Vehicle The placement of the enclosure is one of the most important factors concerning installation. As each vehi- cle’s interior acoustics are different, experimentation is the key to optimizing performance. Hatchbacks/Sport Utility Vehicles Locate the enclosure in a rear corner for maximum out- put.
  • Page 7: Sedans

    Sedans Provide as clear a path as possible into the cabin by venting through a folded-down arm rest, venting through the rear deck, or venting through an unused speaker opening in the rear deck. Keep any restrictive materials such as wood, hard plastic or metal from directly block- ing the subwoofer.
  • Page 8: Wiring

    Wiring 2 ohm subwoofers One 2Ω sub Three 2Ω subs, series Two 2Ω subs, series Four 2Ω subs, series/parallel Two 2Ω subs, parallel...
  • Page 9: Ohm Subwoofers

    Wiring 4 ohm subwoofers One 4Ω sub Two 4Ω subs, parallel Three 4Ω subs, parallel Four 4Ω subs, series/parallel Four 4Ω subs, parallel...
  • Page 10: Specifications

    Please use our recommended enclosures for optimum performance. 10.5LF 8.5LF 10" (25cm) 8" (20cm) ⁄...
  • Page 11 Competitor Series (continued) 1200 1000 12" (30cm) 10" (25cm) 8" (20cm) 11" (280mm) ⁄ " (234mm) ⁄ " (181mm) ⁄ " (169mm) 6" (153mm) ⁄ " (137mm) ⁄ (181mm) ⁄ " (169mm) ⁄ " (150mm) 50–1000 watts 50–850 watts 50–500 watts 2Ω/4Ω...
  • Page 12 300 Jubilee Drive Peabody, MA 01960 U.S.A. 978.538.5000 Boston and Boston Acoustics are registered trademarks of Boston Acoustics, Inc. ©1999 Covered by patents issued and/or pending. 42-001034-0...