Trouble Shooting - Yamakawa LM-17W / LT-17W User Manual

Hdtv compatible lcd-tv
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Trouble Shooting

Before calling for repair, please try whether you can settle the problem by
yourself. Please contact with after-service center or dealer if you need a help.
No red lighting
The color/hue does
not show properly
Stain show on
the screen
Stripe show on the
Double or multiple
display image
Disturbed the snow
flare image
Remote controller
out of working
"Zip" made noise in
TV cover
Items to be checked
Make sure that the power cord and the other cords are
securely connected.
Adjust the Contrast Radio, Color and Hue incorrectly.
May be result in disturb lighting from car motor or neon
light and electric.
May be result in the electric wave disturb from other TV,
Computer and Game machine or Radio.
Maybe result in the radio electric wave echo from
mountain or building check the direction of the antenna.
The line connecting with Antenna may be broken or loss.
Check the battery finished and change the polarity of
Under the situation of normal showing image display and
sounds ,the cover of TV will be retractile make the noise
sometimes according to the change of the environments


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents