Yamakawa LM-17W / LT-17W User Manual page 11

Hdtv compatible lcd-tv
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It is possible to enter your required sub page and continue watching the normal
programme until the correct sub page is found.
Select the required page number using buttons 0-9.
If the top of the page indicates that sub pages are being transmitted yet the
page does not change, then the number at the top of the page is there to
indicated that the broadcaster has updated the page's contents, there are no
sub pages.
Press Subpage, page number/---- will be displayed at the Bottom right of the
Enter desired sub page number before the page number/---- disappears. To
select page 6 enter 0,0,0 and 6.
Text Button
Press Text to enter Teletext mode and only the text page can be visible.
Mix Button
Press Mix to enter Teletext mode and both the TV picture and text page can
be visible.
Picture Button
Press Picture to turn off the Teletext.
Usually set to stereo to provide the best reproduction,but if reception
deteriorates or if the service is not
Available then switch to Mono.
Mono(M1) and (M2) can also be selected if a mono signal is being transmitted.
NICAM/A2 Button
Press NICAM/A2 to switch sound mode.


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