Enhanced Features - Yamakawa LM-17W / LT-17W User Manual

Hdtv compatible lcd-tv
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Enhanced Features

Variable Gain Control Technology
Most LCD-TV use backlight to adjust the brightness of the picture without
considering the adjustment of the contrast level. Our LCD-TV adopts the
"Variable Gain Control" technology to adjust the brightness, which will maintain
the best possible contrast level at any brightness level chose.
3D Digital Chroma Trap Filter
The 3D Digital Chroma Trap Filter realizes the best Y/C separation to
achieve clear color differentiation around edges between different colors.
Improved-Response Circuit
This self-developed circuit improves the response time of the picture and
delivers more clear images.
Noise Reduction Technique
To fix the background noise problem, we have developed a noise
reduction technique that will minis the background noise of the TV signal.
Low power consumption will prolong the life of the products. Standby power
consumption at 1W is also a unique design.
SRS Sound Effect
With special circuit design the SRS sound effect is enhanced under the
Nicam Stereo Sound environment and can imitate the SRS effect under the
Mono environment


Table of Contents

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