Teletext - Yamakawa LM-17W / LT-17W User Manual

Hdtv compatible lcd-tv
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Size Button
Press Size to change display size : normal => large top => large bottom =>
Reveal Button
Press Reveal to reveal hidden words e.g. quiz page answers. Press again to
Red/Green/Yellow/Cyan Buttons
These four buttons correspond to the differently coloured subjects.
Hold Button
Press Hold to remain the Teletext page when viewing multi-page information
Press again to return to automatic page update.
Index Button
Press Index to return to the main index page.
Depending on the way information is transmitted, this may have to be pressed
more than once to return to the main index page.
Subpage Button
When Teletext information exceeds more than one page, it may take some
time for the automatic changing of the sub pages to reach the sub page you
·Teletext features may vary depending on the
Broadcasting Companies and is only available if the
channel selected is transmitting Teletext.
·Pressing the Picture button whilst in Teletext operation
will switch the current status to TV .
·When in Teletext mode, the volume may still be altered
to the desired listening level, after pressing
or MUTE button.
Page Selection
Pages can be selected in two ways:
a. Press Page Up or Page Down to increase or
decrease the page number by one.
b. By entering the page number, using 0-9 on the remote


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents