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Yamaha DSP-A2 Owner's Manual: Dolby Digital; Dts Digital Surround

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Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital is the next level of Dolby Surround sound system
developed for 35 mm film-movies by employing low bit-rate
audio coding.
Dolby Digital is a digital surround sound system that provides
completely independent multi-channel audio to you. Dolby
Digital provides five full range channels in what is sometimes
referred to as a "3/2" configuration: three front channels (left,
center and right), and two surround channels. A sixth bass-only
effect channel is also provided for output of LFE (low frequency
effect), or low bass effects that are independent of other
channels. (This is called the "subwoofer channel" or "LFE
channel".) This channel is counted as 0.1, thus giving rise to
the term 5.1 channels in total.
Compared to Dolby Pro Logic that is referred to a "3/1" system
(left front, center, right front and just one surround channel),
Dolby Digital features two surround channels, called stereo or
split surrounds, each offering the same full range fidelity as the
three front channels.
By using the built-in Dolby Digital decoder, you can experience
the dramatic realism and impact of Dolby Stereo Digital theater
sound in your home.
Wide dynamic range of sound reproduced by the five full range
channels and precise sound orientation by the digital sound
processing presents listeners much excitement and realism
that has never been experienced before.

DTS Digital Surround

DTS (Digital Theater Systems) system was developed to
replace analog soundtracks of movies with six discrete
channels of digital soundtracks, and now, it is installed in many
theaters around the world. The DTS digital playback system
changed the way we experienced movies in theaters with six
discrete channels of superb digital audio.
The DTS technology, through intense research and
development, made it possible to deliver a similar
encode/decode discrete technology to home audio surround-
sound entertainment.
The DTS Digital Surround is an encode/decode system which
delivers six channels of master-quality, 20-bit audio; technically
5.1 channels, which means 5 full-range (left, center, right and
two surround) channels, plus a subwoofer (LFE) channel (as
"0.1"). It is compatible with the 5.1 speaker configurations that
are currently available for home theater systems
The DTS Digital Surround algorithm is designed to encode the
six channels of 20-bit audio onto some laserdiscs, compact
discs and DVDs with considerably less data-compression.
Dolby Digital forms 5.1 channels as mentioned left, and
moreover, it can also form fewer channels, for example 2
channel stereo and monaural. You may be able to find some 2
channel stereo and/or monaural sources encoded with Dolby
Digital in the market.
Laserdisc and DVD are home audio formats that could benefit
from Dolby Digital. In the near future, Dolby Digital will also be
applied to DBS, CATV and HDTV. The ongoing release of
Dolby Stereo Digital theatrical films now underway will provide
an immediate source of Dolby Digital encoded video software.
Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing
Corporation. "DOLBY", "AC-3", "Pro Logic", and the double-D
symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing
Copyright 1992 Dolby Laboratories, Inc. All rights reserved.
By using the DTS decoder built into this unit, you can
experience the dramatic realism and impact of the DTS
installed theater's high quality sound in your home.
Laserdisc, compact disc and DVD are home audio format
within which DTS can represent its high quality multi-channel
audio. (In addition to movies on laserdiscs, many exciting new
multi-channel music recordings will also become available in
the form of DTS-encoded compact discs.)
Manufactured under license from Digital Theater Systems, Inc.
US Pat. No. 5,451,942 and other world-wide patents issued
and pending. "DTS", "DTS Digital Surround", are trademarks of
Digital Theater Systems, Inc. Copyright 1996 Digital Theater
Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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