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Yamaha DSP-A2 Owner's Manual: What's Dsp

Natural sound av amplifier.
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What's DSP?

Welcome to the exciting world of digital home entertainment.
This unit is one of the most complete and advanced AV
amplifier available. Some of the more advanced features may
not be familiar to you, but they are easy to use. State-of-the-art
technologies such as Dolby Digital and Digital Theater
Systems (DTS) may be new to your home, but you have
probably experienced the amazing realism they bring to feature
films in theaters around the world.
Digital Sound Field Processing
Technological advances in sound reproduction over the last 30
years have enhanced the listening experience with improved
clarity, precision and power. However, something has still been
missing: The atmosphere and acoustic ambiance of the public
venue. Our Yamaha engineers have extensively researched
the nature of sound acoustics and the way sound reflects
inside a room. We sent these engineers to famous theaters
and concert halls around the world to measure the acoustics of
those venues with sophisticated microphones. The data they
collected is used to recreate these environments in digital
sound fields. Some of these digital sound fields are created
using data measured directly at the original venue; others are
created from combinations of data to form unique
environments for specific purposes.
Dolby Pro Logic Surround
Dolby Pro Logic Surround has been used in movie theaters
since the mid-seventies. It has also been available in home
entertainment systems since the late eighties and continues to
be a popular format for home theater systems. It uses four
discrete channels and five speakers to reproduce realistic and
dynamic sound effects: two main channels (left and right), a
center channel for dialog, and a rear channel for special sound
effects. The rear channel reproduces sound within a narrow
frequency range.
To make the listening experience even more enjoyable, this
unit includes a number of exclusive, digitally created listening
environments known as digital sound fields. Choosing a sound
field program is like transporting yourself to such venues as an
outdoor arena, a European church, or a cozy jazz club. Take
some time now to read more about these features and enjoy
the new experiences this unit brings to your home theater.
Of course, that only solves half of the problem. These
engineers have no way of knowing the acoustics of your
listening room, so we've made it possible for you to adjust the
various parameters of this data to tailor each virtual venue to
your taste. You can use these sound fields to enhance any
source and in combination with any of the following surround
sound technologies. Some are designed especially for music,
and some especially for movies.
Most video tapes and laser discs include Dolby Pro Logic
Surround encoding as do many TV and cable broadcasts. The
Dolby Pro Logic Surround decoder built into this unit employs a
digital signal processing system that stabilizes each channel
for even more accurate sound positioning than is available with
standard analog processors.


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