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Casio 5631 Operation Manual

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Table of Contents
as Your World Time City
Operation Guide 5631


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Casio 5631

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    MA2005-EA © 2020 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. Operation Guide 5631 Stopwatch Light Contents Measuring Elapsed Time Illuminating the Display Manually Before Getting Started... Measuring a Split Time Auto Light Watch Face and Display Indicators Timing the First and Second Place Finishers...
  • Page 2: Before Getting Started

    Operation Guide 5631 Before Getting Connecting with a Phone ● Battery level F  Hold down (C) for about 1.5 seconds to Started... In the Timekeeping Mode, the current connect with a phone. charge level is indicated by the mode To disconnect, press any button.
  • Page 3: Shifting The Hands

    Operation Guide 5631 Remaining Charge and Dead Battery Shifting the Hands ● Important! You can determine if the charge level is low by checking the hand movement. Functions Hand shift moves the hands out of the way for Depending on light intensity and local become disabled as battery power goes low.
  • Page 4: Useful Features

    High charge Full charge Note that the watch also may enter ● Your phone needs to have the CASIO “G- ● power saving if its face is blocked from SHOCK Connected” app installed to pair Indoor fluorescent lighting (500 lux) light by your sleeve while you are ●...
  • Page 5: Using Mobile Link With A Mobile Phone

    Using the Watch in a Medical In Google Play or the App Store, search for the Facility or Aircraft CASIO “G-SHOCK Connected” app and install it on your phone. Whenever you are in a hospital, on an aircraft, Configure Bluetooth settings.
  • Page 6: Configuring World Time Settings

    Operation Guide 5631 Configuring the Summer Time Setting Configuring World Time ● Note Settings 1. Y Tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon. If the watch does not indicate the ● Specifying a World Time City with G-SHOCK 2. X correct time even if is able to connect Hold down (C) for at least 1.5 seconds.
  • Page 7: Phone Finder

    Operation Guide 5631 Swapping Your World Time and Home Phone Finder Configuring Watch Settings ● Time You can use phone finder to trigger a tone on Alarm time, timer start time, and other settings 1. Y Tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon.
  • Page 8: Checking The Watch Charge Level

    Operation Guide 5631 Checking the Watch Charge Connection Note Level Connecting with a Phone The connection will be terminated if ● Use the procedure below to check the current you do not perform any operation on This section explains how to establish a charge level with G-SHOCK Connected.
  • Page 9: If You Purchase Another Phone

    Operation Guide 5631 World Time Deleting Pairing Information from the World Time City Setting ● Watch World Time lets you look up the current time Use the procedure in this section to select a 1. X Hold down (D) for at least two seconds in any one of 39 cities around the globe, and World Time city.
  • Page 10: Selecting Utc (Coordinated Universal Time)

    Operation Guide 5631 Stopwatch Measuring a Split Time Note The stopwatch measures elapsed time in Enter the Stopwatch Mode. While [UTC] is selected as the city, you 1/1000-second units for the first hour, and in ● Navigating Between Modes will not be able to change or check the 1/10-second units after that for up to 24 hours.
  • Page 11: Timing The First And Second Place Finishers

    Operation Guide 5631 Timing the First and Second Setting the Countdown Start Using the Timer Place Finishers Time Enter the Timer Mode. The countdown start time can be set in 1- Navigating Between Modes Enter the Stopwatch Mode. second units up to 24 hours.
  • Page 12: Configuring Alarm Settings

    Operation Guide 5631 Configuring Alarm Settings Configuring Schedule Alarm Use (E) to specify an alarm type. Settings [DAILY]: Alarm sounds every day at the Enter the Alarm Mode. alarm time. With the [SCH] (schedule) alarm type, you can Navigating Between Modes...
  • Page 13: Enabling The Hourly Time Signal

    Operation Guide 5631 Turning Off an Alarm or the Note Use (B) and (E) to change the hour setting. Hourly Time Signal If you are using 12-hour timekeeping, ● A beeper sounds for 10 seconds when ● [P] indicates p.m.
  • Page 14: Adjusting Time Settings Manually

    Operation Guide 5631 Note Use (E) to change the summer time Use (D) to display the setting you want to setting. change. If [ALM] remains on the display, it Each press of (E) cycles through settings Each press of (D) cycles through ●...
  • Page 15: Selecting Utc (Coordinated Universal Time) As Your Home City

    Operation Guide 5631 Specifying the Day of the Configure the date and time settings. Press (D) eight times. Week Language While the seconds are flashing, This causes [12H] or [24H] to flash on the ● pressing (E) will reset them to 00. 1 is display.
  • Page 16: Light

    Operation Guide 5631 Light Specifying the Illumination Note Duration The watch has an LED light that you can turn Full Auto Light is disabled when any ● on for viewing in the dark. You can select either 1.5 seconds or three one of the conditions below exists.
  • Page 17: Hand Alignment Adjustment

    Operation Guide 5631 Hand Alignment Other Settings Configuring Power Saving Adjustment Function Settings This section explains other watch settings you can configure. Strong magnetism or impact can cause the Enter the Timekeeping Mode. time indicated by the analog hands to become Navigating Between Modes different from the time on the digital display.
  • Page 18: Returning The Watch To Its Factory Default Settings

    Operation Guide 5631 Moving to Another Time Other Information Returning the Watch to Its Factory Default Settings Zone This section provides non-operational information you also need to know. Refer to This section explains how to return the watch Use the procedure below to easily change day this information as required.
  • Page 19: Summer Time Table

    Hour, minute (DAILY, 1 TIME) Year, month, day, hour, minute (SCHEDULE) Supported Phones Alarm tone duration: 10 seconds Hourly time signal: Beep every hour on the For information about phones that can hour connect with the watch, visit the CASIO website.
  • Page 20: Mobile Link Precautions

    When in a hospital, on an aircraft, or in any of the mobile phone. criminal offense. For details, visit the CASIO other area where the use of radio waves is not World Time Website.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    I can’t connect after turning off the For information about supported phone phone. models, visit the CASIO Website. Turn your phone off and then back on, and then tap the “G-SHOCK Connected” icon. Did you install G-SHOCK Connected on...
  • Page 22 Operation Guide 5631 Phone-Watch Connection Changing to a Different Even if I press (C), the watch does not sync its time setting with my phone. Phone Model Time setting syncing will not be performed if I can’t establish a connection you press (C) while a stopwatch elapsed time between the phone and watch.